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July 21 Royal Welsh Show and Hedgehog! July 21, 2016

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Just enjoyed a great day at the Royal Welsh Show in Builth Wells. We had an early morning start at Llangadog station (5 minutes drive from Lletty Cottage)  to catch the Heart of Wales line  train to Builth and then on by coach to the  showground.

DSC05175-1Someone has been very busy at Llangadog station planting up the  containers with some lovely plants.


There were some magnificent horses on display showing their talents and being judged- what on I do not know- as they all looked wonderful.



These  pairs of cows,  all different breeds, being judged , standing side by side for ages- so well behaved and all I wanted to do was go and ring their tails!

DSC05192-1                                       DSC05201-1

There were stalls full of  farm animals   some displaying their winning rosettes –


DSC05205-1whilst others were feeling quite sad as they hadn’t won  anything at all- except my heart!

DSC05193-1  DSC05194-1Now I’m quite partial to a bit of cheese and the display of winning cheese and  yogurt made me very hungry!

DSC05210-1Think I forgot to mention there were pigs  in their sties too!

DSC05212-1These three ‘little’ pigs didn’t care who huffed and puffed!

DSC05213-1     DSC05215-1

The pet centre was a favourite attraction for many- especially me!

DSC05232The Flower Show was spectacular with beautiful flower arrangements of all shapes and sizes but this vegetable display was the best and as a ‘veggie’ I could have eaten the lot!

There were  vintage tractors on show and every machine that a farmer would need to milk a cow, shear a sheep, plough the fields,  …they were all there! A vast number of stalls  were in the showground selling their wares or  giving help and advice  on farming  and environmental matters.  We only covered a small part of the showground before our legs  began to give out and we caught the next train home.

As we are having trouble with squirrels in the garden we have a trap ready set to catch them. On return from the train we checked the trap and we had ‘caught’ a hedgehog!


He was absolutely fine and I was delighted to know that he was back in our garden after missing for some weeks. I opened a pack of cat food  for his supper and left the trap open for him to walk out. After  a backwards glance  he ambled away   to eat his supper in peace!




Flower Power!



7 Responses to “July 21 Royal Welsh Show and Hedgehog!”

  1. If I were to try to pick out one or two favorite parts of this post it would be a disservice to the rest of it, I loved it all! I will say that you chose an interesting way of photographing the pig though. 😉

    I haven’t been to a fair in years (what we call an event like this here in the States), your post is making me think that it’s time that I went to another one.

  2. lletty Says:

    Thank you very much for reading and commenting. The Royal Welsh Show is one of the largest shows in Europe and there were an amazing number of caravans parked in all the surrounding fields as visitors parked up to stay for the 4 days of showing. I think one would need the four days to walk around and see everything! I’m split between enjoying seeing all the animals and the pride that their owners take in preparing them for the show and also thinking that animals shouldn’t be on show! I have the same problem when thinking about zoos- life can get complicated if one thinks too much!
    That pig definitely had a curly tail!
    I’d love to see the photos of a Michigan fair. Maybe you could fit in a visit to one on one of your days out…if you have any time left after photographing all the other wonderful sights in your area and also if your work doesn’t get in the way!
    Thank you again for reading.

  3. Marie Says:

    What an interesting day! It has been years since I visited the Show. Although I did go to the Winter Fair at Builth last year. It is wonderful that you have a hedgehog in your garden. Do you know where he sleeps in Winter?

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. Last winter the hedgehog made a nest in the flower border outside our ‘new’ backdoor! I reinforced the nest by adding more twigs and moss etc but when the rains came it washed it all way including the hedgehog. I searched for him but didn’t find him so he must have found a secure spot for himself. I thought about buying a hedgehog house but they are expensive and don’t really look much good. I’ll have to look into it more carefully. I’m just delighted that he’s in our garden and now so pleased that although all my veg have been eaten by slugs I haven’t used any pellets!
      Thanks again for visiting this week.

  4. Hello Marianne,
    Looks like a great show this year with fair weather again. What a good idea catching the train to avoid traffic queues. Do they lay on extra train coaches, or is it standing room only. Or do you have to book in advance?
    Best wishes Julian?

    • lletty Says:

      Catching the train was great. The timetable was on the website and they laid on a couple of extra trains with extra carriages and refreshments!! We didn’t book in advance and there was ample seating on the Thursday9.15 train from Llangadog. We paid for the entrance into the Show on the train with the conductor so when we arrived at the Show we just whizzed through the entrance. Modern methods ay!
      Thanks for reading the blog again- you are kind. I was at Gelli Mydog Open Garden again yesterday 180+ visitors- missed seeing you both.

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