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May 20 Carmel Woods, Aberglasney Gardens and Rufus the Mad Cat! May 20, 2018

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DSC08199The sun shone in the sky, the breeze was warm, the company exceptional and Carmel Woods looked very inviting.  The Walking Well group led by Philip set off on a trek through the woods , along some lanes, up some tricky footpaths   and back crossing a flowering meadow before heading home via The Hangout for refreshments.


DSC08059As seems to be usual on our walks we met a very friendly collie, who wanted us to play but we were too  focussed on our walk!


In the woods there were a fine collection of wild flowers.

Right in the middle of one footpath was the first orchid to be seen  this season….there were plenty more just waiting to bloom.


There were stiles to climb over or just miss out altogether!



Look forward to returning to the woods later in the year when all the wild strawberries are in fruit.


Bluebells were blueing the wood but it was the wild garlic that took centre stage.


Walking along the lane we were watched with a concrete eye  to make sure we didn’t pick any of the flowers in the hedges…we were  very well behaved …well…most of us!


There were campions in full pink flower.



Of course there were our bright yellow Welsh poppies  brightening up every hedgerow we saw.  A perfect walk …thank you Philip.


I’m very fond of Aberglasney Gardens and at present the gardens are looking wonderful. In the Ninfarium, the indoor garden, the Bird of Paradise is in flower and so too the Clivia.



As always I took far too many photos..too much choice of marvellous flowers and vistas!

Back home our amazing climbing mad Rufus! Why he wanted to climb up the garden trellis I have no idea…but he made it!  Trouble is he need a helping hand down again!!

The lilac trees are in full flower in the garden and their scent is filling the air.


Early morning walks around the garden are my favourite. It is usually very peaceful, the sun is low , the dew is on the grass and the birds are singing.


Sometimes it’s just pleasant to sit under the yew tree….

DSC08122….and watch our mad cat posing for a photo!


It’s also a good time to look at  the seven goslings,  seven ducklings and five moorhen chicks on the Pond Field…there is no better way to start a day!



5 Responses to “May 20 Carmel Woods, Aberglasney Gardens and Rufus the Mad Cat!”

  1. Isn’t spring the most amazing time of the year? It doesn’t matter if it was the wildflowers seen on your walk, or the cultivated flowers at Aberglasney Gardens or your own garden, seeing the beauty of the flowers brightens any day. I could almost smell the lilac from here. And, you’re so right about being outside early in the morning, hearing the birds singing and seeing the flowers blooming as both another day and another spring begin, along with the new life in the form of the goslings and ducklings.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and writing such an eloquent comment…it’s just like a word picture! I have just come in the house after being out in the garden all day. There is so much to be done but I’m loving it all. After all the winter rain we have all had it is quite unbelievable that I am having to water the garden now! The sun has been shining and everything is happening all at once…everyone and everything is happier now that spring has arrived. Long may this weather last and I don’t mind all the watering really!

  2. Hello Marianne. Fabulous photos capturing what an amazing (late) spring we’re having down here. But out of interest, are you noticing far fewer insects than normal? I know it’s one of my nerdy things, but we seem way down on everything here.
    I hope Aberglasney has been getting loads of visitors, and your cottage is full of folk enjoying West Wales!
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Julian. Thanks for reading and commenting. The garden is absolutely full of different flowers and as you say hardly any insects. We have about 8 pairs of swifts nesting under our eaves…such a delightful screaming goes on when they are flying around and swallows have returned after a few years away…so they must be eating something but I’m not sure what. We saw our first mayfly today …when usually there are dozens flying around. On the up though are bee numbers…which must be good. There are hardly any snails and no slugs yet…must be the dry weather. We have lots of moths in the house and if you open the window to try to get them out others fly in!
      Aberglasney is looking its absolute best and there seem to be lots of visitors there when I’m in on a Sunday. There are some great exhibitions on to so look forward to seeing you both there…on a Sunday!
      Cottage numbers are increasing which means more work and time away from my garden …but something has to help pay for all the compost and plants I buy!! Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. You can never take too many pictures, Marianne! Beautiful flowers and I love the mad cat!

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