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February 9 Walk Around Dinefwr and Coffee at The Works Vintage Cafe Llandeilo February 9, 2018

Woke up this morning  and looked out  the window over our garden  towards the   snow clad Carmarthenshire Fans  and saw  and heard the  …  wind, rain, sleet and noisy hail. After  a phone call from a walking pal  we were undecided whether to attempt our Walking Well walk around Dinefwr Park as everywhere looked bleak. My pal lives a few miles up the hill  from us where it’s  colder and  in her garden there was lying snow and potentially more to come. With black clouds overhead and dressed in full waterproofs I decided to have a go and see what it was like at Dinefwr Park and whether Philip’s remarkable run of ‘good’ walking weather would hold true today!

Honestly, how does he do it? Cold and damp it may have been but the sun came out, the blue sky appeared   and off we went! DSC05979

We all set off  from the carpark at a steady pace getting warmer by the second. It was noticeable as we went though the woodland area how may trees had recently been uprooted.

After climbing up a number of steps  it was lovely to see a mat  of snowdrops ( not enough to call it a carpet) flowering amongst the curled autumn leaves. Even some daffodils  were peeping through too.   Taking a photo of anything interesting is always handy and a great excuse to catch one’s breath!


As we emerged from the woodland we saw Newton House in the distance. We followed the pathway over the fields towards the castle and kept up our steady walking speed. I think we were all loving the walk, the views and the company but were mindful of the fact that all that horrid weather wasn’t far away!

DSC05997DSC05987DSC05999DSC06002We overtook a group of nordic walkers…to be fair…they were standing still and doing their pre-walk warm ups. We decided that although it is good to have a warm up before any exercise to get joints and muscles moving, doing warm ups  as well as a walk  might just  be too much exercise for us!

Hope these tree roots are strong and hold these wonderful trees in place for many more years




Stopping to take photos of Newton House, Paxton’s Tower on the hill  and the deer meant that I fell behind the group so I had a bit of a jog to add to my exercise to catch up with the others!


Carefully avoiding a tractor carrying a load of turnips I caught up with everyone just in time to see the White Cattle being fed in their winter quarters.



You could  hear them nomnomming  away and  see them enjoying their treat with their head and horns buried in their hay.


The kites and buzzards were also enjoying the sunny spell and were heard calling in the blue sky above.  The black spot is a kite not a fly on my lens!

Following the potholed muddy track …well it wouldn’t be a proper walk without some mud… we  made our way back  to ours cars. A  3 mile walk …well nearly…in dry conditions…don’t know how you do it Philip but thank you again. DSC06026DSC06027DSC06031DSC06032The Vintage Cafe, next  to the garden centre in Llandeilo was todays choice for our  after walk refreshments. The coffee and cake were all delicious  and the icing on the cake was enjoying seeing all the beautiful  plants that are  for sale in The Works Garden Centre.

DSC06034DSC06036DSC06037DSC06039Now this is what my photo of a kite should  have looked like! This print is  by artist Kathryn Harvey  for sale in The Vintage Cafe. DSC06044


6 Responses to “February 9 Walk Around Dinefwr and Coffee at The Works Vintage Cafe Llandeilo”

  1. Well done Marianne, another lovely walk, and as you say, how does Philip always manage the weather so well!
    best wishes

    • Marianne Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. Hope you weren’t snowed in yesterday! It was amazing how the weather all cleared up by the time I reached Llandeilo and then it closed in again when I returned home. Can’t wait now for some dry days this weather can get one down! Thanks again.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    You did well to have the courage to go for a walk on such an unpromising day and were well rewarded for your effort. It is not surprising to see fallen trees with the recent combination of wet and windy weather.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thank you for reading. The trees really seem to be suffering this year but hopefully when the spring comes round the ground may dry up and help secure the roots in the ground more firmly…who knows! Our large willow trees need cutting right back as the huge, heavy branches have crashed down into lower branches. Although still attached to the main trunks they look quite unsafe but the tree surgeons can’t get their lorries and equipment on the field as the field is flooded! Roll on sunny weather!

  3. I have a request to start with, could you please send Phillip to this side of the Atlantic to provide a day of nicer weather here?

    I really liked seeing the snowdrops and the plants outside at the garden center, they helped to remind me that the entire year here won’t be too cold and snowy to see real plants again at some point.

    The cows appeared to be enjoying their food, it looks like a good healthy herd.

    While the lay of the land where you live is similar to where I live, the differences in the way that the trees grow there really hit me in this post. I think it’s because you have older trees that have grown separately from other trees nearby, where as we have mostly second or third growth trees growing in groups which make them tall and spindly compared to yours.

    • Marianne Says:

      Thank you for reading. Sorry can’t send Philip he’s needed here! It is strange that our walks do seem to coincide with a drier spell…let’s hope it lasts! Seeing snowdrops in their drifts in woodland lifts one’s spirits and then makes one want to replicate that at home too. I love our local garden centre and even on a wet and dismal day I can always find a new plant in their displays that I just have to buy to pop in our garden. It can be an expensive business but well worth it! A friend was telling me that in Dinefwr Park there are over 300 trees that are over 400 years old- just think about the stories they could tell! The white cattle have been on the Park pastures for over 1000 years too – so maybe next walk there I’ll put the title ‘A Sunny Walk with Philip Through History’!
      Hope your weather improves soon and you can see signs of spring when you go bird watching.

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