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February 1st New Openings February 1, 2017

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DSC07869.jpgI had such plans for today as the weather forecast  said it was going to be the best day of the week and dry! After the torrential rainfall during the night I foolishly thought that there  couldn’t be any more rain left! How wrong I was!

The builders who help us on all large and small projects turned up  this morning ready and raring to go on putting in three new gates for us, re-roofing my ‘Wendy House’ and finishing off lots of jobs that we’ve left uncompleted!

It all started well and I went and took some photos of the plants in the garden and the holes being dug out for the gate posts.

The snowdrops are doing well down our drive and the Tenby daffodils are flowering all over the garden.

DSC07850.jpg     DSC07853.jpg

Lovely flowers starting to blossom  everywhere.

DSC07856.jpg DSC07865.jpg

DSC07871 (1).jpg                        DSC07902.jpg

The window boxes and wall trough are still all doing well too.


DSC07882.jpg                  DSC07883.jpg

The plants in the gravel have given a splash of colour all through the winter,

DSC07900.jpg                                DSC07899.jpg

The Pond Field  was  sodden when I walked across it to have a look at  the pond and the lime tree. DSC07892.jpg


Now the clouds were starting to darken and the wind beginning  to blow so I beat a hasty retreat to look at the work going on with the  gate posts. Amazingly the holes had all been dug out and all the posts cemented in – now they have to be left to harden off . These two gates will make it much easier for me to take all the garden bits and bobs to the compost heap and the midden as I won’t have to walk the  long way round!

DSC07891.jpg  DSC07888.jpg

This gate will make it easier for us  and all the visitors to Lletty Cottage to get onto the field for a walk.


Now I’d taken all the photos  and opened the potting shed to don my gloves and waterproof trousers for another good session at clearing the garden – the rain started! Not a tiny trickle  but a full on downpour! So here I am writing a blog post  when I should be gardening  but at least the  builders have achieved their goal today- fantastic!



9 Responses to “February 1st New Openings”

  1. bumbleandme Says:

    Didn’t it just rain today! Your garden is looking beautiful. X

    • Marianne Says:

      Thank you for reading and for your kind comment. I just want the weather to be stable so I can get on with all the millions of jobs I’ve got to do in the garden. The bulbs are all shooting up but they are still all covered in autumn leaves! I didn’t put on any wide angle shots of the garden as the front lawn was under water…this clay soil is very difficult! Look forward to seeing how you are progressing in your garden – it’s all good fun!!

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    You have got a feast of flowers compared with our one measly daff.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thank you for reading. I, too, was surprised at how many flowers there were in the garden- made me feel happier straight away! Sometimes my garden planting ideas work…not often! Over the last few years I’ve attempted to plant early flowering daffs, followed by mid season and then late season ones and it seems to be working! Fingers crossed the rest of the bulbs come up at the right time too. It’s all these ‘free bulb’ offers in the newspapers that keep the garden going! (I shut my eyes to the postage they charge !)

  3. I loved seeing all the flowers in this post! Here, it’s snow and more snow, so no flowers in sight yet. I think that the gates will be both handy and attractive additions to the gardens.

  4. Marianne Says:

    Thank you for reading. The flowers brightened my day so pleased you liked them too. We haven’t had any real snow this year so can’t imagine what it must be like to have lots of it around. It’s alright when it’s crisp and white but not pleasant when it all turns to slush! I’m really looking forward to the gates being hung, as pushing a heavy wheelbarrow to the compost, over soggy ground, is getting harder! Roll on my short cut! The gaps in the fence where the gates will be are not a problem at present. The farmer has taken the sheep off our field and taken them back to his farm for scanning. When the lambs are born they’ll be back and hopefully by then the gates will be hung. Every year we have a problem of the lambs limboing under the fence into the garden – hope they don’t learn how to open a gate! Keep looking for those flowers hiding under the snow!

  5. Marie Says:

    Love your garden Marianne and it’s all down to your very hard work.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie.I do enjoy gardening, as you know, but I still don’t really know what I’m doing ! I have learnt that it’s better to grow plants that like the soil and the situation. I just love being outside and gardening gives me a reason for being in the fresh air and having lots to do!

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