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October 22 Lletty Cottage Poem October 22, 2016

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We always have lovely visitors to Lletty Cottage and we  enjoy meeting them and welcoming them to this beautiful part of Wales. Our latest visitor turned out to be a poet  and he has very kindly written a beautiful poem about Lletty Cottage. He  has allowed it to be shared in this post and elsewhere.  We love it and the poem will be displayed in a frame in the cottage for all to enjoy.


Two steps from the mainstream,
But a world away;
Is a place to be away from the world.
Built on shale and soul amongst the green and rolling hills
Under trees that you can hear grow and sing,
Amongst the tamed but wild garden,
Tended with all the capability of Brown himself;
Stitched seamlessly to Yew Tree
Symbiotic, but fiercely independent,
Sits Lletty.
Walls created of stone and imagination;
It is both coy and resolute.
A stoic structure gazing out inscrutably at its surroundings,
Modernity engineered out of antiquity.
Inside, is a place for peace.
Stairs ascend;
A mezzanine for dreams.
Calmness descends
from amongst the beams.
Painted wood and gnarled oak trace history
Across the rough drawn plaster walls.
Infinite corners and nooks
Jostle with the current,
To create a silence that is more golden
Than all the precious minerals in Dolaucothi.
Morning brings a feathered fluttering;
Frantic feeding amongst the shrubs and trees
That hold the building to its roots.
Colourful slashes across a green and pleasant land,
As finches jabber and chatter,
Crowding for the prized seeds;
The nearest to any rush hour you will get here.
This is a place for contemplation
For reflection and recuperation
A spot to find a different world
And discover…. yourself.

Ian Williams





10 Responses to “October 22 Lletty Cottage Poem”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    That’s a cut above the usual entry in the visitors’ book

    • lletty Says:

      It definitely is! It was such a lovely surprise to receive a poem and such a beautiful one too. It made me look at the cottage in a new light!

  2. What a wonderful gift your guest left! It was very nice of Mr. Williams to allow you to share it with us, I think that it must describe your place very well from the photos that I’ve seen.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading the poem. It is very kind of Mr Williams to allow me to use it. I keep reading it and it’s lovely to see the cottage, garden and birds and all the other things mentioned through his eyes. A talented gentleman indeed!

  3. Marie Says:

    What a talented man. This is a poem you can treasure for ever as I am sure you will. I’m going back for another read.

  4. lletty Says:

    Thank you Marie. I will treasure it forever and enjoy sharing it with others too. Life is full of lovely surprises and receiving this poem was one of them! Hope to see you Thursday.

  5. Marianne, what a special work of art to treasure, and an indication of how special places can inspire visitors to them. If you’re up to it, try the nuns of St cecelia’s abbey (IOW) for calligraphy, as we did for our place specific poem, I think they wrote it onto vellum, and makes a special poem even more so…
    best wishes

  6. lletty Says:

    Julian, what a fascinating link to the nuns on the Isle of Wight- thank you very much. I’ve really enjoyed reading through their website- it’s quite an eye opener. I like the matter of fact way they write their comments in their Question Time section too. I’ve found the link to their calligraphy work and will read further about it. We will indeed treasure ‘our’ poem. I’ve had many lovely comments from people who have read the poem elsewhere too and they all love and admire the poet’s work- isn’t it wonderful that words can make so many people happy and appreciate places. Thanks again.

  7. Anne Says:

    Only beautiful people could create a holiday home described in that lovely poem.

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