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November 4th Llansadwrn, Aberglasney, Gelli Aur Art Day November 4, 2018

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It was autumn and then….


Winter arrived with a blast of  cold and chilly weather. The garden, although curling up  for the winter took on a magic beauty of its own when Jack Frost touched all the plants with his icy fingers.

The little tomatoes left in the greenhouse looked on in horror as the frost covered the glass and crept slowly towards them!


The cucumbers just straightened out, froze and keeled over with shock!


The veg didn’t escape the frosty covering either. Hope it tastes OK when the frost goes- !




The flowers looked very pretty glittering in the sunshine for their last hurrah of the year.



Moving swiftly onwards my weekly Sunday visit  to Aberglasney Gardens  was a treat as the orchids were flowering in the Ninfarium and the autumn colours were at their best.

Some type of fungi was also in the Ninfarium…rather lovely patterns.

Sunshine corners  and hidden gateways are a delight in the gardens.


Their veg are doing well too!



Another highlight of the week was our Walking Well walk which was brilliant as it was near our village and no sign of the storm that had been forecast…Philip working his weather wonders again! We met up at Felindre Wood which is a 5 minute drive from our house.  Walkers arriving by car parked at the entrance under the trees which were reflected beautifully in the windscreen.



Setting off along the path there were glorious views over the countryside and the autumn colours were quite vibrant. Philip was pleased to note that the larches here were still growing and looking healthy.  On our previous walk through Caio wood  the larches had all been dead.







The Carmarthen Fans could be seen clearly when we all reached the top of the hill.


Also on this headland was  a herd of white horses, who were very interested in  what we were doing and they wanted to say hello to the dogs, who were accompanying the walkers.

They should have had a Welsh flag to plant in the top when they reached the summit!  IMG_0921

When you are on top of the world it’s only right to have a say in how the world is being organised!


Stiles can be tricky when you have dogs to get over too!


A last look at the horses as we completed our circular walk and headed back to our house for some refreshments. A  perfect walk near our home …thank you Philip.


Our village, Llansadwrn, although small with an old church and a pub and no shops, now is becoming a centre of many interesting enterprises. One being the startup of a community cinema, showing a film every month ….Sinema Sadwrn! Local folk   have been very enthusiastic and hard working and arranged licences etc to show films in our Reading Room ( not the biggest of buildings) but very warm and cosy. Not only have they worked extremely hard they have now gone and won an award in Sheffield …Best New Society at The Cinema for all Film Society of the Year Awards. Fantastic!

Last week the film was Sleep Furiously which was great. Before the film we all sampled some home made delicious Bara Brith and listened to Dan and Claudine playing….a magic evening.  The book shelves in the photo show another enterprise Saturday morning ‘ Saturday Books’ for all to come and enjoy and also  the Reading Room is a pick up point for the Black Mountain Food Hub…it’s  amazing  how the village has been rejuvenated by these hard working ‘youngsters’! There’s no stopping them now…thank goodness…it’s so exciting to see what they’ll come up with next!


I’m helping to get things ready for  the Gelli Aur Open Art Day Saturday November 10th at Gelli Aur  Church Hall 10.30am   Everyone welcome.









6 Responses to “November 4th Llansadwrn, Aberglasney, Gelli Aur Art Day”

  1. Lovely post again Marianne – your walks always look fabulous, and how great that Llansadwrn has so much going on in the village too.
    The hard frosts certainly cam early this year, and we always look forward to them. Hope the Art exhibition is a great success – not long until the ABG Xmas fair now either, doesn’t time fly!
    Best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Julian. We certainly are lucky with our walks and they are all so near too. Look forward to seeing you at the Winter fair…I’m there all day Saturday and Sunday…helping out as usual and enjoying every second too! Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful frost pictures, Marianne, and I love your description of the plants in the greenhouse! Such a lovely walk too with the horses looking on. And the Bara Brith looks delicious.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Sue. It was a lovely walk and seeing the countryside bathed in autumn colours was a treat. The horses were friendly too! The bara brith was so tasty…I’ve tried made a new bara brith type recipe this week….using apples from our trees, and raisins soaked in cider….honestly it was ‘bread from heaven’!!

  3. Wow! The photos at the start of this post were very good I thought, with the various frosty plants and flowers, but the horses were magnificent, the scenery magical, and the displays of fall colors were stunning!

    Congratulations to the group bringing the movies to your area, and doing so with other forms of entertainment that will attract a good many people I would expect, well done.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. Since those photos it’s all been downhill and rainy! I’m very fortunate to live in such a lovely place and have walks all around and seeing horses roaming freely on the hills is rather special. It’s very exciting having the new Sinema! I always loved going to the ‘pictures’ when I was younger but it means a car journey into our nearest ‘big’ town if I want to see a film these days so seeing a film in our village is wonderful. Thank goodness for these ‘youngsters’ with the energy and enthusiasm to organise things!
      Thanks again for reading about my life in rural Wales- many differences from Michigan but also lots of similarities.

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