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October 6th Walks in All Weathers! October 6, 2018

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Lletty Cottage

Our recent changeable weather has made for some interesting local visits and walks sometimes wearing T shirts  and daps next  wellies and waterproofs! On Friday it was our Walking Well walk and Philip had chosen Caio as our destination. It’s only ten minutes drive away from home and the forestry walk is a good choice when it’s been raining! The tracks are easy to walk on and no stiles.

The autumn colours although shrouded in mist shone through.

IMG_0283Our figure of eight walk led through the trees, over a little bridge, up some steps through the woods and back round again.


Philip pointed out the bare larch trees that had died due to the virus that has spread through many forests.

With the mist lifting the autumn colours began to glow.


Back in Caio   we all returned to the Brunant Pub for a quick refreshment. It is very handily situated across the road from the church.


Earlier in the week when the sun was shining we visited Llanerchaeron    an 18th-century estate with early John Nash villa, plus a walled garden, ornamental lake and home farm.


We entered through the ‘back’ door crossing over the beautiful cobblestone courtyard.

We walked through the wonderful house…we were the only people there so it was rather special!

Outside  we ambled through the old farmyard saying hello to the animals,  through the lovely gardens and around the lake feeling that it was our own place as again we saw no other visitors.



In one of the stables we met a very interesting gentleman  David Evans.  

David was sitting amongst all  his leather tools  and his high quality leather work  working hard hand stitching a harness. He’d even made little shoes for the hooves of a donkey that was on an expedition with its owner around Britain!


Loved the greenhouses!

and the veggie garden and orchard with friend!

Today after a very wet night that left our pond well filled with water again we set off on a circular walk around Llansadwrn…our village! We walked through country lanes until we came to the forestry  and walked along their tracks. We followed the path down through the fields, passing sheep and bullocks, all safely on the other side of fencing  and then through AberMarlais Caravan Park. The Park has been spruced up and looks fantastic. We continued  on the road for a few hundred metres  and arrived home.

Lots of things to see n our walk!

Neighbours houses to pass and say ‘hello’ !

Trees blown down in recent storms and waterfalls flowing with recent rain!


Autumn colours everywhere!


Animals all on the right side of the fences!


Back home!


Where the colours are still bright and beautiful!



5 Responses to “October 6th Walks in All Weathers!”

  1. Some great walks and lovely photos, Marianne…isn’t autumnal light very special? I think the Llanerchaeron cobbles are the best I’ve seen anywhere, and what a lovely photo of them !
    Best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks Julian. We really enjoyed our walk around the gardens feeling like the lord and lady of the manor! We were even treated to the last scone and cream of the day in the empty cafe…it all made for a wonderful visit out. Hope you two are enjoying the autumn colour . Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  2. I enjoyed all of the walks no matter what the weather was like, because I was sitting in front of my computer inside rather than facing the weather.

    Seriously, I did enjoy them all each one had its own character because of the things that you saw during your walks. I do tend to lean towards the photos of the flowers from the various walks, but I also very much liked the waterfall and the signs that fall is approaching. It sounds like a fun group to walk with, which makes it easier to get motivated when the weather is less than perfect. I’m sure that you’d probably see more wildlife if you walked alone as I do, but good company and farm critters are also nice to have along with you while walking.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello and thanks for reading and commenting. It’s good for me to have a record of the walks to help me remember when and where I went but best of all in the winter I can look at all the photos of the flowers and think about the summer again. Today it has been beautiful here with the sun shining and really warm and tomorrow is supposed to be even better with the wind coming over from Africa…so T shirts on again. Later in the week there’s a storm forecast with floods…back to wellies! Hope you can get out and about to take more sunset photos.

  3. You certainly made some interesting finds on your walks. This is my favorite time of year and you have captures the sights beautifully, Marianne.

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