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July 31st Wet Walk and Even Wetter Garden! July 31, 2017

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DSC02493.jpgI totally agree with the author of another blog that I follow that autumn seems to have arrived before summer! Just take today for example, rain until coffee time this morning, bright sunshine until lunchtime, rain until teatime  and now glorious sunshine, hopefully which will last until bedtime!

These bursts of bright light are good  for the soul and the garden, however, the warm, damp weather  brings out the best in weeds and leads to overgrown borders!



Some of the plants are racing each other to reach even higher into the sky, probably trying to get away from all the water at their feet!


The rain has given me time to ‘renovate’ one of our garden tables. Brilliant using the  sander but I couldn’t hold my coffee cup afterwards as  my arm took ages to stop shaking!!


Not only did I sand the table but oiled the chapel pew too. I love this ‘garden room’ just to sit, relax and watch  the rain pouring down! Jim admires my handiwork …from a distance!


Facing the other way  gives a pleasant view over the Pond Field and all the newly shorn sheep, who are steadily eating their way through all the grass.


Rufus, of course, had to check all my work!

DSC02416.jpgOur Walking Well Walk was in Dinefwr where Philip had planned a ‘short’ walk around the estate. It  turned out to be a very refreshing, enjoyable walk even though as can be seen it was  raining hard for most of the way.

We  crossed over Llandeilo bridge and headed over the meadow before passing in front of Llandyfeisant church which hides itself in the shelter of Dinefwr Woods.



One of our walkers looked to be a perfect shepherd!


We moved swiftly passed some nosy onlookers!


The castle looked  down on us as we completed the  half way point of the walk


Doors were appearing in all sorts of unusual places and one wonders what is behind them!



The blackberries looked as wet as we felt!



Everything was running for shelter from the rain!


Even though it was wet and dismal the beauty of Dinefwr shone through.

Back home after a delicious piece of raspberry cake topped with white chocolate  and a  cappuccino at The Works Llandeilo ,  the garden  looked refreshed   and brightening up for the burst of sunshine that would arrive any minute!

The mice had left a few vegetables for our dinner!

Sacrilege indeed…I have cut the lower arms off our monkey puzzle tree. Every time I have walked near it…I’m sure it lunges out at me….I have been scratched and torn by its sharp needle spines. They should come with a health warning! I do hope it won’t despise me  and attack  again!


Another tree that just waits for me  to walk near it  so I can be spiked  but I planted it there so it’s my fault!


Best bit of all this rain is staying inside and completing that Christmas jigsaw with our grandson!  Happy Summer Holidays…but take an umbrella!

IMG_8779 (1).jpg

Book now for your October break in Lletty Cottage  www.llettycottage.com …it will be sunny and dry then!



8 Responses to “July 31st Wet Walk and Even Wetter Garden!”

  1. bumbleandme Says:

    You’ve done a fab job of sprucing up the beautiful garden table, and I love your sheltered seating area by the house, perfect for this weather where you can still enjoy being outdoors, even in the rain! x

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading the post. It’s the best use for a ‘carport’ ever! I explained to Jim that the car can stay out in the rain whilst we can’t ..therefore..our garden room was born! Last night eight of us ( the family are visiting) enjoyed eating out in the fresh air under the shelter…bliss! x

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    Your outdoor room looks like just the place to be in this weather. I am glad that you enjoyed your walk in spite of the rain. Mrs Tootlepedal would have loved the doors. We had one or two in our garden at one time.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading the post. I enjoy walking whatever the weather as long as I’m warm! Just like being outside in our ‘room’ – it’s perfect for all weathers as long as I’m wrapped up keeping warm! I love these little doors that are appearing on some of the trees in Dinefwr. Apparently some volunteers have taken the idea on board and are developing the theme. There are now ‘little people’ playgrounds too! We’ll have to see what else they come up with over the next months!

  3. Great work on the table and church pew, it’s not easy sanding those things down to be finished again. I love the garden room, it looks so inviting that it would be hard to leave it, even to look at the beautiful flowers in your garden!

    It’s been very dry here, we could use some rain. I’m sorry that you’ve had so much, maybe you could send some our way if your trees aren’t attacking you. 😉

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading the post. I wish I could send you some of our rain! This morning it rained so much that we had a stream running down our drive and then the gutters overflowed again. However, this afternoon we visited a local beach and sat and ate chips followed by ice-cream in glorious sunshine! I must add that we have 3 teenagers and an 8 year old staying so careful diets are out the window this week! The garden room is a real bonus to the garden- I love it!

  4. Marie Says:

    Thanks once again for your interesting photographs and informative account of what is happening at Dinefwr. I never knew that the trees had doors in them!!! The fairies must have taken up residence in the woods.
    Table looks very smart I hope it meets with Rufus’ approval

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. I thought the addition of little doors and bridges to some trees was lovely and apparently they have been added by some volunteers…I expect the idea to grow and next time I visit I expect there’ll be a fairy city growing ! See you next week and you can judge how the table looks for yourself as long as Rufus moves over to let you sit down!

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