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September 11 Walk Llandeilo Garden Home September 11, 2016


Time to set off again on another Walking Well  Walk…the 3 W’s …add a fourth  and fifth this time With Wellies! It was dry when we set off from Llandeilo station across the swing bridge but the clouds did open later to give us all a bit of a soaking. After the downpours we’ve had lately the ground was particularly soggy but the walk as usual was hugely enjoyable.

dsc05973  dsc05974

Over the swing bridge, which  crosses the river Towy,   it actually swings quite a lot!


dsc05978-1I was delighted he didn’t want to accompany us on our walk! He did make me walk much faster though through the field!

Lots of interesting things to see  on our walk. Hope the Post Office never modernise the old post boxes especially these Victorian ones! We continued  through the fields up a couple of fairly steep hills and joined Tregib Woods where we descended through a wonderful ‘proper’ woodland until we had completed our circular  trek back to the swing bridge.


Of course every good walk should end with a coffee and cake! This was our first visit to The Yard in Llandeilo , where we received a very warm welcome  and enjoyed some very tasty veggie eats and yummy cakes and coffee. We’ll definitely be back!

To keep the weight off after eating all those tasty dishes a spot of gardening was called for  and after watching the farmer remove the hay off  our field I started cutting back the summer growth to make the garden less jungle like!

Our new back door and ‘old’ front door.


The crab apples are looking beautiful and ripening up nicely for the birds to eat!


Under our niger bird feeder there’s the usual soggy mess of wasted seed  but every year some of the seed germinates and  the loveliest of yellow flowers bloom on 7foot high plants!


Rufus was very cautious approaching the hay bales and wondered where they had suddenly appeared from!

All the visitors to Lletty Cottage this summer have been a pleasure to meet   and we  have enjoyed their company but this was a totally unexpected visitor  last weekend when we were preparing the cottage!  It flew in through the door and knocked over all the items on the table as it tried to escape through the window. Jim was very brave and captured  it in his hands before he let it fly away.  Easiest bird photo I’ve taken in ages!!




8 Responses to “September 11 Walk Llandeilo Garden Home”

  1. Chrissie Says:

    Hi Marianne I so love reading your blogs, Your walking group looks good fun. Your garden is looking lovely. As for the Sparrow hawk what a beauty . Look forward to your next one . Love Chrissie xxx

    • lletty Says:

      Aw thanks Chrissie! Yes I’m really enjoying the company of the walking group. It’s enjoyable just to go on some old and new walks and discover the interesting things on the way. I think Jim was as frightened as the sparrow hawk! Hope to see you soon.xx

  2. What a wonderful walk with Wellies! I’m also glad that the bull didn’t follow you, especially across the swinging bridge, as I think that he would have really made it swing.

    I loved the flower photos, especially the views of your doors, the gardens make the cottage look that much more inviting.

    That poor hawk looks terrified! I’m glad that no one, avian or human, was injured during the hawk’s “visit”.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Jerry! It’s taken me this long to work out your name…even though it’s on the bottom of all your wonderful photos…it must be an age thing!! What a photo that would have made the bull, the bridge and me running! Yesterday, I was taking a photo of a goldfinch feeding its young, on the bush in front of our window, and suddenly the sparrow hawk swooped in and took the fledgling …all I captured on camera was a grey blur! It must be the same hawk that came in the cottage as it is always around. It’s sad that it catches the birds but that’s life!
      Thank you for reading the blog. Marianne

  3. Marie Says:

    Just as interesting as ever. Even more so maybe with that sparrow hawk flying into your cottage!! Jim was very brave. Please congratulate him from me.

  4. Marie Says:

    or could it be” congratulate him for me” ?.

  5. lletty Says:

    Thanks Marie. I was just happy that Jim didn’t get those claws into his arms! We are keeping the doors shut from now on as I’d hate Rufus or Holly to see the hawk and try to catch it!
    See you Thursday…can’t wait!

  6. tootlepedal Says:

    I might even have broken into a run when I saw that bull. The crab apples look very promising.

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