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March 24 Dryslwyn & Gelli Aur: Walk Talk and Paint March 24, 2017

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Unbelievably, after an early blast of cold wind and misty skies the sun came out  and we could start our Friday walk  around Dryslwyn Castle  with  warmth on our backs  and a  spring in our steps!  We all commented that we have managed to get through the winter months without cancelling one walk due to  bad weather. Mind you, we are an intrepid lot  and nothing seems to stop us having a jolly time even  if it’s  blowing and raining…a bit!  We welcomed back our leaders, Philip from his holiday  abroad.

The wild flowers were  out in abundance and these pretty  white flowers   were blooming in the hedgerow. No one could identify them though.

DSC08754 (2).jpg


The Lady’s Smock was flowering too but no sound of a cuckoo …yet!


Although we had  been walking around Dryslwyn Castle not too long ago, this time we were walking in the opposite direction. This meant the long climb up to   the castle  at the top of the hill   was  completed first on the walk. This had the benefit of getting the ‘slog’ out of the way and not at the end of the walk when one is tired!   Walk leaders please note !

The view from the top was well worth the breathlessness  and  we could see Paxton’s Tower   in the distance  and the  Towy River meandering through the valley.


More oxbows to enjoy  specially for  Mr T!


We followed the trail down the other side of the castle  hill and walked through the sunny lanes  where on either side  of the track the banks were covered in more beautiful wild flowers.

DSC08768.jpg  DSC08771.jpg



It was lovely to see  all the tiny lambs playing in the celandine covered fields.


Again we were accompanied on the walk by this friendly collie, who followed us all the way round!


Cloud formations were extra special today.


Watching out for interesting gates and letter boxes   keeps one amused  on walks.

DSC08784.jpg      DSC08786.jpg

As well as spotting  subjects that may be used as a painting : trees, shadows, walkers….

DSC08788.jpg DSC08789.jpg

Our circular walk nearly completed with Dryslwyn castle in view.   We headed back to the cars and zoomed off to the Half Way Inn where we enjoyed a  coffee and  a biscuit  each from Philip,  that he’d brought all the way back from New Zealand, just for us.  How kind!


This post has taken all evening  (3 hours!) to write as I couldn’t upload any photos! After a bit of looking around I discovered I had used up all the  memory for my free plan on WordPress. I have now paid  and upgraded so I have more memory ( wish I had more memory in my brain too!) I ‘discovered’  …as I’d forgotten… that I have been writing this blog since February 2009- so that’s amazing! No wonder I have used up 3GB of memory…thank you WordPress.

Now my photos  are loading quite quickly I’ll add some more!

Every week I really enjoy  attending Gelli Aur Painting Group which meets in St Michael’s Church Hall. Yesterday after our session of chatting, drinking coffee and eating biscuits…oh…and doing some painting  the sun came out  and I took some photos of the church, hall  and village.

St Michael’s Church Hall

DSC08674 (1).jpg

The ornate drinking well with the inscription: Drink and Be Thankful 1872


Behind the drinking well there is an entrance into Gelli Aur  (Golden Grove) estate  and it is heartening to see the old boundary wall being rebuilt in such a traditional  way. What a huge enterprise though! Wonder if it’s to keep me out or the deer in !




The sun came out.




Views from the churchyard


New waterworks   nearby.


Fruits of autumn  and signs of Spring everywhere…it’s a lovely village to relax and enjoy  and walk around especially if you need some inspiration for a painting!









7 Responses to “March 24 Dryslwyn & Gelli Aur: Walk Talk and Paint”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    The payment to WordPress was well worth it from our point of view. An excellent post with added ox bow lakes.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I’m never sure what I am doing on WordPress! I went to the help forum and asked why the photos weren’t loading and the answer came back in total gobbledygook computer language then I saw a sign that said memory 100% used so logically it meant I had to buy some more! Wish they could write these things in plain words. I’m so pleased the photos are now loading faster as with the beautiful sunshine today I have plenty more to share!

  2. I’m also glad that you decided to pay for more photo storage, as the ones in this post were a special treat in that you had nice sunny days while it’s been very gloomy here all weekend.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading I do appreciate your comments but please spend the time you have taking more of your photos! Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK and the weather has been perfect for everyone to get out with their mums and enjoy themselves. I volunteer at a Garden on a Sunday and it was lovely to see all the flowers in bloom in the bright sunshine and all the birds building their nests. The sunshine will return to your side soon – we have a rain forecast here for later in the week- so one must enjoy the sun when it is around!

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