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The Fourth of July.. No Independence Just Watering! July 4, 2018

Everyone in the UK seems to be having a proper happy summer  and here in Llansadwrn the sun is shining brightly all day and every day! So what’s there to complain about…well…watering! The cracks  in the ground are getting larger by the minute and plants are curling up and giving up! Plants have been frizzled and frazzled and burnt… so out with the hose pipe and watering can and try to revive as many as possible before the garden looks completely bare. How though does one know how much water is left?! We have  a bore hole that provides our water  so no checking the depth of water available ….rationing began today …just in case!

The Botanic Garden of Wales is well known for its wonderful plants, birds of prey and butterflies but very year around midsummer it becomes the venue for the Symphonic Tywi, West Wales’s best-loved symphony orchestra  under the baton of its founder, Michael Cottam. Sitting inside the Glasshouse  surrounded by all the plants and listening to some popular classic music, this year music celebrating ‘The Sound of the Sea’   is a delight. The orchestra is accompanied by the singing of the many birds  who live inside the glasshouse! Taking with us a light snack and a tipple to drink a very enjoyable evening was had by all!


The Yellow Book National Garden Scheme is an amazing collection of  gardens…mostly private gardens that are open to the public on some summer days. Visiting the NGS  Lon Farm  in Talley last week with the Llangadog Gardening Club was a great pleasure. Arriving at the farm after a drive round Talley lakes and up to the top of a hill the  panoramic views were fantastic.  The garden was bathed in sunshine and looked lovely but the owner had suffered the same as the rest of us …the sun had dried up their streams , pond water levels way down and plants needing lots of watering!


I love this flying dragonfly and the bee hives turned out to be compost bins…what a clever idea!

DSC08882 (1)

There were pretty views all around. The pond was filled with many large fish, who jumped to eat all the food that was thrown in for them…they were huge!


I like a garden with lots of sitting places!


A clever use was made of the two derelict buildings as they had been beautifully planted up and artefacts added to give even more interest.

DSC08911 (1)

One of the ‘rooms’ in the buildings was the duck house and outside their lovely pond. It was so hot we all wanted to paddle with them!


Walking around the garden one discovered many unusual items.


Of course no visit to a garden would be complete without a coffee and cake…this was no exception a delicious tea was spread out for all to enjoy.


DSC08928 (1)

Funny how things turn out but my next outing was to Talley…again. This time with  ladies  from the Country Women’s Group. Talley is  just over the hill from where I live, just a  drive of a few miles on single track roads .  The  village  has    many pretty cottages, some large houses, two lovely lakes, an historic church and  an ancient abbey.




It also has the prettiest and smallest church hall, where we were served tasty refreshments!


Back home life is busy with the farmer mowing the field for silage,

The flowers that are surviving with all the watering are I’ve discovered …mostly red/pink!! I planted them so it must obviously be a favourite colour!

I’ve noticed that succulents are becoming popular again…every time I visit a nursery I see them all in their little pots wanting to be bought…by me! They don’t need too much water either!


Mice have eaten my strawberries in the veg plot but they haven’t found these …yet!


The farmer had to bring the sheep back on our Pond Field as they needed water to drink. It’s been lovely watching the lambs chasing around  and having fun….but there’s always one that gets into trouble!


Enjoy the sunshine but keep watering!


9 Responses to “The Fourth of July.. No Independence Just Watering!”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    A very sunny post. The mice would have to jump pretty high to get those strawberries!

  2. Beautiful views of Tally, Marianne! And the concert sounds delightful. Your flowers seem to be thriving despite the lack of rain.

    • Thank you for reading. The flowers are hanging in there but only because I’m watering them. The forecast says no rain for about ten days…so I’m going to keep up the watering on some of my ‘precious’ plants but some will have to stand on their own as I’m trying hard to ration our water!

  3. So many flowers, and they’re all so beautiful! It sounds funny to hear that people in England are rationing water, since the the reputation is that it’s always raining in England. I hope that you get some rain soon, as I’d hate to hear that the flowers had died, or that you had worked so hard with nothing to show for your work.

    I also enjoyed the views of the countryside, it looks very much like the farm country part of Michigan.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. Now I think I’ll have to try and put a map on my blog…like yours. I don’t live in England! I live in Wales and Mr T lives in Scotland and the English live in England!…Very confusing indeed. Many people in Wales are bilingual…I’m not. All the roadsigns etc are in Welsh first then English…can be confusing! I keep watering our plants as we have a borehole but I’m not sure how long the water will last!
      I really enjoy looking at your maps and finding out more about your locality and all that goes on there…it really is another world.

      • It looks like our geography classes weren’t too accurate when I was growing up. We learned that there were two islands there, England and Ireland. However, our history classes were at least a little bit better, I know where Wales is compared to England and Scotland.

        There’s also a large cultural difference between Great Briton and the US it seems. I live in the State of Michigan, one of the 50 states that make up the United States for example. If you say that I’m from the US or America without mentioning the state, it’s no big deal to use over here. But then, other than our Civil War, the states have gotten along fine, and we don’t associate ourselves with what state we’re from as much as we consider ourselves to all be Americans. But on the other hand, we don’t have centuries of warfare between the states for control the way that Great Briton does between the various parts that make up Great Briton. Although, Michigan and Ohio did have a skirmish called a war over a bit of land that was granted to Ohio in the end.

      • lletty Says:

        I think your teachers were much better than mine! I don’t think we were ever taught much to do with the USA except the Boston Tea party! It’s very interesting to read that being American is more important than which state you are from…sensible really. I suppose in my passport I’m ‘British’ but if I was asked by a person I’d say I was Welsh!! Talk about confusing! Just let’s say I live in the United Kingdom to add yet another title…no wonder we all get confused! Best bit though is that we are all friends : Welsh, Scottish, Irish, English and Americans and long may it last.

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