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February 24 Tumbling Along! February 24, 2017

After Doris Day yesterday when the winds blew and the rain  bucketed down  any walk was going to be rather damp and muddy! Our leader, Pam, had recce’d the walk earlier in the week and assured us that the pathways were good and mostly surfaced  with a few inclines and even fewer muddy patches. We put our trust in her and she proved to be spot on!

We shared a car   from Llandeilo and drove  through Cross Hands and arrived near Tumble about 20 minutes later. We parked in the  car park alongside the community run 1930’s vintage cinema. My grandparents used to run and own cinemas   so it was lovely to see such a beautiful Art Deco  building in such good condition and being used to show films three times a week  and on occasion  providing live entertainment too.




The start of our walk was just around the corner from the cinema . It was  National Cycle Network 47!

DSC08255.jpgAs Pam had told us, the paths were  surfaced  and  good for walkers and cyclists.  A number of cyclists passed us on our walk  so the route is well used. After the gales yesterday there were a number of branches  down  which were easily cleared away  and made safe for all the dogs  and walkers that we met…all friendly…thank goodness!



We left the cycle path and  walked down one of the many paths. This was leading us to Mynydd Mawr Woodland Park. This park covers 270 acres  and  the Gwendraeth Fawr river  flows along its northern boundary. This area used to  be an industrial , noisy  hive of activity  with  a colliery and railway which transported the coal away.   In 1960 with a workforce of 378 miners they produced 53,371 tons of coal . The colliery closed in 1962 and the land was left with industrial waste  and spoil heaps.    Nature has recolonised the area   and  pine trees have been planted to soften the landscape.


Bridges have been built and boardwalks over the swampy land  add interest to the walk.




We met more walkers with their dogs. Everyone was in a happy mood enjoying the bright blue sky and the warmth of the sun on their backs. Dog walkers are particularly friendly folk, who like to share the ‘story’ of their dog lives  with well behaved listeners!


The planted areas of woodland were lined with gorse   but were impenetrable due to the brambles.


One could tell that Mother Nature still has some more work to do to claim back some parts of the spoil heaps. There was an honest beauty in this landscape and thoughts of all those miners who toiled here over the decades. It’s our history.


We followed a track back to the cycle path  and after walking up an incline we had completed our circular walk.


Of course this meant that we had to find a cafe! Luckily, the owners of nearby Cwmcerrig Farm Shop fly a great big balloon over their premises so that it’s easy to find.


After a well deserved coffee and cake we thanked Pam for organising the walk and introducing us to a new area. There were so many other pathways through the woodland that were being developed  and places of interest to explore that I  will look forward to returning  to the Woodland Park again. DSC08304.jpg






5 Responses to “February 24 Tumbling Along!”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Nice to see the sun and have good paths to walk on too.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It was wonderful feeling the warmth of the sun again and seeing blue sky too. Wish it had lasted a bit longer-it’s been non stop rain and wind since then!

  2. It may take nature a while to completely reclaim the old spoil heaps and other signs from the old mine, but it has a great start on it so far.

    It must have been nice to have good weather for a change, as it’s usually cloudy or raining when you go on these walks. Lots of cute dogs today.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It is amazing how nature can get on with reclaiming barren land and apparently there are some quite unusual wild plants growing on the spoil now so hopefully plenty more will follow. It was fun seeing all those dogs taking their owners for a walk!

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