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January 12th 2018 Hair Ice and Bubble Doughnuts on Walk around Botanic Garden of Wales January 13, 2018

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Today,  all the elements  pulled together to make our walk  a really happy, successful and exciting one!  A larger number than usual joined the group today- it must have been the sunshine- to enjoy a walk  around the Botanic Garden of Wales. Although the sun was out it was jolly cold as we set off up the Broadwalk  towards the Great Glasshouse .DSC05490It was rather icy and slippery underfoot but the fountain wasn’t frozen…wish it had been  as it would make a lovely photo!


Following the footpath around the Glasshouse we entered the Fairy Wood. Sadly. it was too cold for any fairies to be around but they had left some of their belongings  behind.


It’s exciting times in the Gardens as there is a huge restoration project taking place. A grant from the Lottery Fund has made it possible for work to begin on  restoring a Regency waterpark. There will be seven lakes, cascades, falls and weirs   recreating the Garden as it was in the 19th century.  Work  has already taken place  and large areas are revealed where the lakes will be.



Many of the trees alongside the path were ominously marked with red paint!


What a surprise to see areas of white on some of the tree branches up ahead! I earned top Brownie marks for knowing what they were! Thanks to another blogger that I follow, who sees the same on his walks…it was hair ice! Not seen in these parts before!




The path followed  by the side of the river and  led us through some muddy patches ( it wouldn’t be a walk with Philip if we didn’t get a bit muddy!). We    saw some   interesting steps leading down… to a sluice maybe!




Taking a photo of a bridge from another bridge before we headed back up the other side of the river to the waterfall,


At the waterfall we spied the next phenomena …the bubble doughnut!


The waterfall with the doughnut  swirling at its base!DSC05542

After so much excitement for the day we headed back towards the Glasshouse. Paxton’s Tower in the distance on one hill and the Glasshouse on the opposite side.


Passing across the bridge over the established  lakes  the ‘new’ lakes that are being recreated  could be seen   on the other side.





A visit to  the Gardens isn’t complete without a visit to the Butterfly House- Plas Pilipala.


So hot and steamy today it misted all the lens up!

On the way to get our sugar intake for the day  we  saw the birds of prey flying free- a wonderful sight!




Drifts of white seen through the trees turned out to be beautiful snowdrops and not more hair ice!


The mallards put on an excellent display of synchronised diving to end our walk.


Back home  a quick look round the garden to photo a flock of long tailed tits on the feeder but Holly get there first! I’m sure she’s laughing!


It’s great to see lots of colour returning to the borders now- spring is arriving…slowly but surely!



How can one top an excellent day which had a wonderful walk, with lovely people,  many interesting finds…well..you have a double yolk in your egg  for your tea!



11 Responses to “January 12th 2018 Hair Ice and Bubble Doughnuts on Walk around Botanic Garden of Wales”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Hooray for the hair ice! What a glorious walk with a bit of everything in it. We are most envious of your early colour.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Your ears must have been burning on Friday when I was sharing my knowledge of the hair ice to the walkers….it was all from your blog! We met a gardener in the Gardens who told us that they’d had to Google the hair ice to find out what it was….they should just follow your blog I told them! The snowdrops in my garden have really come out today in a white drift up the drive- it lifts the spirits no end to see such a sight.

  2. What an excellent day you had! With the hair ice, the bubble doughnut, and the first color of spring, it makes me envious to say the least. It may be hard to imagine now, but I think that restoring the lakes and connecting waterways will make the gardens even better than they are now, which is great. I hope that you’re able to return once the restoration is complete to show us how magnificent it is.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It was one of those ‘magic’ walks which had a bit of everything that I enjoy. I was very surprised to see how much work had already been carried out on restoring the lakes. There are paintings of the original lakes from the early 19th century and it’s exciting to see how the new lakes will match up! I’ll definitely keep an eye on developments there and report progress.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for liking. It’s funny that you are on the computer the same time as me! Hope you’ve had a good weekend and taken lots of lovely photos to share!

  3. Hello Marianne,
    I love hair ice! One of those rare natural phenomena to marvel at. But I’ve never seen a bubble doughnut before! Fabulous to see them both in one walk along with everything else.And even some snowdrops too!!
    Best wishes

  4. Marie Says:

    Thanks once again for a very descriptive account of your Friday walk. It proves that there is plenty to see in the National Botanic Garden even in January and also in your garden. Spring is definitely around the corner although it is hard to believing looking out of my window at the weather today!!

    • Marianne Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Marie. This weather! Can you believe the rain we have had over the last 24 hours…the roads are flooded near us now and the river Towy is right up to the top of its banks! The forecast says more high winds are on the way with a very cold blast…we’ll it’s still Winter I suppose! The Botanic Gardens were wonderful on Friday and it is such an interesting garden with so many things to see and enjoy.

  5. Wonderful pictures, Lletty! I especially liked the hair ice, the fountains and Holly the cat.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading and liking. Holly was pleased you liked her photo! She’s getting on a bit now and is chased a great deal by Rufus the Rough so it was lucky that I managed to get a photo of her before she ran under the bed again!

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