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March 30 Visitors: Hello and Goodbye! March 30, 2016

We’ve had  a splendid three weeks with plenty of toing and froing of  lovely visitors! Visitors to the cottage, friends  to show us their motor bike and side car  and family  with their two year old twins over from Canada for a holiday.  It’s been a very  busy  and happy time. 2016 march david holiday 093

We’ve played in the garden, visited places  and  had a jolly good time everywhere. The weather has been very kind to us and although it’s been cold there have been glorious days of sunshine so the visits to the beaches and castles have  been  even more special.


A visit to Folly Farm http://www.folly-farm.co.uk/  was most enjoyable and the penguin enclosure the greatest hit of them all!


Along with the lions, camels, giraffes, zebras etc. to see  there is a  walk through aviary with the most beautiful birds  on display and enjoying the free flight that all birds should have.

DSC02613-1Folly Farm isn’t just about the wonderful animals there are some very exciting  and interesting play areas too!

DSC02657Who’d have thought that in the middle of March we’d be on the beaches of Saundersfoot and Wiseman’s Bridge enjoying the sunshine, building sandcastles and eating fish and chips!             http://www.visitsaundersfootbay.com/


Meanwhile playing in the garden was fun too!

We all went away for  a few days to Arundel.  A delightful town  with a stunning cathedral and lots of quaint streets with tempting shops!


Whilst Peppa Pig World called the younger members of the family Jim and I  visited Sammy Miller Motor Cycle Museum   which was hugely enjoyable !    Loved the Vincent! http://sammymiller.co.uk/ 

DSC02726On our return  we visited Llanstephan , we played on the beach  and walked up to the castle   and   climbed the turrets!




DSC02838Over Easter our other grandson came to stay and we all had fun on the field racing up and down….well I watched the racing they did the running!

DSC02866-1After all the activities over the last three weeks the most fun seemed to be had helping to clear the leaves in the Pond Field and wheeling the wheel barrow round the pond!


Now alas the visitors have all left and the house and garden are all quiet and empty. Thank goodness for the garden – there’s lots of work to do  and this weekend we are looking forward to welcoming some more visitors to Lletty Cottage- so it won’t be quite so quiet after all!



4 Responses to “March 30 Visitors: Hello and Goodbye!”

  1. Marie Says:

    What a lovely time you have had with your family. Memories that you will cherish forever and until they visit you again.

  2. Great weather, interesting and fun places to visit and merry times for every one from the look of your photos!

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