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February 23rd Caio and Cilycwm Walks February 23, 2018

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Thought I’d start  with a daffodil flowering in the garden as next week it’s St David’s Day.  With the forecast being freezing cold, windy and maybe snow maybe the flowers won’t be standing so upright on March1st! However, today although it was  windy, blowing  from the East  and the temperatures at 0 it was beautifully sunny and dry. Of course it was…it’s our Walking group day and with Philip in charge  he’d worked his magic yet again to make the day perfect for a march around Caio forestry. I say march as he set off at a good pace to keep everyone warm!

In the gaps where the sun shone through the trees there was even some warmth in the sun but in the shadows there was ice and frosty paths- all beautiful.


The trees were still bare and no sign yet of buds breaking   but moss covering the ground and up  over the tree trunks  showed how wet everywhere had been.


Signs of autumn cones still lay around on the broken branches that lay across the verges. Storms though the winter had whistled through the forest snapping many branches off   but today all quiet  and special.



A short drive after the walk to the Brunant Arms  in Caio  gave us our much needed hot refreshments of coffee and crisps.

Caio is a village of charm and history, with a  church and an old school  building that is being modernised. Modern and ancient sit well together  when they are planned  carefully.


Funny how one always plays Pooh sticks  when you are with a  friend and crossing a bridge!

Little ‘barnacles’ on the bridge and  navelwort growing up in the cracks and crevices! Amazing!



Taking my friend home after the walk I met her three Exmoor ponies. Iris  showed her best side to have a pic taken! My friend knows EVERYTHING one needs to know about this wonderful horse breed which is native to Britain.  The Exmoor has been given “endangered” status.  It has the perfect coat  for keeping warm in these cold conditions.


Earlier in the week making the most of the dry and sunny weather Jim and I went for a walk around Cilycwn- a village not far away.In the centre of the village is the lovely early  14th century church St Michael’s.


Inside the church there’s a beautiful barrel- vaulted roof and huge stone arcades.

One of the pillars has been cut away to form a font.


We followed a  circular trail around the village  with splendid views over the countryside.


We passed a pound where in the past  they would have kept lost animals. I nearly lost Jim inside!


Further up the track we passed Soar chapel, where William Williams Pantycelyn, who wrote ‘Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer’, was  a member. The chapel was built in 1786.


The track led over an old bailey bridge where Pooh sticks were played once more! I won!


The path led us over some very wet and boggy fields and at the end the path became too overgrown to continue.


Leaving the fields we  found the road that led back into the village passing the now closed and empty school building  and the empty and closed Post office. The pub is open but sadly only on certain days so no end of walk drinks  this time!

Running at the side of the road, at the edge of the pavements, were gulleys. In previous times food had been put in them   for the  livestock  to eat that were being driven to London by the drovers.  So much history in a street that can be missed when driving through in a car!


Back home the garden is really showing signs of things to come.

Even our very own…fungus looking like seaweed! We have lots!


Lots of hellebores too. Hooray for the sunshine and spring coming….that is after the forecasted coldest week  ahead  this  winter. They may have got it wrong…hope so!

Happy St David’s Day!

DSC06249 (1)


6 Responses to “February 23rd Caio and Cilycwm Walks”

  1. Wonderful photos and walks Marianne – I have also always admired the Cilycwm cobbled gutters – amazing workmanship for such a utilitarian function, best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for your comment Julian. It’s amazing what you notice when walking! I wish the walking routes were kept maintained though- parts of the path were very overgrown and blocked! I meant to comment on your last post which I have printed off to keep and read ! I loved your poem and photos…what a talented man you are!! Hope your snowdrops survive this cold blast!

  2. While the photos from your two walks were fun to see, I’d say that you saved the best, the flowers in your garden, for last! What a welcome sight this time of the year to see flowers in bloom!

    I have to say that the old church was very impressive though, and the horses were also a treat to see.

    I hope that the forecast for colder weather is wrong too, I’d hate to see the beautiful flowers die from a cold snap.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. Our cold snap is pathetic to what you have endured these last months. I think I would get really depressed if the weather was this cold for a long time….it numbs the brain! I need to be outside walking and gardening and keeping busy…not a housework person at all! The wind from Siberia arrived this morning and all the little flowers are bowing over but not giving in…yet! They are hardy little souls and I’m sure will survive. The Great Lakes were on our UK weather forecast this week showing how bad your winter has been. March next week- the year is moving on …spring round the corner for all of us! Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

  3. A beautiful selection of images, Lletty. I love the Exmoor ponies! And the flowers give us hope for the Spring. Thanks for sharing.

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