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September 7th Salem Walk September 7, 2018

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A few weeks have passed since I went on a Walking Well Walk   and today’s walk sounded really interesting .  It was planned by a member of the Group around  Salem area where she lives.  Salem is a lovely village just outside Llandeilo and these ponies were in their paddock ready to great us all as we arrived.


Setting off through the fields at a steady pace we all admired the beautiful views on every side.

The grass was lush and long and shows that the rain has returned after our summer weeks of drought.


The first of our animal encounters started in the next field. Luckily the farmer arrived on her quad bike to distract the advancing herd!


Continuing on over stiles that had recently been mended by the kind husband of our leader we  walked through the next fields  keeping our eyes open for other farm animals.


We were not disappointed! In the field there was a  herd of cattle with  cows, calves and facing us a rather large and handsome bull. …to the right of the photo. We strode steadily on  trying to look calm  but  some of us felt a bit scared! It was all fine though and all the animals just stared  and stayed put!


Crossing the next field we had a lovely view of Taliaris Mansion .

Wiki: Plas Taliaris is a Grade I-listed building two miles to the north-east of Salem in Carmarthenshire, west Wales. It was first mentioned in 1336 and has been owned by the Gwynne family until the house was sold in 1787. Most of the estate was sold in the 1950s and the house was restored in around 1989

One could just imagine Jane Austen visiting!


Sheep and horses filled the next fields and we passed a delightful barn too.

Nearly completing our circular walk we had some rather wet  and muddy paths  to navigate …well Philip was with us and he seems to enjoy wet patches!

Although autumn tinged leaves were blanketing the ground -in the hedgerows it looked quite springlike with fresh fern fronds, strawberry flowers and  campion but they were surrounded by autumn fruits of sloes, hips and haws and huge quantities of sweet blackberries.

With wet feet we arrived at the last field where we were greeted by a flock of sheep and a  very friendly goat.

Back at the farmhouse,  after the lovely walk, we were treated to an amazing array of delicious cakes, coffee and tea, which we all enjoyed to the full.

A rhea egg from the rhea kept on the farm compared to an ostrich egg…no ostriches on this farm though!

A great walk in  brilliant company…thank you.

Just ring my bell!



7 Responses to “September 7th Salem Walk”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    The brambles looked good. Do you make jelly?

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. I wish I did! The hedges are bowing down with the fruit…I just pick and eat and freeze some whole for putting on my porridge! Lazy I know but delicious!

  2. A fine day for a walk with enough things along the way to keep one entertained the entire time. Sorry about your feet getting wet, but at least it wasn’t raining. It’s hard to believe that you had a drought earlier this summer, everything looks so fresh, from the green grasses to the pretty flowers. I’d be a bit apprehensive about walking close to cows, while they’re generally too lazy to chase anything, you never know which one is the mean one if there’s one in the herd.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I’ll have to buy another pair of walking shoes as my present ones are useless. I’m sure shoe manufacturers make waterproofing only last a year so you have to spend more money buying a new pair. Wellies are good but not enough traction for walks. I was quite anxious about walking through the field with cows and the bull…don’t know what we all would have done if he had taken a step in our direction. Oddly enough we were told at start of walk if a bull ever gets too close hold the ring in his nose and give it a twist! I think that’s really funny!!!! I think I can hear you laughing too!

  3. An interesting walk through beautiful scenery, Marianne! Yes, everything does look lush and green there now, as it does here finally, after some much needed rain. Taliaris Mansion looks very grand. Is it open to the public or privately owned?

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for your comment. The mansion is privately owned so we were very lucky to have a local guiding us on the walk as we were walking across private land. She had permission for the walk! I’d love to have a peep inside to see what it looks like!

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