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April 21 Walk Around Abergorlech April 21, 2017

Another dry day for our Walking Well Group Walk  and we’d been promised a fairly straightforward walk with no stiles, obstacles or bulls but there may be a few damp patches! DSC00136 (1).jpgWe all met up in the Abergorlech carpark which is the base for the mountain biking courses that trail through Brechfa Forest.



I parked next to all the mountain bikers and I think they were disappointed when I told them I hadn’t brought my mountain bike…this time! !



Before we set off Philip ( walk leader) kindly offered a free walking stick to anyone  who would benefit from such an aid. The word’ free’  made me shoot my arm in the air  very quickly and as no one else wanted one  or else they already possessed one I became the very proud owner of a blue ( to match my eyes) stick! My pal, Jane assisted me in unscrewing and screwing the thing together before we all set off.


The walk, unexpectedly, didn’t follow the bike trails but led across the road to a track leading down to the River Cothi. We followed the track  which soon began to show signs of  the damp patches that we had been warned about!

Molly, the dog, took it all in her stride which was much better than  some of the walkers, who plunged ankle deep into the mud! I, on the other hand, could poke my stick into the mud  and find out how deep it was before trying to vault over!


The track continued alongside the river  and with the sound of the  river, the birds  singing in the woodlands  and the chat of the walkers this was turning out to be a most enjoyable walk.





The water in the river was crystal clear   and the riverbed was clearly visible.  After a very quick debate we decided it wasn’t quite the weather for a swim but later in the year…maybe!

As always when walking through a woodland glade many eyes and ears are watching and listening for intruders…this time it was the stick men, who were on watch. They let us pass as we all had our bus passes with us!


We passed some magnificent piles of logs  which had the  most wonderful aroma of pine.




The wild flowers were blooming  on all the banks and in the next week the bluebells will all be  flowering fully turning the carpet of green into blue.




The walk was linear and we followed the track back through the damp patches into the village, where, of course,  we headed  through the pretty village past the church to the Black Lion pub. It’s a splendid pub and visitors were enjoying a full lunch menu but we had coffee and roasted peanuts!



I loved this house sign!


We sat outside in the pub garden overlooking the River Cothi  and talked very briefly about world matters but reverted very quickly into talking about local matters that matter to us- speed limits on local roads, dogs not allowed on certain buses   and other local issues. All in all a lovely chat following another wonderful walk.


We retraced our steps back to the carpark, where I was tempted to have  a go on the only sort of bike I’ll  ever ride again……don’t tell the mountain bikers!




4 Responses to “April 21 Walk Around Abergorlech”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    I liked your bridge at the end of the walk. I am glad that the stick men gave you a free pass. 🙂

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for your comment. Sitting in the pub garden, drinking a delicious coffee and viewing the Cothi bridge sum up a very happy outing.

  2. Eluned Says:

    Diddorol tros ben!

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