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April 6 Lovely Walks and Visits April 6, 2018

Interesting fact to start my loooong post! 5000 snail species living in GB ….and I think they are all in my garden!

DSC07058How refreshing to feel a bit of warmth in the air and feet on dry land instead of sloshing through muck and mud…today our Walking Well walk was certainly that…a  lovely amble through the country lanes  around  Dryslwyn Castle…thank you Philip!


Being nosy, looking over garden fences, it’s amazing what one can see…it’s the Flower Pot men but no sign of Little Weed!


How wonderful to see all the shadows from the trees  on the lanes and signs of spring flowers in the verges. First time this year to see the wood anemone  shining out amongst the celandine.


We followed along  the lanes and their ups and downs and finally came to the castle mount. From the lane to the  castle was quite a climb but well worth it for the view…..but unexpectedly,  it was very windy on top! The result of the recent rain could be seen in the flooded land below. Over to the west the forecasted afternoon rain could be seen  approaching in the darkening clouds heading our way.



Time to make a hasty retreat downhill to our cars and wend our way to The Cottage Inn, where we all enjoyed a hot drink and some indulged in a plate of chips too!

Over Easter Jim and I  took ourselves off for a day out…again! We drove to Penderyn Distillery ( an hour away).We drove through the Brecon Beacons passing Pen Y Fan ..highest peak  in  South Wales …which then was still covered in snow. There were numerous cars and walkers and climbers everywhere all wrapped up against the bitter wind and all looking cheerful!


We went on a tour at the distillery and it was excellent …so too was the whiskey sample! We just had to buy their  newly designed bottle and contents….well it was only fair after such a good tour!


Later that day we drove on to the National Trust at Aberdulais for lunch. The old tin plate works hold a fascination for me with its wonderful history, racing water and old buildings.


Climbing up the steps gives a great view of the works.



The  views  and sounds all around are amazing so it’s no wonder that famous artists …Turner for one.. used to come here to capture the scenes.


We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the school room, where children, who used to work in the mine …7+year olds…received  some schooling after work.


Yesterday, with the forecast being SUNNY and WARMER another outing was planned! Brecon, only 40 minutes drive away through beautiful countryside  was our choice of destination!

We parked the car next to the river Usk and found the Promenade. This is a beautiful footpath alongside the river leading to a  weir  and a cafe!



We sat outside the cafe,  in the sunshine, enjoying our coffee and   the perfect view across the river towards the Brecon Beacons


We followed a different path  along the river  back into Brecon and found   the path was called The Captain’s Walk and very beautiful it was too!

Brecon is full of lovely surprises with  an excellent bowling green, quaint cottages, a splendid statue of Wellington and some beautiful bridges!


Also on the top of the hill there is the magnificent cathedral.

After a  delicious lunch in The Pilgrims Restaurant, at the cathedral, we returned home ..still in sunshine and hoping for more days out in the warmth very soon!

DSC07171 (1)


9 Responses to “April 6 Lovely Walks and Visits”

  1. Marie Says:

    Every time I pass Dryslwyn Castle I say to myself I’m going to climb to the top one day” but I never have, not yet anyway. Seeing your photographs taken from the top of the castle and the wonderful views below has made me want to do it sooner rather than later. Thank you for your wonderful photographs.

    • Thanks for reading Marie. If it’s sunny next Thursday after art we could go to Dryslwyn and climb to the top….that would be one tick on your bucket list ! Afterwards a coffee at Wrights or Aberglasney to celebrate your achievement! Pleased you like to photos too.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    You have made good use of the better weather. I would like to visit that old tin plate works. It looked very interesting.

  3. I’m glad that you finally had some nice weather for your outings!

    This post wasn’t too long at all, I loved it. My favorite part centered around the old tin plate works, both the works themselves and the waterfalls on the river.

    The views around and from the top of Dryslwyn Castle were wonderful as well.

    While not named, the cathedral was magnificent, there are very few like that on this side of the pond.

    However, I feel my comment lacking, it doesn’t do justice to all the splendid things that you included in this post, which I think is one of your best ever.

    • lletty Says:

      Aw shucks…you are too kind sir… but thank you very much for your lovely comment! It makes such a difference having some good weather …it lifts moods and gives one renewed energy and enthusiasm for getting out and about. I have a plan for the spring and summer to find somewhere new to visit and walk …hopefully…once a week and not too far away from home. I want to discover and learn more about the world I live in! I am inspired by your posts and Mr T’s so keep taking your amazing photos and writing. Thanks again.

  4. Some interesting walks and wonderful pictures, Lletty! I remember the Flower Pot Men and little weed. Many years ago, I bought an old VHS video of some of the programs for my girls and they loved it! I guess some things never lose their appeal. I especially like your last picture of the church with the roses. Gorgeous!

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