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May 26 Out and About May 26, 2016

All of a sudden we’ve had a few pleasant days and dare I say even warm days. So the time has been spent in the garden still clearing weeds, planting new plants   and getting the vegetable plot in order. Sadly, the scaffold planks that we used 8 years ago to make raised beds   have  now had it and we need to replace the rotten timbers. This will have to wait until next year when Jim’s knee is  totally mended.

DSC03678-1The moorhen   chicks are still growing stronger and bigger.

DSC03700-1The Canada Geese parents are very vigilant and keep a sharp eye on their growing goslings. However, there was a panic the other morning when the parents were agitated and  calling for their young  who seemed to have all disappeared. We looked everywhere but could see no sign of them or a fox! Suddenly the parents took off and flew over  into the next field and  within twenty minutes they walked with their goslings back into our field. We do not know what happened to separate them all but hopefully it won’t happen again.

On a visit into Carmarthen  to order a pair of prescription sunglasses for me we called into Origin  http://www.origincarmarthen.co.uk/ to see all their amazing art and craft, followed by a visit to  The Greenspace Gallery on King Street, where we enjoyed  a great coffee and scone.




Dorothy Morris , the artist, had been to Malawi to see the batik painters and brought back some of their work which was on display. 20% of the sale money  will  be given back to the workers by Dorothy.

Later in the week we called into Llandovery to do some shopping and enjoyed a lovely coffee and cake at The Old Printing Office  http://www.theoldprintingoffice.co.uk/ only after we’d finished did we discover they had a delightful outside garden with chairs and tables to sit in – so next time we’ll be outside!



Whilst we were in town we sneaked in to see the newly refurbished The Bear .

DSC03748 DSC03751

The Bear used to be  just a pub but now it’s  a place to eat, drink, shop and sleep and it looks amazing!

Yesterday with the weather set dry but very cold  I set off with pals  from the Gardening Club to visit Picton Castle  about an hour and a half drive away.

DSC03758 DSC03786

The colours of all the azaleas and plants  were beautiful  with breathtaking vistas wherever you looked.

DSC03809-1 DSC03826

DSC03850 DSC03851


After a tasty coffee and an absolutely  delicious slice of yummy rhubard cake , followed by a crumbling fresh scone with jam and cream,  we returned to the coach, laden with plants  and returned home tired but happy!

To complete a lovely day Rufus and Holly had a play in the garden DSC03866-1

DSC03887-1and Holly showed off her new drinking bowl!



4 Responses to “May 26 Out and About”

  1. I loved all the flowers and the photos of the old pub! Thank you for the delightful tour.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you very much.It’s a special time of year in the gardens wherever you live in the world.There are so many beautiful vibrant colours to be seen and the promise of warmer days ahead-well we hope so!

  2. Marie Says:

    Thank you Marianne for a wonderful description of your journey around so many interesting places. I will certainly be paying a visit to the newly refurbished Bear.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Marie. I always think that we have a ‘quiet’ life but when I record our visits to places I realised that I am a real gadabout! Maybe we can visit The Bear together-that would be lovely.

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