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January 27 Visiting Prince Charles’ Estate January 27, 2017

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Now the title may be a bit over the top but today’s walk did take us through the beautiful estate of Prince Charles!  Again, the weather was very pleasant, chilly but dry,and  considering it’s the last weekend in January  we felt very fortunate not to be soaking wet and knee deep in snow! Our  Walking Well group met up in Mydffai Visitor Centre carpark to begin our trek through the Llwynywormwood ( Welsh: Llwynywermwd) estate owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

DSC07648.jpgWe set off through the village passing the beautiful church and all the lovely cottages accompanied by a wake of red kites flying low overhead and looking very interested in all we were doing.

DSC07649.jpg Sadly my  photos don’t show the red kites at all just specks ..but they were there…honest!

DSC07657.jpgLooking back down the  road there were  beautiful views  all around  showing the  magnificent Brecon Beacons.

DSC07667.jpgApparently this is a broadband box! Here it is right out in the countryside bringing high speed broadband to all…not to our house yet but we wait in anticipation!

DSC07672 (1).jpg

Stepping from the road over a stile onto  the Duchy of Cornwall land the views are more parkland and all looks smart and tidy even the sheep!

DSC07677.jpgIn the distance one can see the residence of Prince Charles- an old coach house   which has been restored and renovated in traditional style. He wasn’t at home!

DSC07679.jpgThe old, deserted, derelict  and now quite spooky looking  country house that  stands nearby  was the home centuries ago of a relation of Ann Boleyn. The estate was also linked to the Physicians of Myddfai , the 13th century healers , who lived in the area  and maybe they used the wormwood plant , which grew on the estate, which in those days  was used  as an antidote to poison.


We followed the well worn path down over a stream  and through some fine gates   and passed some lovely trees.

DSC07685.jpg  DSC07687.jpg

Prince Charles must enjoy honey on his toast as there were a number of bee hives tucked away in a spinney and surrounded by some structural dead hogweed plants.

DSC07688.jpgOne doesn’t usually come across a sentry box in the middle of  a walk but alas there wasn’t a sentry  on duty so we passed by without giving a password!
DSC07691.jpg DSC07692.jpgDSC07693.jpgDSC07700.jpgEvery which way one looked there were silhouetted trees against the vast  darkening skies

DSC07714.jpgA walker with the group gave me some much needed advice on  taking  photos   and  using the  photo software to change colours etc- which is why there are now black and white photos on this post…tah dah! Never too old to learn  but unfortunately too old to remember!



Post boxes are fascinating- there they are stuck in a hedge on the side of many country lanes and emptied by the postman usually twice a day except Sunday and they are a heritage that should be protected. This postbox had an unusual cipher on the box and I looked it up and it is the cipher of King Edward V11 1901-1910. Over hundred years old and still standing upright and tall  very guard like. Maybe it should be placed in the sentry box!

DSC07734.jpgEvery good walk with friends ends with a coffee and cake. Today was no exception. Myddfai Hall has a wonderful cafe with all sorts on offer soup, jacket potatoes  and of course the yummy cakes! There’s also an amazing shop with Welsh gifts, ranging from jams to paintings. The free range eggs sold there are the tastiest ever – that’s supper sorted tonight then!


8 Responses to “January 27 Visiting Prince Charles’ Estate”

  1. Another lovely walk, Marianne. And great photos too. I agree that the Myddfai visitor centre is a brilliant place for a pit stop. And interesting that broadband has reached Myddfai…. I wonder if you saw any snowdrops around the village. in view of its historic ties with Europe in the early Middle Ages, I’d like to have a look in that location sometime,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. We wondered whether broadband had reached Myddfai because of its special inhabitants! There were only a few snowdrops dotted in the hedgerows down the lane from the village. However, we have just returned from visiting the Botanic Garden, where they had an Antiques Fair, and the snowdrops were in large drifts on the side on the walk up to the dome- quite beautiful.
      Back to Myddfai- the route of the previous walk has now been changed. Sadly, one no longer walks by the farmhouse and through the amazing wildflower meadow but off over fields and back to the road. Maybe in your capacity as ‘Meadow Meanderer’ you could apply for permission later in the year to walk through the meadow…if you can I come with you?!!

      • Thanks for that Marianne, that’s an interesting thought…. Currently we hope that if we can get a proper membership going this year for the Carmarthenshire Meadows Group, then meadow visits to fellow member’s meadows will be on the agenda – in addition to the public meetings …so watch the CMG website for more in due course,
        best wishes

  2. What a great place for a walk. I loved the views of the countryside there, with the hills and the trees. The sheep were kind of cute too. I really liked the second photo of the mailbox, loved the background in that one, and also the chair in front of Myddfai Hall, very unique.

  3. lletty Says:

    Thank you for reading. It was a lovely walk and even though we live here surrounded by mountains and countryside the views still take my breath away! I love barns and there are many around here that are so characterful and falling down- again its the heritage of the area and hopefully they will remain in their woeful state for many more years!

  4. tootlepedal Says:

    Exciting adventures into black and white. The deserted sentry box was slightly eerie, I thought.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. You’re correct- it is an adventure for me trying to use new software for photos. I was really comfortable using the ‘old’ software but our new computer doesn’t run it as well so I’m faced with using the one that Apple provides. I’ll have to keep working at it because as soon as I find out what I want to do and I’m happy with the photo- I forget how I got there! The sentry box is indeed eerie and quite bizarre stuck at the side of the country lane at the entrance to ‘the house’. Maybe if I was invited to one of the functions held there I’d know who stands in it to guard the prince and entourage!

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