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May 15 In the Garden May 15, 2017

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You have to love the weather that you get or else life could be pretty frustrating!

Dry: no rain in West Wales in Springtime…unbelievable.

Windy: plants lying prostrate  in all directions.

Frost: Jack Frost’s  freezing fingers crept  through the borders and left many plants hurt by his icy grip.

A week later:

Rain: by the gallon. Sunshine: by the bucket load!

Hey Ho on we go- It’s Springtime in the garden and after all the weather difficulties all seems to be going fine!


DSC00837.jpgA couple of years ago I started to plant ferns and I’ve love them more and more. They give colour and form to the garden  for a major part of the year especially in Springtime when the fronds begin to uncurl.

DSC00844.jpgThe bog garden has blossomed  over the last few days  after we had the rain. Many of the plants looked damaged by the frost but the rain has revived them and the primulas glorious colours are showing  a bright patch  in the damp soil.

DSC00883.jpg  DSC00849.jpg

The alliums are doing well and bring height to the borders  and bees to the garden.

DSC00850.jpgTh soft velvety feel of the Christmas tree ‘fingers’ just call out to be touched.

DSC00854.jpg The hawthorn hedge is full of pretty may blossom.


The wonderful scent of the  Zephirine Drouin rose  pervades through the garden. It’s a real stunner   as it is thornless  and has the most beautiful colour and flowers through the summertime. I do have to keep a watch though for black spot and other fungly things!

DSC00871.jpgReally pleased the Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’ has flowered  prettily this year. Last year I tried to be too clever and  wound the stems around the pole supporting the roof of  the ‘garden room’ ( it’s really like  another carport   but it’s a lovely place to sit and look at the pond and the roses!) After I’d wound the stems around the back of the post I’d forgotten that there were sheep in the Pond Field  and they’ll eat anything! You’re right …they ate the stems so no roses! But this year…no winding round things  the roses just left to do their own thing and voila lots of lovely flowers!


Most of the plants that do well in the garden are old cottage garden favourites and the bees love them best too.

DSC00879.jpgSweet rocket is just  perfect in the border as it gives height, colour, a delicious scent and is so easy to grow…that’s what I love!

DSC00880.jpg     DSC00893.jpgA

A  flash of red brightens any garden.

DSC00856.jpgBest of all on our Pond Field the 6 goslings are growing fast and keeping the grass down. The moorhen chicks too are getting bigger  and more adventurous and straying on the banks alone! Yesterday a magpie caught a tiny vole and devoured it in front of me so I hope the chicks  stay safe!



DSC01009.jpgPlanted out kale, dwarf beans, potatoes, onions, spinach  and leeks in the veggie plot so far this spring. This was the year I was going to cut back on the veggies  as I get so disappointed when the slugs have more veg than me and also  it’s hard work and I’m getting older. However, there is something in me that makes gardening a must  and sowing the seeds, watching them germinate  and planting them out must be deep rooted!(!)  in my DNA! Thank you to my gardening forefathers and mothers for making me like I am!


10 Responses to “May 15 In the Garden”

  1. I love the features of the bog garden. Last weekend, after a long period of dormancy and cold we finally got some nice sunny weather and transplanted outside. Everything is finally starting to grow at a good clip.

  2. Hello Marianne, your garden’s looking lovely as are the goslings – I do hope the fox and other predators leave them all alone. I’m with you on seed sowing – it should be included as compulsory education for everyone I think, to give them a greater understanding of all things natural, I reckon today is the first all rain day we’ve had for months – amazing!
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for commenting Julian. Sadly three goslings disappeared last night. I do hope that all is well this evening as last year all the goslings were taken and the parents ran everywhere looking for them and calling loudly for days- it was unbearable! We’ve had enough rain now- so it can stop…please!

  3. tootlepedal Says:

    Things are looking very good in your garden. A tribute to the gardener.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you. I only take snaps of the good bits! The garden keeps me very busy but now it has a mind of its own and I’m enjoying it more as I let it go a little bit wilder!

      • tootlepedal Says:

        Mrs T often says that my snaps make her garden look better than it is in real life but it isn’t true so I am sure that your whole garden looks as good as your pictures make it look.

  4. Thank you. There won’t be many photos of the garden for a while as today’s rain has flattened everything! I shall enjoy looking at the photos of your beautiful garden instead. Julian and Fiona’s garden is featured in Gardens Illustrated published on May 25…just in case you didn’t know and may be interested.

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