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March 10 Out and About in Llandeilo, Dinefwr and Lletty Cottage. March 10, 2017

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DSC08399.jpgAlthough the daffs were bright and perky today the beautiful sunshine from yesterday was long gone. A misty, murky morning was the scene  for our walk through Llandeilo , up to Dinefwr Castle  and back to The Works for our refreshments. It’s a good idea to have an end planned when the weather is not too bright!


We followed the footpath by the swing bridge  and headed up towards the main road passing  very pretty clusters of cottages  and the wonderful fruit and veg shop Gerwyns!


Shrubs and flowers were well into bloom in the lovely private gardens that  run alongside the bridge over the Towy.

DSC08490.jpg       DSC08489.jpg

We met a few other walkers, some alone and some accompanied with their 4 legged friends…I didn’t quite see eye to eye with this one!

DSC08497 (1).jpg

Following the uphill path we arrived at the magnificent Dinefwr  Castle. Looking over the ramparts we couldn’t see any invaders coming so we enjoyed the views of the ox bow lakes  and the river flowing down to the sea.


After being like the Grand Old Duke of York we ‘marched’ ( well more sauntered really) down the hill a short way and took a little path way around the outside of the castle  and were amazed at the strength and size of the castle walls viewed from a different angle.



Looking closely at the floor whilst walking through the woodland ( it’s not elegant to trip over too many times!)  there were many beautiful  lichens and plants to see.









Still feeling quite bright and energetic(!!) it was decided to lengthen our walk and follow the path around the pond and over the boardwalk  before returning to our cars and our lunch time  at the cafe! Coffee and toasted cheese sandwiches went down a treat and a lot of chat ended another   lovely Walking Well outing. Thank you Pam!

DSC08530.jpgOn returning home the light had brightened and the birds were in full throttle singing and eating and generally making merry. It was fortunate that I captured the long tailed tits and the nuthatches all eating at the same time. These are so sweet!






IMG_8963.jpgRufus keeps  a close watch on all the bird feeder activity  but is too in love with the catmint to ever make a move.  He’s nearly finished off eating this  catmint plant  so the next stop is the nursery to buy another! Anything to make him purr and keep him happy!



2 Responses to “March 10 Out and About in Llandeilo, Dinefwr and Lletty Cottage.”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    A very nice selection of bird feeder pictures. I enjoyed seeing the ox bow lakes too (they are one of the few things that I learned about in school that I remember!) Your moss and elf cups made me feel at home but your spring flowers are far ahead of ours.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Ox bow lakes must have been well taught in Geography lessons in the 50’s as they are all I remember! Your post makes me look for lichen and plants round here. Finding the elf cups generated quite a bit of interest on our walk as few had seen or noticed them before- they all now know about your blog! The roadsides around here have all been planted with daffodils and they are all in bloom now and they make a wonderful sight for all drivers and pedestrians.

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