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December 22 Walk to Cynghordy Viaduct December 22, 2017

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As the Winter Solstice has now been, come and gone and the evenings will now start getting lighter ( I know it’s  very early days but I’m an optimist at heart!)  an afternoon walk in the countryside to test the extra milli seconds of light available  was arranged! Just 15 minutes drive from home is the little village of Cynghordy. We had never visited  the place  before  in the car or on foot but we have passed over it many times! The Heart of Wales railway line runs from Swansea to Shrewsbury  crossing over the village via a Viaduct!


We parked in front of the railway station and headed off down the lane.


I follow a very interesting blogger who captures wonderful photos of his landscape  every day of the year. He also loves the tops of fence posts  with their huge variety of lichen and life! He’s started me looking now! 

Further along the windy road we passed a large manor house with a perimeter wall and a lovely secret gate!


The road cut through the very middle of a farm. Very interesting machinery, lovely old barns, animal noises  and a huge pile of turnips   got my attention – so we moved swiftly on!




We crossed a  bridge over a racing river and continued  along the road.


At last, there in the distance we spied the viaduct!


We quickened our pace   but stopped to admire a little farm nestling away in the trees.


Rounding another corner  a further glimpse of the ….viaduct loomed through the mist and the woodland. (I hope I’m building  up the suspense for you!)


Then…gasp…there it was in full view and a truly magnificent sight it was too!  Cwtched down underneath the arches is an old chapel  and graveyard- just amazing!



Can you spot Jim at the bottom ?



We walked under the arches and looked back towards the chapel from the other side.






Heading back to the car we met a  flock of sheep  coming along the road!





We had made full use of our extra daylight  and vow to return later next year when the trees are in leaf to  enjoy the sight of the viaduct once more.





4 Responses to “December 22 Walk to Cynghordy Viaduct”

  1. The viaduct is quite impressive, I wonder how many man-hours of work went into building it? That’s a rhetorical question, as I don’t believe that they tracked such things at the time that it was built.

    Like you, I try to be optimistic about the lengthening amount of sunlight each day now that the Winter Solstice has passed, even though the worst of winter weather is still in our future here, and that we won’t notice much of a difference for another month.

    It was an interesting walk, and it looks like you had a good day for it, even a little sunshine. I really liked the last photo that shows green grass and the hint of sunshine.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We did enjoy our walk and when we came home we Googled the viaduct discovering that only last year the whole structure was covered in scaffolding for repair. Our screen saver is now a photo showing the scaffolding!
      I’m sorry to read that your winter weather will persist for some time yet- I was hopeful that the worst was over for you so you could get out and about more easily to take your photographs.
      It was cloudy and drizzly here today but not so cold so I managed to do a bit of tidying up in the garden which lifts the spirits just being able to be outside in the fresh air.
      I hope your work schedule gives you a break over the festive season and if so hope you have a happy holiday!

  2. Marie Says:

    Excellent, another descriptive account of your walk ,this time in the Cynghordy area with some wonderful photographs to go with it. I go through Cynghordy quite often by car and by train. Next time I go by car I will stop there and explore the area. Thank you Maianne

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Marie Thank you for commenting. Seeing the viaduct from the road was such a wonderful surprise as it really was magnificent. It only took 15 minutes to drive there so it would be good to go again….with you! There is a ‘proper’ circular walk from the station to see the viaduct but it was too wet in the fields to follow that one yesterday. We followed the road but in the spring it would be lovely to walk through the fields. Hope all your plans for Christmas Day are working out and that you all have a wonderful time.

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