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July11 Visit to the National Botanic Garden of Wales July 11, 2016


I know I keep writing it but it’s TRUE! This is the  most beautiful part of Wales to live in   with the rolling green countryside, the  beautiful  beacons, the splendid  seaside  and the special gardens and now we have a tropical butterfly house at the Botanic Gardens to visit too! Today a lovely friend invited me to join  with her and another lovely friend  on a visit to the National Botanic Garden of Wales to visit the  butterfly house  and  walk round the rest of the garden before lunching out!

The butterfly house is BRILLIANT!  One enters the glasshouse  by pushing  through protective sheets   hung over the entrance and  in an instance you are in a jungle world! Bright coloured flowers, bright green undergrowth,  bananas  ready for picking, palms, orchids and hot, steamy conditions  and then the bright flash of  blue as two huge blue Amazonian butterflies flutter over head  – more  colourful butterflies flutter by and land on feeding stations  and flowers – it is a magical experience!

DSC05053-1 DSC05057-1

2016 july david's card botty garden 045-1  2016 july david's card botty garden 051-1

2016 july david's card botty garden 068-1

An amazing sight is a cabinet  full of butterfly chrysalis in various stages of development  and at 3pm each day newly emerged butterflies are released into their own tropical Welsh rainforest! How special is that?

2016 july david's card botty garden 043 2016 july david's card botty garden 044-1

DSC05065-1  DSC05032-1

The walk round the rest of the Garden  was very special too! The walled garden was  alive with the sound of bees, the scent of all the flowers   and  the rainbow of  colours from the huge range of plants.

Another facet of the gardens  are the art exhibitions that are held there. The Shed Project is totally wonderful!

DSC05075-1DSC05080-1DSC05083DSC05081-1 This is one wall with some of the drawings displayed- it’s brilliant!

DSC05097-1  DSC05090-1

Wild flowers  shining through the raindrops!

DSC05099-1On display in the dome was this colourful  collage sewn by a group of needleworkers from the Garden .

Real flowers  in the dome were also  showing their best faces  and  trying hard to win the prize  for the most spectacular colour and shape- this one was  the winner today!


DSC05111-1A walk around the lake   watched by a very metal bull  and a  quacking puddle duck  ended our eye-opening  and  glorious  day  out. Thank you for taking  me!




6 Responses to “July11 Visit to the National Botanic Garden of Wales”

  1. Wow! What a treat for the eyes, the flowers, the butterflies, and the collage of the flowers done in needlepoint were my favorites, but the bull and the duck ran a close second!

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for commenting- you are kind! I had such a lovely day out. My blog is my diary so when I’m even older I can look back at the photos and hopefully recall all my happy visits out! Today it’s back to mowing a very wet lawn and all the mundane chores around the house. Thursday it’s another day out with an art group so looking forward to that and more photos!

  2. Marie Says:

    What a wonderful description of the Garden and every word true! It is a glorious place to visit. We are so lucky to live so very close to it. Thank you Marianne

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks Marie for the wonderful visit. Three cheers for you and all the volunteers that help there..Hip hip hooray…you know the rest!

  3. Anne Causley Says:

    I so enjoyed reading about your visit to the Garden. Your enthusiasm shines out from your message and photos. I’m a volunteer along with Marie and it’s good to know that others love it as much as we do.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you very much indeed for reading and commenting. No wonder you love being a volunteer at the Gardens with Marie- she is amazing and so are the Gardens.

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