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January 9th Aberglasney- Ninfarium January 9, 2017

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Yes, it’s damp, dismal and dreary outside   but my weekly Sunday visit to Aberglasney , as a volunteer, is always  dry, bright and beautiful!  Many years ago when I started volunteering I offered  to keep  an eye  on the Ninfarium.  I have continued to do this although these days there’s nothing really I do there as it is always in tip top shape. However, it does mean that I am always in the dry whatever the weather!

The Ninfarium is an indoor garden that was created in 2005 when  a glass roof was placed over the back of the mansion where the roof had long since collapsed and the walls were tumbling down! The garden was created along  the same lines  as the gardens of Ninfa  in Italy, where plants had been planted  amongst  the ruins of an ancient village.  In the space created   in the Ninfarium a marvellous array of plants were planted  including banana trees.

DSC07385.jpg         DSC07378.jpg

DSC07320.jpg  DSC07331.jpgDSC07335.jpg




So many textures, patterns, plants to see  and admire all set in the remains of old kitchens and other rooms.

DSC07379.jpg   DSC07321.jpg

DSC07318.jpg        DSC07389.jpg

There’s even a well!


Tiny bananas growing up high in the canopy of the banana tree.


Beautiful buds showing  promising signs of colour to look forward to later this month.


DSC07341.jpg  DSC07364.jpg


So after I’ve had my time ‘meditating’ in the Ninfarium, loving the atmosphere  and talking to the plants I go into the gardens for a walk in the fresh air.  I just think how unbelievably fortunate I am to see the  wonderful sights all around and especially this weekend to see the daffodils in bloom!


Of course, a visit to Aberglasney wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have a coffee and cake in the tearooms.  I love Aberglasney, I love the Ninfarium, I love Maryellen’s Tea Rooms…what a great start to 2017!


6 Responses to “January 9th Aberglasney- Ninfarium”

  1. Great post Marianne, and photos, and I love those early daffs. And we too love Aberglasney. How wonderful to have such a world class garden on our doorstep,
    best wishes

  2. lletty Says:

    Thanks for reading Julian. I was just overwhelmed on Sunday by the beauty of the place and took the photos to share in a post as I want everyone to know how amazing Aberglasney Gardens are….and we live so close! We are indeed lucky!

  3. Marie Says:

    Great photos once again. The Ninfarium is well worth a visit

  4. I’d volunteer to spend a day a week there, it must be a wonderful place to spend the day, especially with coffee and cake in the tea room!

    We have a similar indoor garden here, but everything is modern, cold, and seems sterile when compared to the backdrop for this garden.

  5. lletty Says:

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Aberglasney is a very special place with its Elizabethan cloister garden, walled gardens, woodland and much more including the Ninfarium- such a lot to love and enjoy. A new large greenhouse and ‘potting’ area has just been developed from some old piggeries so there’s always something new going on and things to look forward to.No wonder I love it so much! I’d spend more time there if I didn’t have my own garden and house to look after! Retirement gets so busy as there are so many new pleasures to discover and being a volunteer is one of them!

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