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January 1st 2017 Happy New Year! January 1, 2017

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Gosh- not only do the days go quickly but the years seem to gallop by too ! Christmas week came and went in a happy blur with daughter and grandson home for the special days and lots of merry Face times  to the family and twins in Canada! How fortunate I am to live in a time when such family get togethers via the internet are possible- still find it difficult to comprehend how I can be sitting in our study and watching the twins  opening their Christmas presents so far away and be part of the conversation with them…brilliant!

When the house was left quiet and  feeling empty when our grandson left it was fortunate to know that a walk  was planned for later in the week.

Our ‘leader’ had just returned  the night before our walk from his Christmas excursion to Germany  but he’d planned the walk in advance…how thoughtful! We met at the usual place and piled into his car ( not many turned up) and  he drove to Caio, a pretty village not too far away. After parking in a forestry carpark  we  met up with fellow walkers and  set off on  a rather murky and mysterious   forest path.



Large parts of the path verges were covered with a whitish lichen with tiny, tiny mushroom like growths growing in it. Apparently this lichen is quite luminous at night too!


There were some magnificent fungi growing on the mountain of logs


Trouble with stopping to take photos of creepy crawlies  and moss is that I’m usually at the back! The larch forest was very atmospheric, still and peaceful …until I nearly tripped over!


Trees covered in velvet like moss where they had been blown by a storm lay on their sides rather spookily looking like giant monsters emerging from the undergrowth!


Regimented tree planting!


The figure of eight walk  left us feeling  happily exercised and   rather thirsty so the next stop was the village pub, where we enjoyed a  welcome drink and further chat in very pleasant surroundings.




The feel-good factor of being out in the fresh air  meant that I decided to go on a mystery car drive with Jim, the very next day after my walk!  We jumped in the car and we drove to Carmarthen  before any decision had been made to where we were going! The day again had started very cloudy and damp so when I saw a patch of blue sky in the distance we followed it! This led us on to Haverfordwest and the decision made to visit St Davids.

However, to get there we had to  drive through some beautiful villages   and now with the sun shining brightly we stopped at Newgale to enjoy the stunning  views and the fresh sea air! It  was totally breathtakingly beautiful and good for the soul!



After a walk along the pebbles watching the surfers we returned to the car and drove on to the next village, Solva, which is so pretty that one just has to stop and have another walk!!

Note that passage to America in 1840 was £4  in a boat sailing from Solva- what an adventure!



The hills overlooking the quay where bright with the yellow gorse all in flower such beautiful sights all around.


After a walk along the quay to the Solva Sailing Club where we enjoyed a coffee and cake we returned to the car for a final go at reaching St Davids before dark!

However, we stopped again at the Visitor Centre where there was a fascinating exhibition ‘Reading the Rocks The Remarkable Maps of  William Smith ‘. Huge maps of England  and Wales  displayed on the walls showing the first nationwide geological maps made by William  ‘Strata’ Smith , who was an English geologist in the 1800’s. DSC07268.jpg

Also on display was  this Auroch’s horn, which only the day before I had read in the paper that scientists are close to bringing this extinct 7 ft cow back to life!


There was a fine display of books for sale in the shop and some excellent art books which I was very interested in! I’ll have to wait  to save up some pension pennies   and return!


I’m not sure why Jim always says it takes me so long to focus  on one thing at a time!! At last we drove into St Davids and parked by the cathedral- such a magnificent building.






Along the side aisles in the cathedral there are  many tombs. This is 14th century effigy reputed to be Lord Rhys ap Gruffudd died 1147. Many of the tombs have had the faces of the people chipped away and we think that was done in the Reformation – defaced?


After a coffee and a delicious  cake in the cathedral refectory  it was dark and time to head home and  one and a half hours later we were toasting our toes in front of our  fire  and looking forward to welcoming in the New Year!

Hope the New Year brings you all good luck and good health and lots of good times. Thank you for reading.


10 Responses to “January 1st 2017 Happy New Year!”

  1. Hello Marianne and Jim, A Happy New Year to you both, and thanks for your new year message… If you carry on at this rate, 2017 is going to be a whirlwind for you! What a lot to cram in. and such an interesting post. We must get to Caio…I think it’s one of those places we’ve never visited in all our time here! I hope that it is a very happy and healthy year for you both, and I’m sure we’ll see you soon somewhere!
    Best wishes
    Julian and Fiona

  2. lletty Says:

    Thanks for reading Julian and Fiona and thanks for your good wishes . Caio was a very pleasant surprise for me too. There is a lovely church opposite the pub(!) which I would like to visit and there were numerous walks through the forest all waiting to be explored. The pub was serving some delicious looking food too! The St Davids visitor centre has some excellent exhibitions coming up this year so we’ll be sure to return there as well. As you say 2017 looks like it’s going to be busy…bring it on… I don’t want a waste a second!

  3. Marie Says:

    Thank you very much once again for an interesting account of your adventures in Carmarthenshire and further afield in Pembrokeshire. I’m hoping to join the walking group once again in the New Year.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. I’m pleased that you will be coming on the walks again – they are such fun and the company is excellent! Happy New Year and see you at the Hangout Thursday!

  4. tootlepedal Says:

    You packed a huge amount into your mystery drive. You have set yourself high standards for the rest of the year.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We seem to have started the year at a cracking pace and hope to keep up as we have our daughter’s wedding to look forward to and our visit to Canada- so the drive was just a starter!

  5. What a great way to bring in the New Year! Sometimes, the best trips are those that aren’t planned, just stopping where you find things of interest to you. Also, your walking group finds great places to walk as well, loved the lichens and fungi that you found. I tried walking with a group, but I was also always bringing up the rear as I stopped to shoot photos.

  6. lletty Says:

    Thank you for reading. I agree with you that unplanned excursions are sometimes better and more enjoyable as everything discovered is a surprise! One of the wonders of retirement is the space and time that it gives you to ‘do’ your own thing and to enjoy life. Long may it last!

  7. Anne Says:

    Thanks for taking me on another very enjoyable day out. I know Pembrokeshire well and the pleasure of being there came back as I read your blog. Happy New Year.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thanks for reading and Happy New Year. We are so fortunate to live in Carmarthenshire and have Pembrokeshire on our doorstep! Two counties full of beautiful places to see, visit and walk around…it will keep me busy for many years yet!

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