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January 26 Botanic Garden of Wales Walk…Again! January 26, 2018


One can never have too many visits to the Botanic Garden of Wales,  especially in January, when entrance is free during the week!  Weekend entry in January is only £4 and tomorrow 27th and Sunday 28th  there is an Antiques Fair to enjoy too!

Anyway back to my visit today with the Walking Well group led by Philip. Somehow or other he manages to arrange these walks when it is dry and sunny! The weather over the last week has seen our garden flooded!  Today, however,  with the sun shining brightly a large group assembled in the Botanic Garden carpark to begin a figure of eight walk around the parkland.


The track led us around the perimeter of  the first lake with the Great Glasshouse,

The largest single-span great glasshouse in the world houses the largest collection of Mediterranean plants in the Northern Hemisphere

looking like something from Stars Wars ( I enjoyed The Last of the Jedi..last week!)  set  up high on the opposite bank.  Wonderful reflections of the trees in the water- good enough to paint!


Brilliant coloured cornus bushes  shone in the sunshine and the aroma from the fountain of green Sarcococca confuse bushes filled the air…everyone stopped  to catch a closer sniff!


Passing a desolate farmhouse we walked up quite a steep incline until we reached the top. Here  Philip explained there was a spring  hidden behind a locked door and a pump room.

It was well worth carrying on up the hill as looking back we had the most marvellous view over the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside, including Paxton’s Tower.


We walked along the ridge of the hill until we dropped down again  from the Parkland towards the Gardens.  We didn’t take a detour into the woods as we were uncertain what we’d find there!


It wouldn’t be one of Philip’s walks if it didn’t entail some mud walking and some nature spotting. There’s an excellent exhibition on at the present in the Gardens by Julie Sheridan of the Last Gallery, Llangadog . Her  series of paintings depict the symbiotic nature and pattern of lichen.  She may have been able to identify some of our findings!


The Ghost Forest was our next stop!

‘This display of tropical tree roots is one of the most significant environmental art installations to come to Wales

The Ghost Forest has come from the tropical rainforests of Ghana .The oldest tree root is 300 years old, the heaviest weighs 19 tonnes

They’re the inspiration of UK based artist Angela Palmer. She was horrified to learn that a tropical forest the size of a rugby pitch is destroyed every four seconds. Just think how much is lost every minute, every hour………every year.
Apart from the huge loss of species, rainforest loss is contributing to climate change.

Angela Palmer made world ambassadors out of these tree roots. She chose Ghana as it now sustainably manages its rainforests. She brought the tree roots to Trafalgar Square, to the Earth Summit in Copenhagen, to Oxford University and now here, their final resting place.’

Lots of photos as they were amazing  especially against the blue, blue sky!

DSC05860DSC05861DSC05862DSC05864DSC05871 (1)DSC05876DSC05878 (1)DSC05881 (1)

Time for coffee and cake in the Glasshouse surrounded by exotic  and some recognisable lovely flowers.


Also to view were the antiques. The Rupert annual…one of my favourites  as a child… now classed as an antique!! Help!

The view going down the Broadwalk back to the carpark was  far different from last week when everywhere was coated with shiny icy crystals- this week shiny bright sunshine. I do love our changeable Carmarthenshire climate!!


Thank you Philip for another happy, enjoyable walk.




4 Responses to “January 26 Botanic Garden of Wales Walk…Again!”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    What a thoroughly excellent walk with a bit of everything. The lichens and fungus looked very interesting. I hope that the flood wasn’t too damaging. You seem to have had a lot of rain in your area this winter.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. You are correct. There has been a lot of rain! Our garden has a spade’s depth of soil then clay with clinker, rocks etc. The rain water just sits on top of all this leading to flooding issues! However, it does drain away quite quickly until the next rain storm! The bright side is that we do have water-not like some parts of the world- and Wales is beautifully green all year round!

  2. You had a wonderful day fro your walk, I loved seeing the blue skies, and it looks as if the grass is greening up there already. The photos that I loved most were the flowers, it’s nice to see signs of spring from anywhere, even though we’ll stay in the deep freeze for another month yet.

    Don’t you just hate it when you find something from your childhood is now classified as an antique?

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We were indeed fortunate to have a lovely bright day for a walk around the park. Mind you since then the weather has taken another turn for the worse and it hasn’t stopped raining! It isn’t cold though 10C today. Spring is definitely coming soon. We have a pond in our field and this morning 3 mallards and a moorhen swimming around. This weekend in UK the RSPB (Bird Society) ask everyone to count the number of birds and species in their gardens for a period of one hour and then send in their results. We had 16 different species in our garden- well worth all the money I spend on bird food!
      Wish I’d kept all the things I had as a child as they are worth lots of money now…aah well!

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