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December 29th Brecon and Llyn Lech Owain Walk December 29, 2018

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Well that went quickly didn’t it!  Can’t believe it’s all over for another year…next Christmas I’m going to get prepared much earlier…mind you I say that every year! Before Christmas we  had a quick visit to Brecon and a walk around the cathedral  and the town.


There was a bright Christmas market to enjoy.


Afterwards a walk up to the cathedral where they’d obviously had a visit from Santa as the stables were all labelled with the  names of the reindeers.


Fortified by a delicious   lunch in The Pilgrims Tearooms we enjoyed a look around the cathedral.

The old gravestones on the floors make  for some interesting reading and historical insight  into the history of the town.


There are also  some beautiful celtic patterns to admire.

There is a regimental chapel inside the cathedral which is dedicated to the 24th Regiment famous for Rorke’s Drift  and for all those awarded the Victoria Cross.



There are some very elegant  front doors in Brecon


and a very patient heron, who was sitting waiting on the riverbank when we passed to go up the hill to the cathedral and was still there when we came down!


After Christmas it was time again…time flies…for our Walking Well Walk. Just what I needed to get rid of some of the calories I’d picked up over the previous few days!

We met up at Llyn Lech Owain but we took a new route around the reserve which was enjoyable except for the bit on the road, where fast cars came too close! It was good to see the Canada Geese on the lake.


Being a damp and cloudy day it felt right to see lots of moss and  fungi dripping with dew covering the landscape all around. Unexpectedly, there was a derelict house hidden by all the foliage…wonder who had lived there?


It’s a very primeval setting and one somehow expects a dinosaur to come looming out of the mists!


However, there were no dinosaurs just fairy doors…these fairies seem to be getting everywhere!!


Back home again after a hot drink in the cafe a quick walk around the garden to capture the many plants that are in flower or budding! Let’s hope the New Year brings everyone good health and happiness and continued good weather for all the plants and  creatures in our gardens.

Happy New Year!


6 Responses to “December 29th Brecon and Llyn Lech Owain Walk”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    What a lot of flowers you have in bloom. Herons are extraordinarily patient birds. Your forest did look primeval so I am not surprised that the fairy doors jarred a bit. I hope that everything in your garden both literal and metaphorical blooms brilliantly in the coming year.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting. Funny how we now call any heron we see Mr Grumpy! These fairy doors are the new thing around here- they are OK in certain areas but not everywhere and certainly not in the woodland we were walking through. Just seen the weather forecast for the future and I don’t think there is much hope that the flowers will survive the cold weather that is arriving but I’m enjoying them now! Thank you for your good wishes for the next year. We are off to Canada in the spring to see our grandchildren so I’ll be on a high until then…maybe I won’t need an aeroplane!

  3. Loved the tour of Brecon, the cathedral, and the images that you shot while on your walk, but the highlight of this post has to be all of the flowers still blooming!

    Wishing you a very Happy 2019!

    • lletty Says:

      Hello thank you for reading and commenting. I’ve been very happy having such a good show of flowers in the garden so late in the season but last night was the first real frost for ages! The daffodils which were in flower looked amazing this morning totally frozen in upright positions and covered in ice! Not sure they’ll last long now! Snowdrops are fully out now so they’ll be alright and give me pleasure in the garden for the next few weeks. The weather forecast doesn’t look too promising here for the end of January so I hope all the other plants keep their heads down and wait until the ‘proper’ time to burst through the soil…in the Spring! Happy New Year !

  4. Another great walk, Marianne! And it was lovely to see some flowers. Everything here is looking rather dismal except for a few brief moments when the sun puts in an appearance.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you Sue for reading and commenting. We have been very fortunate with the weather…cool, cloudy and damp but hardly any frost to kill off the little flowers struggling to keep me happy in the garden! Hope you have a lovely New Year.

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