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January 12th 2019 Happy New Year! January 12, 2019

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Happy New Year…maybe you’ve made some new resolutions for the start of  the year…if so I hope they last longer than mine! I’m trying to finish one job before I get distracted on to another and then another….! It definitely makes life interesting though to have new interests all the time.

Our first Walking Well walk of the year was in the Botanic Garden of Wales. It was  cloudy and chilly and rather than walking at a swift pace to get warm we were taking  part in an interesting tour of the garden with a guide. He  told us all about the restoration of the lakes project  which was very informative  but  standing listening rather than walking meant a few of us beat a hasty retreat to the Great Glass house  for coffee earlier than expected.


The land has been cleared  and the new lakes will be restored by 2020. This lake will be connected to the ‘new’ lake and apparently it will only take 3 days to fill!


Hope the mallards will enjoy their extra space.


Views of Paxton’s Tower can be seen  in one direction over the lake bed.


We crossed the lake over the bridge and headed up the hill towards the Tower.


Looking back to where we had been we could see the Great Glasshouse …coffee began to call!!


Leaving the tour we returned to the Glasshouse and enjoyed our coffee sitting amongst the beautiful flowers and plants.

Walking back to the car we could see  the gardens  are beginning to spring into life with snowdrops and daffodils in the borders.


Earlier in the week I had a walk up to to our village. Although  small  it has a vibrant  community spirit and packs a punch with lots of things happening there . A new village website has just been uploaded detailing all the activities that are available and importantly the bus timetable and when the bins are collected and plenty more! http://www.llansadwrn.org.uk

Tuesday is Vestry Venture. A gathering  of anyone who would like a chat, coffee and cake! Perfect!  The church is set right at the top of the village with beautiful views over the countryside.



Winnie the Pooh welcomes all visitors and is dressed in suitable clothing  for all weather conditions.


Walking home later in the afternoon I was watched every step of the way by the sheep in all the fields.



I wouldn’t like to meet this ram on the road!


The views  are just beautiful.


Dusk still  falls very quickly and it was good to get home before the lights all went out!


Saturday is a visit to the Reading Room for a newly started Knit and Knatter, a browse of the library and another coffee and cake!

I’m just starting  with tiny needles and hope to make a square by Christmas! However, some knitters have splendidly huge needles and balls of wool that are fantastic!



Some knitters are very talented!


It was good to read in the papers this week that the younger generation are starting to enjoy house plants.  They realise they look good in a house and they have health benefits too. I thought I’d share some of my house plants here!

Rufus getting in on the act…again!



At the start of this post I wrote that I get distracted and jump from one thing to another…..here’s another interest…my garden birds!


img_9380 (1)

Well now I’ve written this I shall jump to Facetime to sing Happy Birthday to our grandchildren in Canada. They are 5 today! We have given Esme a set of ballet dance wear  and Ellis  a  toy spinosaurus, which he tells me was larger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Afterwards I’m trying acrylic painting to add to my watercolour painting…then what…who knows…but it’s  good to keep learning!


9 Responses to “January 12th 2019 Happy New Year!”

  1. Lynda Says:

    Hi Marion

    Thank you another fascinating blog. I love reading about the interesting places you visit. I can’t believe you have daffodils in flower at the National Garden Centre. I have lots of promising looking leaves but no sign of any buds yet. I have seen a very few snowdrops in flower, but it is still too early here in South Lincs. Something for us to look forward to in the coming weeks. My main news is that one of my bluetits has been roosting in our nest box since at least mid-December, maybe earlier. I thought it might be the female, but someone suggested it could be the male protecting the box for his mate, so I have no idea which one it might be. Watch this space!

    Lynda North Grantham

    Sent from my iPad


    • lletty Says:

      Hello Lynda how good to hear from you and to catch up with your news. We have snowdrops all down our drive now and daffodils peeping through in all the borders! How lovely to read about your little blue tit- as you say it will be interesting to follow its activities and see what happens . Let’s hope it makes its nest there and eggs and chicks follow! Get that camera out ready!

  2. You’re right, it’s always good to keep learning to help keep one’s mind sharp.

    I loved the views from during your walk, and the flowers at the gardens after. It does look chilly though, I’ll bet that hot coffee after really hit the spot. The part of your post about the lake restoration was interesting, it’s sometimes hard to fathom how much our ancestors changed the environment to suit them so much so that no remnants of what used to be remain. I’m sure that the mallards will love more room to play in.

    Your house plants are beautiful, and I’m sure that they help to make your house a home. I’d like to have some house plants, but every time I start collecting a few, something happens in my life that makes keeping them impossible.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello and thanks for reading. The only records at the Botanic Garden of the original lakes are paintings by artists in the 17000’s! The paintings show they had boats on the lakes and set alongside the shores places to rest and enjoy the scenery. Not sure they are going to introduce boats to the lake again but places to sit are definitely in their plans. It was interesting to see on the paintings how the land had been landscaped and copses of trees planted to enhance the views. Some trees are still standing and others will be replanted in the same area as original.It will be very interesting to follow the progress of the landscaping again.
      Try to get such one small houseplant if you can. They are really good for improving air quality in the home and they are pretty to look at too! They also make good subjects to photograph!
      There have been views on our BBC news about the bad weather that is heading your way! Take care!

  3. tootlepedal Says:

    I think that your village website is very good value. It should keep things ticking over nicely. Happy new year to you and yours.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for your good wishes. It’s ‘youngsters’ in the village who have all the motivation, energy and technical skill who have instigated the website and as an ‘oldster’ I’m loving it! A one stop place that has all the dates and times I need to know…it’s getting quite difficult to find time to fit all the events and activities in!

  4. An interesting first walk of the year! I love Winnie the Pooh’s outfit! Your houseplants seem to be doing very well, Marianne. I wish mine looked as healthy.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. I sometimes wish I had more windowsills to keep all the houseplants on! Our cat complains when he tries to jump up to look out of the windows and is barred by all the foliage! Good to see in our papers this week about the benefits of houseplants- I can now tell my husband that they are only there to give him good health!!

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