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November 9 Dryslwyn Castle Walk November 9, 2016

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On a day when the USA Presidential election result has been announced it’s good to reflect on the simple things in life like enjoying walking  through beautiful countryside with friends  and forgetting  opinion polls and politics.

Our walk started at Dryslwyn carpark on a stunning autumn day with a clear blue sky and a chilly wind. There were lovely  views across the Towy valley and in the distance there were numerous birds to be seen flying in and around the river. Camera on  full zoom could only catch  a glimpse  of the birds  so not sure what they are- maybe greylag?



Also a great number of magnificent  huge fungi were around the carpark  and looking  quite special in the sunlight.


Dryslwyn Castle is the only place that I ‘feel’ some connection with the past occupants of the site. One can imagine the township that was situated on the top of the hill by the castle and all the life going on there with children playing and families  carrying on  their day to day lives. There is certainly an ‘atmosphere’ here!  It was politics again that brought the castle walls tumbling down!

We didn’t immediately  climb up to the castle but walked along the road until  we came to a small lane bordered by some   fine trees.


We followed the lane round and came to a hamlet  called Felindre that I had never visited before. It’s amazing how some places get hidden away and stay quite secluded!

There are many Felindre’s in Wales as it means ‘mill town’ in English. There was no evidence to be seen of the mill but there was a village pump in what could have been the village pound long ago.


We followed the lane along  passing some lovely houses  with very friendly ‘ guard’ dogs outside.


This particular collie took such a fancy to us all that he joined the gang and accompanied us all the way back to the carpark!


Every way one looked there were interesting things to see. The sheep looked very comfy and cosy nestling in the dry autumn leaves and the view of Paxton’s Tower  on the distant hill seemed to follow us around. Paxton’s Tower is a folly which was erected in honour of Lord Nelson. We had nearly completed our circular walk  and the last part was the hardest climbing to the top of the hill to see the castle. It was well worth the effort with the wonderful views all around and the vision of the Towy river meandering its way slowly across the valley on its way passing  through Carmarthen  and on to its estuary by Llanstephan Castle.



A rather ‘naff’ photo of Paxton’s Tower but I just had to take it!!


Back to the carpark and a last kick around in the autumn leaves before a coffee and delicious cake at The Hangout, Llandeilo…our new favourite place. Best place to relax to forget politics and anything else that may be troubling the soul!


13 Responses to “November 9 Dryslwyn Castle Walk”

  1. Anne Says:

    What a beautiful day for a country walk. Your photos capture the joy of being out and about. (The geese do look like Greylag.)

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Anne. It was a beautiful day for a walk and I’m very fortunate to have some really lovely people to walk and talk with. Greylags it is then- thank you.

  2. Sally Arend Says:

    All your posts are so lovely Lletty but this one especially cheered me up on a very strange day! Roger is on his way to Japan and it’ll be interesting to hear what they think about you know who in the East! Happy ramblings x X

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sally. It’s so good to hear from you. Your pretty card is still on our dresser reminding me daily of your visit here. You two do manage to get around the world! How fascinating to read that Roger is visiting Japan- that’s very exciting. I have taken the plunge and booked a flight to Canada next year with Jim! It will be my first flight ever!! I am longing to see our grand children again and the twins will be 3 next year and I can’t miss that! Let’s hope that the political world settles down a bit soon- politicians should all take up walking as it calms the brain and that’s what’s needed now!! Hope all is well with your family- thanks again for getting in touch. xx

  3. Marie Says:

    You do get around!! I have never been all the way up to Dryslwyn Castle. I have visited the castles of Carreg Cennen and Dinefwr many times and now you have inspired me to visit Dryslwyn as well.
    Lovely photos as usual and as my friend Anne says they capture the joy of being out and about. Keep going.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie. We will have to visit Dryslwyn together as I want to share your enjoyment when you see the splendid views all around. We’ll wait until a clear day or a snowy one when we’ll both have a treat. I walked all the way up the hill yesterday to Llansadwrn and just when I reached the village the heavens opened so no views of the Brecon Beacons to be seen and then in the evening I went to yoga- I’m worn out!

  4. tootlepedal Says:

    I enjoyed the picture of Paxton’s Tower a lot. Those fungi do look impressive.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Those fungi were the largest I’ve seen recently. It’s been a good autumn for spying fungi in every corner of the garden and woods. Not such a great variety that you spot though! We had a fine selection of red caps in the field but by the time I’d found my camera the sheep had trodden them down! Thanks for liking Paxton Tower photo!

  5. A grand day and wonderful scenery for your walk! I enjoyed every bit of this post as everything in it is new to me, other than the sheep and the dog of course.

    Where I live, something 200 years old is very old, reminding me that this is still a very young country compared to other parts of the world.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I am very fortunate to live surrounded by history, our house is over 200 years old and there are wonderful castles on hilltops in many of the local towns. There is still so much to discover about life in the past and I’m enjoying finding out about some of it! When you retire you think that you’ll have plenty of time to do all the things you’ve wanted to do in your life but somehow the time seems to whizz by. You also find other interests that you want to follow and time is short! So I’m pleased you liked my post as sharing my walks and cottage life is something that I hadn’t planned on doing when I retired as I’d never heard of blogs then! Now I really enjoy following your blog, Mr T’s and my friend Julian at https://thegardenimpressionists.com/2016/11/11/abscission-cutting-loose-breaking-free/
      no wonder I run out of time to do things! Thanks again.

  6. Hello Marianne,
    Another great walk – and we must check out Felindre – never been there – in fact we only walked up Dryslwyn castle for the first time this year – as you’ve captured, the views are stunning and the place is very atmospheric. Must check out the Hangout sometime – we currently head for Wright’s if we’re down that way,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Julian. We are surrounded by so many fantastic places to walk that we are spoilt for choice! Last time we went to Brechfa…(from your last post) …we got lost – it didn’t matter as it was a wonderful feeling to be lost amongst those beautiful trees! Wright’s is special too- good job we enjoy walking after eating all their delicious food! Thanks again.

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