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July 16th Catching Up! July 16, 2017

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It’s three weeks since our return from  holiday and we have had more lovely visitors  staying in Lletty Cottage.

We’ve also had a number of visitors to the house: loss adjustors, builders, decorators, cleaner uppers! We had a leak in the bathroom plumbing whilst we were away and this resulted, amongst other things, that  the dining room ceiling landed on the dining room floor…and all that entails! However, we are insured with the NFU and they have been wonderful and sorted  everything out promptly for us. The builders and decorators have been amazing too  and the rooms  are now getting better than they were previously!!

This hasn’t stopped any of my other getting out and about days!

A cream tea  with live entertainment ( two guitarists playing songs that I knew words to!)   was   organised by the Llangadog WI during the week  and was enjoyed  by many,  on one of the only sunny days!

DSC02283.jpgLlangadog also had a garden competition running. Mick Sheridan, the upholsterer,  had a very unusual  and brilliant garden design.

DSC02294.jpg A visit to one of my favourite castles was the next away day! Carreg Cennen Castle is magnificent (30 minutes drive from the cottage) even on another rainy, cold day! My friend’s daughter is getting married there later in the year so it was a good chance for her to have a recce  and me to be nosy!

The setting is spectacular  with the castle set on high  and surrounded by stunning countryside.  Starting off we had  a coffee first and a look at the rare breeds Longhorned cattle in the field below .





We even spotted those who were playing hide and seek!


The wedding ceremony takes place in a converted barn with the view of the castle framed in the window above the table where the bride and groom sit. It’s just perfect!



Outside a path leads up passed the farmhouse to the castle where wedding photos may be taken. It must be wonderful to get married in such an amazing place.


The Walking Well Walk last week was led by Philip, who had planned a figure of eight walk around the countryside of Cwmifor, just 20 minutes drive away.

DSC02318.jpg   DSC02320.jpg


The walk was very pleasant walking through fields with sheep  and not so pleasant when there were large cows and calves in the fields. No one gets worried about this….only me!


The most remarkable aspect of the walk was noting the many new gates that had  replaced old and worn stiles. Hope this refurbishment of stiles gets done all through the county! Fingers crossed!!

A selection of fine new gates:


The walk also took us through a farmyard, where we were  greeted  by a very friendly dog.


Many of the he fields were covered in thistles, the only plant , it seems, that the sheep don’t like! They’ll be nibbling away soon at all the hazelnuts that are growing in the hedgerows!


One tree they won’t be sampling is this one ‘growing’ in a garden in the village, complete with woodpecker.


Back home, the lawn has now turned into a meadow  and cutting a path through it is a way of preserving the many wild flowers that are growing. ( It’s actually a way out for me of cutting the grass- it all catches up with me later when I have to cut it all down in the autumn…but it does look lovely now!)



The bog garden too is now rather overgrown. It just loves this wet and warm weather!


The rust on the hollyhock leaves  always happens, it’s just not the rain!


Tip of the week from Philip:

Always hold on tightly to the electric fence hook when you unhook it to let walkers through  as it’s elastic  and the result could be nasty!


Our walks are really ‘exciting’ ….you always learn something!


4 Responses to “July 16th Catching Up!”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Your meadow lawn looks very good and well worth the extra work in autumn. I am glad that your insurers were up to the task and that your repairs are going well. It must have been quite a shock.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We are very pleased that things are getting sorted so quickly in the house just need to get the garden sorted now and all will be well again!

  2. Sorry to hear of the damage that you came home to after your vacation, but it is good to hear that your insurance is repairing the damage.

    Your “lawn” looks like an oasis for wildlife, it may be a lot of work in the fall, but it’s very attractive at this time of year. I enjoyed the photos of the cattle, the castle and all that went with it, and the photos from your walk. Having dealt with electric fences, the advice to hold on firmly is very fitting.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Not sure if it’s because I’ve let the grass grow so long all around the garden but we have seen an increase in mice, voles and butterflies! We also have a hedgehog sitting outside the back door at about 11.30 every night waiting for his supper of cat food! Our cats are not impressed! Those electric fences are such tricky things I never knew they acted like bungees nor did our leader on his first attempt to move one!

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