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July 15 Dinefwr Walk, Aberglasney, Gardens and Gwili Railway July 15, 2018


It’s still very hot and very dry! We are hoping that our borehole has enough water left until the rain arrives! Aberglasney Gardens are still looking amazing and the sprinklers are managing to keep everything looking bright and  beautiful. Sitting on the terrace drinking in the view …and a cup of coffee  is pure delight.

DSC09046 (1)


DSC09050 (1)

Luckily Friday dawned bright and not too hot so off to Llandeilo where Pam was leading our Walking Well Group  around Dinefwr this week…well…actually…it’s not Walking Well now…it’s just us! The WW funding has  been stopped but we will all carry on regardless as we enjoy it so much…..it will all get sorted!

The walk started at the station as usual and we walked down through the town, past the colourful houses and on into the Park.


The rest of these houses  aren’t buried below ground!


Lots of wild flowers out in bloom  and it looks like we are going to have a bumper year of blackberries!


A glimpse of Paxton Tower can just be seen in the distance …clever planning..  maybe  the view was planned by Lady Cecil Rice:

This year at Dinefwr we are celebrating the life of Lady Cecil Rice, 2nd Baroness Dinefwr, one of the most influential women to ever have lived on the Dinefwr Estate.

Lady Cecil was the only child of the fabulously wealthy William Talbot of Hensol in Glamorganshire.  
She married George Rice, MP for Carmarthen, in 1756 and together, they transformed the Dinefwr Landscape into what we know and love today.  
Splendidly well connected, Cecil and George spent much of their time in London where they were influenced by new ideas of philosophy and culture, especially the view that nature could be art.

Walking on through the fields  and  up into the woods it felt cool and welcoming
There was plenty to see and catch ones attention!   Two  large magnificent fungi…must remember to bring a nature book next time for identification help!
Next   as we emerged from the woodland another splendid view appears through the trees …this time the castle  and  further on Newton House.
The sycamore seeds are getting ready to twizzle down to the ground like helicopters …seems early to me!
It was getting hotter by the second so the walk was rather curtailed so we headed back through Llandeilo to The Works for coffee! Sad to say we found the coffee shop closed …the owner away on holiday…never mind we’d had a lovely walk…thank you Pam.
Our local village had a splendid weekend…The Big Lunch. Everyone took a plate of food to share. Entertainment was laid on in the afternoon with choirs , soloists and bands and in the evening a family get together with young and old sitting in the marquee watching  a film The Greatest Showman.
It wouldn’t be a summer weekend if we didn’t have time to squeeze in a visit to a car/ bike gathering. This time it was to Gwili Railway in Carmarthen. Over 100 cars and bikes to look at and enjoy!
I was gasping for a drink too…just like this little chappy!

Some of the spectators were too shy to look !


Back home the garden seems to be lasting with lots of spot watering. It’s the hanging baskets and window boxes that take such a long time   to get wet!

Just looking at those pansies with their pretty faces brings a smile… so do these other faces that appear when I’m bringing them a drink!

The  garden wildlife seems to be thriving too!  The mouse still appears most days ( sorry Jacqueline!)   and the swallows have fledged this week and are enjoying their flying lessons all around the house. The swifts are still screeching around too so it’s all go!


My new greenhouse cost a lot of money and took Jim a long time  and a lot of effort ( bad back!) to  build but I told him and assured him that it would all be worthwhile in the end. Today  I proved my point. Tah dah……one brilliant green pepper!! I even shared it with him…now that’s called…something!






9 Responses to “July 15 Dinefwr Walk, Aberglasney, Gardens and Gwili Railway”

  1. Your flowers are so beautiful that I wish that I could visit your garden in person!

    I enjoyed the photos from during your walk, even the one of the half buried houses. 😉 The wildflowers were very nice as well, they make walking in the heat of summer bearable.

    I also enjoyed seeing the older cars, you’re so lucky that there’s gatherings like that almost every weekend.

    The idea of bringing books along to help identified various things seen while walking sounds good, but I’m afraid that I would require an entire library to hold all the books that I would need.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. It would be wonderful to have you visit especially with your camera at the ready. Now that would be something for you to plan when you retire…start saving now! We are very fortunate to have all these old cars and bikes on display in various events . The best part too is driving along the main road and seeing all the cars in their finery tootling (I don’t mean Mr T!) along.
      I’m all for looking in books for all my identification of birds/plants needs but I’ve noticed that more and more people are using their iPhones with apps that identify things immediately…strange world! Let’s stick with books, however, many we have to use!

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    I wish we had a bore hole. My brother in law has one and he mentions it quite a lot when droughts loom! Your garden looks to be repaying your watering efforts.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I’ve just taken photos of the plants that are thriving…no views around the garden or you’d have seen yellow grass and drooping bushes. Still no rain here but decidedly chilly today…keep watering!

  3. An interesting walk with so many things to see, Marianne. And the flowers in your garden are looking splendid too, thanks to your care during the dry spell.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. I can’t wait for it to pour down here. Watering is such an effort as it takes so much time and I really want to be gardening!

      • I know what you mean! We have had the same problem here and I have rather left the garden to its own devices. Luckily all the plants are perennials which seem to be able to dig a little deeper when it comes to surviving a drought.

      • lletty Says:

        It rained for a short while here today…I’ll have to extend my rain dance!

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