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March 25 Llangadog Walk and Classic Car Show March 25, 2018

It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing and it certainly wasn’t freezing cold so it must be Philip waving his magic wand again  to give our Walking Well group pleasant enough weather for our walk around Llangadog.

We all met on the bridge overlooking the Sawdde river.

DSC06770DSC06769We followed the road around the perimeter of the common where all the sheep roam freely  and passed through the village of Felindre into the fields beyond.


There must be a new initiative to sign walks which are near the railway station  and the Heart of Wales line. Hopefully, these new signs, showing the Cynghordy  Viaduct   will help walkers to keep to the track and not get lost!

Passing  on through kissing gates…(no kissing allowed!) and through farmyards with cattle in barns and lambs in fields  we reached a stopping point outside a lovely old farmhouse.


All beautifully behaved animals …even the lamb helping  to put out the washing!

DSC06793Lovely to see buildings like this alongside  fields full of  sheep and  lambs  and a grazing horse, who was not over impressed with seeing us all.



The track led us on through the farm fields. In  the distance the railway bridge over the Towy river could be seen and a couple of Canada geese flew overhead as a sort of flypast to acknowledge our walking accomplishments!


Of course no walk led by Philip would be the same without a bit of mud. However, this time he did offer us a rest on a bench!


The river was flowing rapidly  and  some sharp eyed walkers saw a kingfisher swooping by….I didn’t…maybe I should stop talking and start looking!


Thank you Philip for a lovely walk that we all enjoyed.After such a  springlike walk some walkers returned to our house for a coffee and biscuit.

Yesterday  we caught the 5.39 train from Llangadog to the NEC Birmingham …again!


Coming into New Street station at Birmingham we passed a train pulled by a double headed Class 37 Diesel  locomotives  with everyone on board enjoying a Rail Tour. (Thought you’d like to know that detail!!)

This time, at the NEC, we were going to the Classic Car & Restoration Show…as one might guess not my idea  even though I do love cars. Years ago my heart was set on  a Triumph Vitesse with a V8 engine!! Over the years we have  owned a Sprite, Midget, Morgan, Mini, BMW …..etc… and to see all the wonderful cars on display in the Show and all the restoration work going on was really great and interesting.

There were a few  classic bikes too.


…there were even classic caravans. I’d love one of these! The teddy bears on display are the exact ones that my brothers and I had as children ….maybe we are classics now!!

‘The Morris Minor was the first British car to sell a million units and as that milestone approached, BMC decided to create a special edition car – a common event now, but a rarity in the 1960s.

So the Minor Million was created. Mechanically a standard 948 Minor 1000 this special edition of 350 cars was distinguished by vivid lilac paintwork. 350 ‘Millions’ were produced in December 1960. Every showroom had a car on display on the official launch date -4th January 1961.
The actual millionth car rolled off the production line on 22 December 1960′.

Everyone used to own a Morris Minor…our family did and we’ve still got one! Wish it was one of these lilac millionth ones though…they are worth a fortune!


Even the police used minis !


Special treat was to see, hear and smell some amazing traction engines…our grandparents used to own similar…wish we had them now!

DSC06915 Never liking to waste a moment on our days out we stopped off on the train journey home at Shrewsbury to spend a couple of hours.  Such a lovely town full of character and  interesting shops!



The guns are pointing into town from outside the regimental museum.



Even the pretty flower borders were laid out in a very organised and orderly fashion!



Shrewsbury has much to offer with all its  shops and history. The statue of Darwin outside the library is really  special.

Travelling back to Llangadog later on the Heart of Wales line we missed all the wonderful scenery as it was dark. Even though we were rather tired after our days excursion we remembered to turn the clocks forward  so I’d be up early and chirpy for my visit to Aberglasney to see David Cowdry’s  Art Exhibition and the display of spring flowers. Both were wonderful and the garden in the spring sunshine was beautiful.


Wish there  were more hours in each day to fit in all the things I want to see and do….but this weekend I think I’ve filled in every second…thank you for reading and sharing the weekend with me….a great start to Summer time!



14 Responses to “March 25 Llangadog Walk and Classic Car Show”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    That was a serious blogful of good pictures, interesting facts and many motoring memories.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I did get rather carried away with all the photos…bit like my talking…when I get going it’s hard to stop! Definitely felt my age at the Show when all these youngsters looking at the classic cars were commenting on their lack of control buttons, radios, lcd screens, gizmos etc on the dashboard! I still don’t know how some of the things on our dashboard work! Hope your new bike is a ‘classic’ and doesn’t have too many modern additions.

  2. You certainly find some interesting places to visit, Lletty! The country walks are something I would love to do. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I love the country walks best too but visiting the big city every so often is interesting and just reinforces the fact that I much prefer living in the countryside!

  3. Wow, this post has a little of everything that I’m interested in! The views of the things that you saw during your walk were a wonderful slice of the English countryside. In some places it looks as if little has changed over time, the photos were almost like taking a ride back in time.

    I loved the old cars in the show, many of the ones that you showed photos of I’ve only read about and never seen in person. I’m sure that seeing the cars that are part of your childhood memories bring those memories back, they do for me. The motorcycle and traction engine were also nice additions and great to see.

    I also enjoyed the charming town of Shrewsbury in your photos, I’d love to see a place with as much history as that. The city were I live wasn’t even a city until the early 1800’s It’s hard to fathom a place where history goes back thousands of years rather than just two hundred.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks so much for reading and writing such a lovely comment. I went a bit mad with the photos this time as I took lots as everything was so interesting…to me! If you like cars you’d have loved the show! There were some monster American cars from the 50’s with their huge tail fin wings…I’d have loved one of those! It was great to see all the enthusiasts who are renovating all the old classic cars. However, it did make me feel very old when they are renovating cars that I used to own in the 60’s!
      Walking around Shrewsbury is rather special as the Tudor black and white buildings are everywhere and the narrow streets with all their ancient names, some going back to Roman times, lead off to the castle or the abbey. It’s like walking back through history. You’ll have to visit UK when you retire!

  4. Eluned Says:

    Enjoyed your treck,diolch!.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Eluned. Another busy weekend. I’m looking forward to Wednesday evening Gardening Club when I can just sit down and listen to the speaker…it looks very interesting.

  5. Marie Says:

    Thank you Marianne for sharing your weekend with me and such a busy one at that!! The walk was a success as usual and I loved seeing all those classic cars. My favourite one was the lilac Morris Minor.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Marie. We did have a great weekend and I’m still recovering! Maybe your courtesy car will turn out to be lilac!! Hope all is going well with the manual drive. Happy Easter!

  6. Marie Says:

    I forgot to mention Shrewsbury one of my favourite towns. I’m so glad you had the chance to visit it on your way back from Birmingham.

    • lletty Says:

      We must make a visit to Shrewsbury with GAP to show those who have never visited all the delights of such an historic and lovely town. It really is a perfect place with all that history and great shops!!

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