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September 22nd Llyn Lech Owain September 22, 2018

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Funny  how your memory works isn’t it! It’s so hard to remember those hot and dry days of the summer when  the garden turned brown, the ponds dried up  but everyone seemed to be happy and enjoying the warmth on their backs.  Lately, the water butts are overflowing, the wellies are outside the back door, the plants are face down in the borders and it’s raining again! Not to worry though, the Walking Well group is ready for anything! Philip had other plans for the day so Lewis stepped in  not so much to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ …because we had been to Llyn Lech Owain  …but to take us on a very logical walk around the paths. Being Lewis we set off not at ‘warp speed’  but definitely at a swifter pace than usual.

IMG_9464 Driving to Llyn Lech Owen we had passed numerous cars  near Llangadog parked on verges and even on the middle of a roundabout  as the day before we had all suffered from very heavy  down pours of rain . This  meant flooded impassable roads hence the abandoned cars!  At least the heavy rain had stopped when we set off on our walk although it was a bit dark and gloomy!


Funnily enough in my art group we are starting our new calendar for 2020 and the subject is  local Myths and Legends! There’s a  myth about this lake :

‘There was once a magic well on the mountain Mynydd Mawr, which lies just north of Gorslas.The entrance to this well was protected with a huge flagstone, which was watched over by a local farmer.One day, a thirsty young man named Owain came by the well with his horse. Both parched, Owain removed the stone so he and his steed could drink the water within. The pair fell asleep shortly after without covering the well back up. Masses of flowing water then flooded the land, which was only stopped after Owain galloped around it on horseback, using his magic to contain the perimeter.

The resultant lake on Mynydd Mawr was hence named Llyn Llech Owain (the lake of Owain’s stone slab).

Some versions of this tale assume that this Owain is Owain Llawgoch, others associate it with the perhaps better-known Owain Glyndwr.’ copied from Wales Online.

I think we needed a bit magic  to clear the water as some of the paths were rather damp!


We passed a number of dogs taking their owners for their walks.

and saw some straight paths  and lots  of bendy trees.

The conditions were just right for  fungi of different sizes and shapes.

We found this stone…thank you Jade!


The  stream flowing through the woods was the highest I’d seen it  and thankfully the   bridges kept our feet dry above the sodden land.



The walk ended as all lovely walks do in a cafe with the best coffee and cake! The cakes were served with cream, strawberries and raspberries…a pure treat…totally delicious! I was reliably informed by a fellow walker that we had walked 9000 steps so I didn’t feel too guilty in enjoying the cake! Thanks Lewis.

Back home   when the sun shines  there are   autumn colours  beginning to show amongst the tale enders of summer.


Rufus definitely knows it’s autumn and has taken up his favoured place for the next six months!



9 Responses to “September 22nd Llyn Lech Owain”

  1. Lovely photos Marianne, and glad that you’re all safe and dry at home – the flooding was amazing – we’d heard that Llangadog was pretty much cut off for a time too…Loved the bendy trees. Not sure where the lake is – must look it up sometime, the walk looks great,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and writing Julian. I was really amazed to see all the cars abandoned and then found out that Llangadog had been cut off! The Towy rises quickly but also disperses quickly too so things are back to normal now. Ellyn Lech Owain is a lovely place to wander around . There are numerous pathways and hides for sitting and watching the bird life. Also, as you’ve gathered there’s a cafe with delicious cakes…you must visit!

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    A walk isn’t a walk if it doesn’t have a good treat at the end and your treat sounded delicious. I am with you on the fading from memory of those wonderful summer days.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. The cake at the end of this walk was indeed rather special …it made getting my feet wet worth it! Another treat after a walk is a visit to a nursery to buy another plant . This happens quite frequently as all the walkers meet in our local railway station carpark which has a nursery nearby!
      Good job for blogs…they are our aide- memoire for weather details and everything else!

  3. Marie Says:

    Another wonderful commentary Marianne. Llyn Llech Owain ties in well with the subject of Calendar 2020.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie. We had a lovely walk even though it was a bit damp in places. I hope that I’ll be able to use one of the photos in art for our calendar…can you believe that we are planning 2020 already !

  4. The first half of your post reminds me of the saying “The weather outside is never as bad as it looks when seen through a window”. I’m glad that your group didn’t call off the walk despite the heavy rains and flooding. I’m sure that a good time was had by all even with the dark clouds.

    But having said that, I loved the beautiful flowers that you photographed in your garden while the sun was out to bring out all of their charms.

    I also enjoyed reading the tale of how the lake was formed, I’m glad that you included it in this post.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for writing. You are correct- we did have a jolly time on our walk and in the cafe! In fact we were discussing the merits of going walking together. We obviously enjoy visiting different locations to walk but more importantly for us it’s the social benefits as well- the chatting, the discussions and the laughing!
      Over the weekend the rain has eased off and the forecast for the next week looks quite promising. I’ll be glad to get the lawn cut as it has grown so much and also to tie up the plants that have been bowled over in the wind. Also we have to visit our local ‘big’ town, Carmarthen as my Sony pocket camera has stopped working and I’ll have to take it to be mended! I feel lost without my camera!
      Pleased you like the legend …there may be more to come!

  5. Oh that first shot is gorgeous! An interesting walk despite the floods, with all that fungi and the surprising ‘stone’ find. The sun certainly brought out all those lovely colors. Thanks for sharing, Marianne!

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