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January 13 Botanic Garden of Wales Waterfall and Woods Walk January 13, 2017



Windy, damp and rather chilly  for our first walk of  2017 but lovely to meet up with everyone  and catch up on news.  We’d been promised storms, snow, sleet and gales  and through the last evening and night we’d had all of those  but the morning dawned with no icy  or snow covered roads so the walk through the Botanic Gardens was on! As January has free entry to the Gardens and new  leaflets  detailing the walks it would be silly not to go!

The path took us around the lakes which are hopefully going to be restored  in the future when funding has been raised. The bull kept a watchful eye on us all as we passed by. Love this bull not like the others we have met on previous walks!!

There were dramatic skylines wherever one looked and far in the distance  the snow covered mountains added  a further dimension to the vistas.

DSC07457.jpg DSC07458.jpg

So many suitors for this mallard…poor thing!


We walked through the fields, through a flock of sheep and through the mud and entered the woodlands. Crossing bridges  and following  leaf strewn paths  amongst  the oak and ash trees  we came to Pont Felin Gat waterfall, which was made 200 years ago as part of the Middleton Hall Regency Park . Beautiful!


The woodlands hide some of the features that were present many years ago including this spring entrance .


Crossing over one of the bridges we set off on our return walk through the woods giving us new views of the tumbling water.

DSC07487.jpg  DSC07489.jpg

Plans to restore the lakes to their former glory would mean removing all the silt that has accumulated over the years.In the future this would be a viewpoint over one restored lake…can’t wait!


As we are all children at heart…well I am! …a trek through the Fairy Wood is must!  Something was definitely watching us as we passed through the gate into the ‘magic world’ of fairies!

DSC07498.jpg  DSC07510.jpg

Of course, in La La Land boys will be boys and very musical they were too!


Back in the Gardens we headed passed the  Great Glasshouse to the…you’ve guessed it…the cafe!


Coffee and delicious cake later we  walked through the double walled garden, another feature of the Regency period,  to the Plas Pilipala -Butterfly House! A wonderful steamy jungle  of a place but a tricky place to keep ones glasses from clouding over! Everyone oohing and aaahing  at the  beautiful butterflies fluttering by and I’m still trying to wipe my  specs dry! I did manage a few shots though..the leaf on the banana  flew away after this shot!



Another great circular walk completed- steps counted on iPhones , calories used etc. …all to no avail as that chocolate cake was just so delicious!

So no calories or weight lost but a walk in fresh air with pals  in a beautiful garden is all the health  benefits I need!





10 Responses to “January 13 Botanic Garden of Wales Waterfall and Woods Walk”

  1. Marie Says:

    The Botanic Garden is one of my favourite Places. So sorry I could not join you today. Hope to be with you in a fortnight.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. Missed your company and all your knowledge around your favourite garden. It is such a special place to visit with so many different things to see and enjoy. See you soon.

  2. Marianne, Always a delight to read about your walks, and hats off to you for getting some butterfly pics without the camera steaming over,
    best wishes

  3. Wow, I wish that these Botanic Gardens weren’t several thousand miles away from me, for they seem to have a little of everything that a person could want to see while out for a walk! I hope that they do restore the lakes, that would be like frosting on the cake.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Yes, we are so fortunate to have the Botanic Gardens a short drive away from us. It really is an amazing place with so much going on there and plenty of things to do and see. This weekend there is a Woodcraft Weekend and next week there’s a Food Fair. Personally I just love going to walk around the gardens and the woodland in all seasons to enjoy the fresh air, the wildlife and the plants. Yesterdays walk took us through a part of the woodland where they had been conducting an archaeological dig to discover more about the ‘waterworks’ in the original Regency Park before work starts on the ‘new’ lake…it’s just so fascinating and exciting!

  4. tootlepedal Says:

    A walk without refreshment is hardly a walk at all. I liked that waterfall.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The waterfall was especially great yesterday as the amount of rain we’ve had recently made the sight and sound of it more magnificent than ever! The river too was rushing and tumbling along so all senses were engaged in the walk…very invigorating ! Funnily, the walk yesterday was on the new Keep Fit leaflet where there are various walks with details of calories , steps, duration etc and all graded by the icon of a cake! A Purple walk ..1 cake , my Orange walk…3 cakes…I’m sure it meant I had to eat three cakes at the end of it but others disagreed!!

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