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May 7th Hot, Hotter and Hottest May 7, 2018

Hooray! The sun was shining on a May Bank Holiday…hard to believe but it happened! The blossom was blooming  and the sky was…well…sky blue!

The weekend started with a Walking Well Walk around Dinefwr. Philip was on other duties preparing for a Beer Festival in Cwmdu so Helen led the stroll around the park.   She made an excellent job of herding all of us  …all women plus three dogs…through the tracks and fields  and getting us safely round  so we could all enjoy a coffee and cake in The Works Llandeilo at the end.

DSC07643Sam, the puppy, was delighted to join the group for the first time and made friends with everyone very quickly.


He was soon into his stride showing everyone the best route up the hills and down the dales!


We all stopped and watched as a herd of young calves ran towards three walkers, who just kept  walking steadily on. I’d have bolted! It was a lesson well learnt though that the calves suddenly ground to a halt and started grazing. I’ll try to remember this next time  calves are chasing us!


We were surrounded by woodlands painted blue with bluebells but it just needed that shaft of sunlight to make the scene come alive.

DSC07665Sam didn’t worry about the bluebells as he bounded up the hill towards the castle.

DSC07684 (1)

Everyone needs a rest half way round!

Next time we’ll all try to sit on this newly carved bench…if the bench fairies will let us!

DSC07810A visit to Singleton Park in Swansea for a Fun Car Show was next on the weekend list of places to go and see.

Red was my favourite colour!



But there’s always an exception!

DSC07822DSC07826DSC07829DSC07843Leaving the show we enjoyed a stroll through the park…just a small part of it. This time the bluebells were perfect with the colours highlighted in the sunshine.


We passed through some ornate gates into the formal gardens which were amazing! Quite unusual these days to see the plants all  planted in rows and very regimented but very beautiful.


The Plant Sales at Singleton are the best! I should have brought my wheelbarrow to carry the plants!

Onwards and upwards as they say as our next stop was Penllergare Valley Woods penllergare.org.  Just off the M4 motorway surrounded by other busy major roads is this garden of delight actually hidden away in a valley. It’s an historical site with great interest but more on that another time!

There were more bluebell woods,  lakes, bird song, waterfalls and miles of paths.

Also  some pretty bridges and a great cafe too…what more can one ask for?

Back home everything is springing! The lawn needs constant cutting and the weeds need constant pulling!  But hey who can complain when the blossom is the best ever!

The rhodo has flowered well too!

DSC07760 (1)

DSC07808 (2)

But best of all we have seven goslings swimming on the pond with a very proud mum and dad…what a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend!


8 Responses to “May 7th Hot, Hotter and Hottest”

  1. Hello Marianne… You do manage to pack a lot in! Fabulous photos of some lovely days. We couldn’t remember when we last had such great bank holiday weather. Wasn’t it glorious!
    Best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks Julian for reading. We did have a wonderful weekend…the sunshine gave us energy to get out and about. I was determined to find the Valley Wood near the M4…it was wonderful! Look forward to visiting again and discovering more of the walks there. Hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday too.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    You seem to have made the best of the good weather. I like that fairy bench a lot. Congratulations on the goslings.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello and thanks for reading. I haven’t enjoyed our prolonged winter months and I am determined not to waste any good weather that we may have in the future. Mind you I’m still feeling tired now after all our weekend activity! At least with the rain this afternoon I didn’t feel too guilty about not getting the lawn mower out. The goslings are eating constantly and growing before our very eyes.

  3. I’m so glad you had good weather for the Bank Holiday, Lletty. Beautiful pictures of the formal gardens at Singleton Park! And the tree blossoms are gorgeous! One of the many things that I miss about home is seeing the bluebells in their natural surroundings. I bought a few to put in my garden, for old times sake, but it’s just not the same.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you very much for reading and leaving a comment. Seeing bluebells in their natural surroundings is one of the best sights in the year. I take so many photos of bluebells in woods with a path, shadows crossing, sunlight shining through dappled leaves and just when I think I may have enough they disappear for another year! Not all is lost though the lilac is now in bloom and their scent fills the air…so I’m happy again!

  4. Wow, what a variety of subjects in this post, and all photographed in nice weather to boot! Your walk looked like a lot of fun, with interesting things to see and do, like escape the curious calves. I loved seeing the old cars and motorcycle from the car show. The formal gardens at Singleton Park are so beautiful, but not anymore beautiful than the flowers from your own yard. And, I can’t forget the Penllergare Valley Woods, that looks like an enjoyable place to spend time relaxing on a holiday.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading…you are a star! Sadly the weather has reverted to autumn temperatures now so I’m really pleased I made the best of the holiday weekend weather. We are very fortunate to have all these lovely places to visit nearby and having sunshine just makes a visit even better. The Penllergare Valley Woods is an amazing garden and it has been neglected for many years. The Victorian family that lived there were the first to take a photo of the moon…isn’t that exciting?

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