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September 23 Cwmdu Walk September 23, 2016

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Another Friday, another walk with Walking Well….another adventure!

An unexpected return to Cwmdu,  just a week later after the Bike Show, for the start of our walk  was a very pleasant surprise. We set off at a brisk pace through the village  and  took one of the tracks  to head uphill passing a delightful old garage…just  another  subject …maybe…for a painting!!


Just then the heavens opened and we all ran for shelter under  a large tree, next to a pretty stream and an even prettier cottage. It always amazes me how many surprises one can have on a walk in Wales!


The  hedgerows were glistening with the rain  and covered in every kind of lichen, liverwort and moss- heaven knows how many creepy crawlies too- but they stayed covered away from the rain.

We crossed a rather modern  bridge  over a tumbling stream which had recently replaced a characterful one.


Another bull! A fiercely, handsome chappy with magnificent horns. Thankfully, we didn’t have to cross  his field and we continued up the track.



More picturesque,  derelict properties to the left and right. Such a shame to think of happier days in the farmhouse and mill  when they would have been buzzing with life and activity- now all was quiet except for the robin singing in the trees.

The track led us further up the hill passed other lovely buildings and homes.


Crossing  a field with two horses grazing quietly in a corner  seemed to pose no problems at all until half the group reached the exit gate and the other half…   my half… were  still some way from escaping the field. The horses decided  to have a game of tag and a frolicking match with a bit of high jinks thrown in!!!

All’s well that ends well  and soon we were all one group again and patting the horses on their noses with the gate in between us!


Soon we had returned to a track and continued back into Cwmdu, just in time to catch the post, and  where we enjoyed a coffee in the pub  and put the world to rights with a bit of chat!




4 Responses to “September 23 Cwmdu Walk”

  1. A very interesting walk, that’s for sure, with a little bit of everything thrown in. The bull and the horses all look well fed and looked after, magnificent animals! Too bad that you were rained on, but it set a fitting mood for the photos of the abandoned buildings, and it looks like you had sunshine later.

  2. Marianne Says:

    Thanks for reading. It was an interesting walk! These walks are very enjoyable with a lovely mix of walkers. It’s only a small group of mixed ages and the idea is that encouraging everyone to walk in the locality will help everyone’s physical and mental health. It seems to be working! In the group there are very keen photographers, knowledgeable botanists, gardeners and local historians so it’s also a learning walk too! Hope you have your new lens now and have tried it out. Marianne

  3. tootlepedal Says:

    A beautifully illustrated walk.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thank you for your comment. Hope your unpacking has gone well and you have had time to do some dead heading! Too wet here today for any gardening just cottage preparations for the next visitors tomorrow. Hope it cheers up for their arrival! Thanks again for reading.

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