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June 28 Happy Days June 28, 2016

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Well, the weather might not be too hot  or dry but we’ve had some happy days meeting visitors to the cottage , who have been celebrating  their own special events. Just this month  we’ve  welcomed visitors, who were on their honeymoon and  two other sets of visitors who were celebrating their anniversaries. Having a self catering cottage is a great plan if you enjoy meeting people from all over the world and  helping them  enjoy a special holiday in beautiful Carmarthenshire.

The  slugs and snails in the garden have had happy days too! They just love this weather and all the plants that I grow! However, they will not beat me!! I will not use slug pellets as we have a hedgehog somewhere in the garden so every devious method I find to deter the  s and s’s I use!

DSC04462-1  DSC04477-1

Lovely patterns and shapes.

DSC04480-1  DSC04538-1

Clematis climbing up to get away from slugs  but not far enough to miss the snails!


The one and only orchid growing in the ‘meadow’ grass in the front garden. There were two but guess what ate  through the stalk of the other one!

DSC04475A favourite flower in the garden loved by the grand children is the antirrhinum  or snapdragon! Turn the flower upside down and squeeze the sides   and the mouth opens  and closes like a dragon or a mouse eating cheese- whichever story your mother told you when you were young! Luckily the ‘dragon’ story seems to scare off the slugs!

DSC04488   DSC04489 DSC04491 DSC04501

The ‘bog garden’ has loved all the rain and the Rodgersia is in fine flowering mood.  There is one huge hosta in the midst of this lot  and its leaves are still not doiley looking so it’s one to remember as the slugs seem to  leave it alone!

DSC04529 DSC04530

DSC04533 DSC04580

Gentle Hermione , Mr Lidl, Mr Lidl and Gertrude Jekyll- some  expensive roses and some from Lidl. I love Lidl roses and they are  such a surprise  as you never know what they will  turn out like  and usually only about £1.99!

Roses are usually left alone by the s and s’s but covered instead by greenfly! Happy Days!


4 Responses to “June 28 Happy Days”

  1. So many beautiful flowers! It’s a shame that you’re dealing with the pests that seem bent on destroying them. I would think that the birds would help keep the number of slugs in check, but come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing a bird eat one. I know my ex used to have trouble with the slugs also, she’d go out every evening and kill them as they came out of hiding, but it was a never ending job.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you. if you read all the books they tell you to feed the birds in your garden to encourage them to eat the s and s’s etc but as you say I’ve never seen any of the many birds in the garden eat anything except the bird food I leave out every day! Maybe that’s the problem – I feed them too well! They have become too domesticated and wait each morning and evening for me by the feeders! I’m trying sand now around the base of some of my ‘precious ‘ plants to deter the slugs and maybe that will make a difference- eggshells haven’t worked! Thanks again for commenting.

  2. Marie Says:

    Always a pleasure and delight to read your blog. I’m so glad that you are not using slug pellets.
    Do hedgehogs eat slugs and snails?

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks Marie. Hedgehogs love eating slugs, snails, insects, meaty cat food and sunflower hearts. They must not have access to any milk as it is very bad for them. I’m so pleased ‘our’ hedgehog is back in the garden as it hibernated in our flower border over winter but its nest got washed away in all the rain. I don’t know where it made a new nest so I’m just pleased he/she survived!

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