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November 30 Dinefwr Walk and Picton Castle Visit November 30, 2018

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How does he do it?? Amazingly Philip organised this week’s  Walking Well Walk around Dinefwr in the dry …again! All week we have endured rain and gusty winds and today’s forecast was none too good -that is until we all met up with Philip IMG_1353IMG_1354 at Home Farm, Dinefwr in Llandeilo and the sun came out and shone brightly to greet us all!

We set off at a steady pace  and came to the winter quarters of the white cattle, who had just been fed their breakfast and all seemed very happy. Across the fields  we could  see the rest of the herd in a field. These were the youngsters and there isn’t enough room for them in the winter quarters so they have to stay out in the open. Seems a bit unfair when Christmas time usually means  there is a home in a stable somewhere for them!


We followed the path  through the woods but there was no sign of the deer.


Passing Newton House we noticed the ‘turrets’. Apparently the National Trust has replaced them after they had been removed years before….I like them!

Slowly but surely the fairies and elves  that reside in Dinefwr  seem to be growing in numbers and their homes are becoming more prominent and numerous. Elf and safety inspectors are watching the situation carefully!

Outside Newton House there’s a new member of the staff and she looked magnificent in her willowy way.


Our circular walk continued …in a circle! We walked  through the fields  with views of the distant castle  and followed the path down to the water meadows.


We were accompanied as usual on our walks  by some very friendly  dogs, who are always welcome at Dinefwr when kept on leads. Their owners are very pleasant too!


Set by the church wall is a well used watering place for all the animals  and views over the fields can see why they are called the ‘water meadows’ .


Our walk took us past the beautiful church which needs  lots of care and renovation work…let’s hope it gets all the support it needs.





Spotted by my friend in the corner of the graveyard was this  amazingly beautiful tree in full blossom… which season is it?!


After crossing the newly built bridge which replaced the old one we crossed the fields back to Home Farm.

The weather gods congratulated us all  by adding a beautiful rainbow in the sky to end our walk…thank you Philip !


Earlier in the week I visited Picton Castle, near Haverfordwest for a day out with the gardening group. Sadly, the weather gods weren’t with us…(where were you Philip?)… and on arrival at Picton we were informed that no-one was allowed in the gardens due to the wind and danger of falling branches! However, we were booked in for a tour of the castle, which was all decked out in lovely Christmas decorations reflecting the theme of ‘The Nutcracker’.


IMG_1314 2


After the tour we enjoyed a tasty lunch  before we left for home…earlier than anticipated!

Back home the birds continue to enjoy all their meals and the sheep continue to enjoy eating all the grass!



Very noticeable this year is the large amount of Christmas  events going on locally. It’s very hard to support them all but do you know…I’m going to give it a try!! Enjoy the fun!


10 Responses to “November 30 Dinefwr Walk and Picton Castle Visit”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Lovely to see a nuthatch, one of my most favourite birds.

    Mrs T thinks that your tree may be a winter flowering cherry.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Every morning we have two nuthatches on the bird table and they are very bossy chasing away all the blue tits and sparrows. They are lovely though. Thank Mrs T for the name of the tree…I can now tell all the other walkers, who were perplexed too! I must look the tree up and maybe buy one…it was so pretty and would brighten up any dull winter day.

  2. I don’t know which part of this post I enjoyed the most, the walk or the tour of Picton Castle. I liked the evidence of the elves and fairies, the cute dogs, the views, and the old church from your walk. I also liked seeing the Christmas decorations in the castle, very tastefully done in my opinion.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I enjoyed our walk and the visit to Picton especially seeing all the beautiful ballet costumes.I was disappointed that we couldn’t see around the garden due to the stormy weather but visiting a garden in winter bad weather can be expected! Today I’ve been helping out all day at another garden …Aberglasney… on the mulled wine and mince pie stall at their Winter Fair and the same tomorrow! No time to take any photos but it really means Christmas is nearly here with all the handbells ringing, carollers singing and people enjoy themselves.

  3. lletty Says:

    I did make time to have a wander around and it was all wonderful.

  4. Philip certainly has the magic touch when it comes to the weather. Another great walk, Marianne! I love the little fairy homes. And I do hope the old church is saved.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Sue. I wish Philip was around today as we have had torrential rain and the front garden is flooded! There are many churches and other beautiful old buildings that need saving but I hope the Llandeilo church gets funding soon as it has a special history.

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