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October 20 Away Days in England! October 20, 2018

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WARNING: Holiday photos…!

Autumn has always been a favourite time of year to go away for a short holiday. This year we could have chosen a better weekend to leave home as the wind was howling and the rain was slashing down. Only a few miles from home we were diverted off the main road by the police as the road ahead was flooded. The diversion also became totally flood bound but we made it back onto the main road. However, we were stopped further on by flooding  and told that a diversion of many miles would be needed to get us back on a road to Bristol. Undaunted we drove very safely and carefully through the floods and made it safely through! The reason for this risk was the purchase the night before on the internet tickets for entry to the Aerospace Museum in Bristol for £29…I wasn’t going to waste that!

Amazing to see Concorde displayed so magnificently in its own hangar and quite a thrill to board it for a quick walk through.


Excellent displays of all things aeronautical  and other surprising ventures too!


Later that day, in sunshine, we visited Nuffield Place, the home of Lord (William Morris)  and Lady Nuffield. William Morris became one of the richest men in the world and founded  Morris Motors.


The house was modest and very homely. Even though William Morris had this tool cupboard in his bedroom we are not going to follow suit though Jim liked the idea! We enjoyed an evening out with our family in a lovely country pub  before heading off the next morning, in the rain, to Stratford upon Avon. On the way  we called in at Upton Hall  and enjoyed a guided tour of the house. 

Think he was looking for his umbrella!

There were numerous stalls  selling all sorts of wares and all dripping wet lined up through the streets. Many years ago my grandparents used to attend the Mop Fair with their showman’s  traction engine and their bioscope show.


No exciting things like that on show this year!

The ladies opened the lock gates to let their boat power out but the swans and geese had other ideas and swam in!

The spire isn’t crooked ..it’s me wobbling!

No this isn’t another Shakespearean actor it’s Stanley Matthews…the only footballer that I remember! The statue is in the centre of Hanley, Stoke on Trent, centre of the Potteries.


All these exhibits were in Hanley museum. When we saw the this deer exhibit below we thought the strip lighting had fallen down unnoticed by the staff…so we went and told them. However, it appeared that this  ‘accident’  was an “art installation” …I say no more!!

We enjoyed a fresh walk around Rudyard Lake and then fancied a cup of coffee and cake.

These were also tucking into their teatime snack!


Biddulph Grange Gardens looked beautiful in their autumn colours.

The Gladstone Pottery is a working museum and it was fascinating to walk through the history of the place and see and talk to  the potters  crafting their skills.

A visit to Cheadle to see St Giles’ Catholic Church is a must for folk who like the work of Pugin…I do!


Arriving back home we were relieved to find that locally the floods have receded  but they have left their mark on many places. Hopefully  those homes and businesses will get sorted as promptly as possible.

Home sweet home is definitely best place to be.

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9 Responses to “October 20 Away Days in England!”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    You certainly packed a lot of interest into your break. You were very brave to drive through the floods on the road and I am glad that you came through them safely.

    • Thank you for reading. It was certainly an adventure but it was well worth it for our visit to the Aerospace museum and then Nuffield Place. Thank goodness the floods have all receded but just watched Countryfile and the forecast for next weekend is getting much colder…especially where you are …even some snow! We’ll need chains on the car instead of buoyancy aids!

  2. Holy cow! You sure did pack a lot into your excursion and this post, everything from antique aircraft to beautiful flowers. I also liked the photos that showed the geese and swans in action along with the cattle eating, this post does have a little of everything in it. I’m sorry that I can’t remember the individual places that you showed us to comment on each one, I enjoyed them all though. I’m also glad that you made it through the floods safely to bring us this post and return home without getting washed away.

    • You are funny! Thank you for reading about our trip away. It was certainly all go but it’s better to be busy and making the most of a visit than just sitting around! There are so many places that I haven’t visited so they are all on my bucket list. I didn’t mention in my post about the difference between visiting English towns and living in Wales. The towns and cities in England that we saw had major roads running round or through them and the traffic was very heavy but in contrast coming back home the traffic became much lighter and more enjoyable to drive along. The countryside is definitely best! Amazingly the flood waters have all gone but some local people have many months of work ahead to dry out their homes. Our house is way above sea level so we are safe!

  3. Clive Says:

    Haven’t you got some lovely friends that write so warmly about you and your trip.
    Thanks Babs.

  4. Such an interesting trip, Marianne! You certainly packed in a lot of sights for a ‘short holiday’ and the pictures are great! I remember Stanley Matthews. He was one of the truly great players.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting Sue. We don’t often leave home so when we do we pack it all in! Glad I’m not the only one to remember our Stan!

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