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April 24 Home and Away April 24, 2018



View from the garden

Well..  hope that wasn’t it…I mean Spring! The glorious sunshine, the warmth, the buds opening and everywhere greening up …oh it was all so wonderful  while it lasted  but now today it is raining  and the heating is on again! Thank goodness I have my photos to remind me of all the  spring flowers bursting open  in the garden, my Walking Well walk and visits to familiar places with family visitors this last weekend.


Driving to Myddfai where our walk was starting took far longer than usual. Traffic  wasn’t allowed on the main A40 road  as a sink hole had appeared! The detour took us through a small, local  village and the queues were very long with  huge lorries having to navigate  carefully through the narrow roads.  It should all be fixed in 10 days!!! After the late start,  with the sun  shining,  we all set off on our WWW  through the lanes around Myddfai  and  across the fields of Llwynywormwood, the estate owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.


We crossed over pretty bridges  and enjoyed  seeing DSC07390

all the wild flowers growing along the banks, especially the violets, celandines  and primroses.




As Prince Charles wasn’t at home the sentry box was empty! Discussions were held on who should be  Christopher Robin  and Alice!


Fair do’s  to Philip, the path was a lovely one with only one wet spot which was easily avoided!


Delicious coffee and cake were the order of the day at Myddfai Hall and Visitor Centre. Thanks Philip for another lovely walk.


The National Botanic Garden of Wales    is a great place to take visitors as there is so much to see and do there. In the largest single-span great glasshouse in the world  there is the largest collection of Mediterranean plants in the Northern Hemisphere. The flowers looked at their best.

A visit to the Edwardian pharmacy is  a must when at the Gardens. I love looking at all the bottles and packaging of medicines and recalling some of them from my youth! I might have to bring my tube of Savlon here soon. I had a rose thorn in my arm  recently and reached for the Savlon and oddly read the sell by date…October 1993…anyway it still works so I’ll keep it! DSC07476DSC07473

In the Apothecary’s Hall   there’s an excellent exhibition of patchwork plants.


There is always something new  to see in Plas Pilipala (Butterfly House).


No guessing who this butterfly was trying to imitate and frighten off its enemies!


Another day of visits took us to Laugharne and Dylan  Thomas land!



Great to see my friend’s painting of Dylan for sale in  the house.  Jayne Russell 

In the house there was a new exhibit made by Itchy  Fingers Textile Group and very good it was too!


After a tour around the house and reading through all the poetry  books  we headed to the coffee room and enjoyed a morning coffee with  slices of bara brith….very tasty!


The rain was holding off quite well but after another short amble through the village we headed for Brown’s Pub  and sitting under the photograph of Dylan and Caitlin we enjoyed a delicious lunch and cocktail (Penderyn gin and vodka!) …a lovely  light headed end to a day out!


Back home although the lawn is drying out…well it was until the downpour today …the borders have been looking rather desolate  and bare. However, with the sunshine  everywhere perked up  and  started looking bright,  purposeful  and  beautiful.

There are the usual visitors in the garden  a pheasant that races through the borders and a very patient  and stoical Mrs Canada Goose, who is sitting  on her eggs on the island in the pond.



The lime tree looks stunning as it comes into leaf and its base surrounded by celandines.


Not surprisingly the bog garden is  thriving  but getting rather too wet!


Despite all the recent wind and rain the blossom is steadily appearing on the fruit trees and thinking positively  the trees may benefit from this extra dose of rain today! Fingers crossed!




7 Responses to “April 24 Home and Away”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    What a beautiful view you have and what interesting trips you go on. And I like that way that most if not all your outings end in a cafe. Good thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. We are very fortunate with our view and it changes every few minutes! The clouds cover it and then the mist looms up from the bottom of the valley and covers different parts and so on…I spend a great deal of time just looking! Having visitors recently we’ve been out and about showing them the beautiful places around here and any visit that ends in a cafe is a good visit by me!


  2. Marie Says:

    You do get around Marianne and see so many interesting things . Thank you for the wonderful photos and descriptions

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. Yes it’s been a busy time visiting places here and there but that’s what you do when you have visitors…as you know! See you tomorrow!


  3. What a wonderful post, full of signs of spring everywhere you went! The wildflowers seen on your walks were a real treat to see, as your spring is almost a full month ahead of ours. The flowers of the National Botanic Garden of Wales were also both beautiful and interesting, and your wonderful photos of them remind me that I should visit the local botanical garden more often. I was fascinated by the old pharmacy also, there used to be a pharmacy similar to that here where I live, but it closed decades ago. I enjoyed your visit to Dylan Thomas land too. As bad as the weather sounds in your post, your own gardens look pretty chipper and attractive to me, with more signs of spring popping up everywhere I looked in your photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Everything seems to be flowering at once and not necessarily in the correct order! The gardens do look pretty with all their colours and foliage but with more rain and wind arriving soon we’d better enjoy them whilst they are all upright! The Botanic Garden was a joy to visit and it is certainly the best month in the year to see all the Mediterranean flowers in bloom. All the open gardens nearby do a wonderful job of keeping their places full of interest throughout the year. Usually they rely on a small staff and lots of volunteers to keep them in tip top shape. Now is a good chance for me to get to see other gardens as looking after my garden tends to take up all my time from now on. This is when the lawn needs cutting weekly, borders dug, veg planted, hanging baskets and window boxes planted up…every year I say I’ll cut down on the work but it hasn’t happened yet! Now I’m just waiting for my new greenhouse to be finished …more work but hopefully lots of tomatoes and cucumbers! Can’t wait! Hope your spring arrives soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What vibrant flower pictures! And the view from your garden is fantastic! I must say, that gin and vodka cocktail looks jolly good too.

    Liked by 1 person

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