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July 4 Out and About- Swansea Museums July 4, 2016

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It’s MOT time for the car again! A year seems to pass so quickly these days that it doesn’t seem long ago that we were last  driving into Swansea to get the car  checked over. This time we needed new brake pads  and the Honda  garage were very kind to let us have a courtesy car for the four hours  needed to complete all the work.

After leaving the car at the garage we drove  in a new small, fast, Honda car the 10 minutes into Swansea and  straight down to the Marina as we wanted to visit the museum again.

DSC04602-1   DSC04603-1

DSC04611-1  DSC04615-1

I remember these docks  from years ago when they were industrial sites. Now the marina is a  restful place for many ‘retired’ boats and a lovely  place to live with the many apartment blocks surrounding the water. It’s also home to museums  and close by the national swimming pool . http://www.walesnationalpoolswansea.co.uk/

DSC04618-1  DSC04624-1

The National Waterfront Museum is a delight to visit. Entry is free for a start and it is full of all things recording the history of industrial and sea faring Wales and social history too. https://museum.wales/swansea/

DSC04632-1   DSC04636-1

Children love this museum as there are many hands on things to do:  buttons to press, handles to turn and drawers to open- I love it!


Next door to the Maritime museum is a  display of the old trams that used to run between Swansea and Mumbles along the seafront.

The Swansea and Mumbles Railway was the world’s first passenger railway service,[1] located in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.

Originally built under an Act of Parliament of 1804 to move limestone from the quarries of Mumbles to Swansea and to the markets beyond, it carried the world’s first fare-paying railway passengers on 25 March 1807. It later moved from horse power to steam locomotion, and finally converted to electric trams, before closing in January 1960, in favour of motor buses.[1]

At the time of the railway’s closure, it had been the world’s longest serving railway and it still holds the record for the highest number of forms of traction of any railway in the world – horse-drawn, sail power, steam power, electric power, petrol and diesel…..Wikipedia

If only they had kept the railway open it would be a real money spinner with tourists these days!

Next stop was  the Swansea museum just next door where there was an exhibition  that I wanted to see. http://www.swanseamuseum.co.uk/whats-on/exhibitions

Mining Josef Herman and Women by Joe Bach:
An exhibition of Josef Herman
Curated by Erin Rickard


I was totally unprepared for the size of the Josef Herman painting that  was exhibited. It was surprisingly large and magnificent. The flash spoilt the photo.




The next exhibition  we viewed :Swansea and the Great War –
The exhibition focuses on the stories of the men who went to fight in the Great War many of which were Swansea people.
The exhibition also reveals the struggles faced by women who were left behind and looks at their contribution to the war effort. It also explore the stories of conscientious objectors.


It was a very interesting exhibition  recording  personal memories of people living in Swansea  during the Great War and all very sad to read.

Pleased to record the car passed its MOT so  on our drive home we called into a garden centre where there was a sale and bought two garden clocks….yes two! Jim hopes to make a turret clock for the workshop and two clock faces are needed. Before he makes the tower  one clock has been placed on the back wall to check it out!




The birds were not impressed!

Actually the clock has turned out to be very useful and I hope it stays there!



2 Responses to “July 4 Out and About- Swansea Museums”

  1. Any one of the museums would be worth the trip to Swansea in my opinion, to have so many so close together is something special!

    I have a love/hate relationship with clocks. I love old clocks of any size, from pocket watches to the clocks in towers. However, I hate being reminded of the time constantly, what an odd duck I am.

  2. lletty Says:

    Thank you for reading! We are indeed fortunate to have so many great museums to visit locally and every time we visit we discover new things to see.
    I wear a watch all the time! I am constantly checking how long I take to do various activities like mowing the lawn, cleaning the windows, going shopping….how odd is that? We have an old factory clocking in clock in our porch…I don’t use it! We have two grand father clocks, and an old Great Western Railway station clock- so we do love clocks! So why am I always running out of time to do things?!

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