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February 10 A Mosey Around Dinefwr February 10, 2017

DSC08001.jpgShall I, shan’t I go walking today as the forecast was dry but very chilly?! Pleased I chose to go  so arrived at Llandeilo station with my pal, Jane,  wrapped up warmly ready to start with everyone on our walk around Dinefwr. We set off  crossing over the railway line and down through the muddy pathways   crossing under the Heart of Wales line again before we climbed the hill back  up into Llandeilo  getting  some great views over the Towy valley on the way.


In the future this view might be dominated by a bye -pass which has  recently been given the go ahead after many years of promise. Still not sure of the route but this may be one of them!


At the top of the climb we reached St Teilo’s Church.The church building  was completed in 1850 and  the tower is late medieval.


Across the road from the church was the kind of bike that I understand!


There was  some activity on the church  roof. I kept quiet…well tried to….as I didn’t want any accidents to be blamed on me!

DSC07988.jpgWe continued  down the road  passing many colourful houses  and  the excellent fruit and veg shop stopping briefly to look inside and say hello to Gerwyn.

DSC07989.jpg DSC07993.jpg

We admired the beautiful bridge over the river Towy  and then crossed the road to continue into Dinefwr Woods.

DSC07995.jpgFollowing the path through the woods we could hear the sound of woodpeckers but sadly no sight of them.


The charming little Llandyfeisant Church is hidden amongst the trees, brambles and bushes and  has a wonderful history. It is still standing but needs  attention. The  small churchyard has much to admire and holds great interest for folk who enjoy finding  out about the past and looking at the flora and fauna.





One of my missions today was to  try to photo  the different trunks of trees. In  an art group I belong to we have been experimenting  with  techniques  to use mixed media to produce   woodland scenes with different textures which means lots of gluing  and sticking …bit like being back at school…in fact a lot like being in school!

DSC08029.jpg  DSC08050.jpg

DSC08080.jpg   DSC08079.jpg

DSC08042.jpgAfter passing through the lovely woods which are still littered with the fallen leaves of autumn we saw the silhouette   of the proud  Dinefwr castle on the brow of the hill  overlooking the scene below.


Downhill  we  skidded now…actually I was the only one who skidded on the mud- but it was  rather a spectacular skid which was only stopped by a fellow walker…thanks!

Walking in front of Newton House  we spotted some deer in the distance  and even I could see  a couple of deer with huge antlers. We decided to stay on the path!




We stopped to admire the new cowshed  for The White Park  Cattle and as luck would have it the gate was open so we could actually talk to the  inhabitants  to ask them what they thought of the new facility!  They were most impressed and very happy with their clean, fresh and new accommodation.

DSC08074.jpg  DSC08067.jpg

‘We are in a race against time to save the future of our famous White Park Cattle. The cattle have been at Dinefwr for over one thousand years, but we now need to urgently raise £36,000 to buy a new bull and introduce new females to keep the bloodline alive and #SaveTheHerd.’

Our White Park Cattle are a living link to our very distant past with records of them at Dinefwr dating back to the year 920 when they were referenced in the laws of Hywel Dda (Hywel the Good), who codified the laws of Wales.

With just 750 breeding females left in the world, these animals are rarer than the Giant Panda.’  copied from the National Trust website Dinefwr Park


They are such amazing animals that I hope enough money will be raised to buy the new bull. They are very photogenic  and show their best side to the camera at all times!


Leaving the cattle behind we passed  near some  dells when we espied something moving in the trees…was it a bird? No  Was it a plane? No   Tree surgeons climbing to the very end of not very strong branches…hope they didn’t need the help of  medical surgeons later in the day!


We met some very pleasant walkers on our way round  many of them being taken for their walks by their dogs.

DSC08046.jpgWe were very fortunate to be accompanied all the way  on our walk by the sweetest, smallest dachshund ever, who was as brave as a lion when meeting other four footed friends  and as   cuddly as a teddy  when he wanted carrying.


Toasted teacakes  and raspberry cakes with iced toppings were our choices on cakes today in The Works cafe. After our wonderful 4 and a half mile walk we felt we  all deserved a treat  – so we  had one!


8 Responses to “February 10 A Mosey Around Dinefwr”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    A castle, cows and a toasted tea cake…..what a good walk.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting too. It was a good walk and I’m pleased I made the effort to go as with the correct clothing and fortified with a large breakfast I was fit for anything that the weather could throw at me! By chance the White Cattle that we saw on our walk are featured in Countryfile tomorrow evening. If I’d known they were filming I’d have hung around and waved!

  2. Marie Says:

    Such an interesting walk and all so familiar to me but I never get tired of it. Your account of it makes it that more interesting. Thank you.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Marie and commenting. I know you know the Park like the back of your hand living so close to it but every time I visit I see new things and love it more. Loved the new cattle shed- luxury for cows- no wonder they all looked happy! See you Thursday.

  3. I’m glad that you bring a camera with you on these walks as you’re always seeing so many interesting and varied things. I like the older buildings, as we have nothing like them here. The cattle do look very happy in their new home also. The art class that you’re taking sounds interesting too.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I take my little camera everywhere with me in my back pocket! It often gets squashed! Just like my interest in art taking a photo makes me look more closely at everything…I’m snap happy! I love the old houses in Llandeilo as they look so attractive painted in such a variety of colours. JMW Turner painted a beautiful painting of Llandeilo bridge in 1795- so wherever we walk we are seeing ‘history’.
      Even the White Park cattle are historically famous for roaming in Dinefwr Park for 1000 years! Thanks again for reading.

  4. Hello Marianne,
    Another great record and trip. You might have picked up from my recent blog post (fairy doors, and Barons) that with permission from WTSWW regional officer we’d visited Llandyfeisant church about 3 weeks ago for the first time…. A very special place, and your readers might be interested in this detailed guide to the site’s long history…


    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian and special thanks for the link. The churchyard was quite beautiful and we were very fortunate to be there when all the snowdrops were out. Hope you saw Country file on Sunday with the White Park cattle- they are truly magnificent beasts and I’m glad they were in their new shed so we could get a close up view of them. Thanks again for reading.

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