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January 26th Llandeilo and Aberglasney January 27, 2019

It’s to be expected at this time of year that aches, pains, coughs, colds and other unpleasantnesses(!) abound and sadly I succumbed to one of these bugs which made me an unsuitable walker for the Walking WELL group this week! However, during the week I visited Aberglasney Gardens  with a friend and enjoyed seeing the hosts of daffodils, the drifts of snowdrops and the hidden gems like this little iris-(not sure what it is!)

There was a great deal of activity in the wood with some of the larger trees being removed. Maybe to make way for more woodland planting…we’ll have to wait and see!

No fairy doors here thank goodness but ‘proper’ doors into the heart of the tree. Some roots looked as though they could take the tree off at any moment if a chain saw came too close!

The week also brought a variety of weather. I took some photos of the moon rising on the evening of the eclipse just to get my hand in but by the time the eclipse started it had all clouded over.

Considering the range of weather we have had it’s been amazing that the plants in the garden have survived and are continuing to give pleasure.

Being stuck in the house is never a good idea for me and the borders in the garden are either too wet or too frozen to work on. Decorating! That’s what the winter weather is for! Llandeilo has a wonderful variety of independent shops and one of my favourites is The Little Welsh Dresser which won the Best Bespoke Retailer of the Year Award.

They sell all things Welsh plus are stockists for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! That is the best paint ever! No preparing of wood or whatever you are painting and voila! just brush it on and it covers beautifully. I painted all my kitchen cupboards with the paint two years ago and then waxed them ( Jim did that- it’s the hard bit!) so they needed a repaint along with the cottage doors too.

Inside the shop there is everything you could ever wish for…..if you are looking for handles, cards, cushions, presents etc.

Finishing my purchases of paint I went on a short walk around the town looking in all the windows and visiting another friend in Toast.

Llandeilo has a lot of lovely shops and no one is allowed to park outside them!

Great place for a coffee, cake, lunch and chat! MaryEllens

Continuing the quick tour of the town including a visit to the library led us back to the carpark and then home to start painting!

This post has used the new WordPress editor and I can’t find out how to change the size of the gallery photos along with other things that I didn’t understand …so sorry if they are too large!


6 Responses to “January 26th Llandeilo and Aberglasney”

  1. Marie Says:

    Thanks Marianne for the tour of Llandeilo and even though I know the town very well it’s nice to see it through somebody else’s eyes.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting Marie. I enjoyed my walk round Llandeilo yesterday. There are some lovely shops in the town and all unusual. I like all the information boards that are up too- it’s amazing what you miss when you are in the car. When I visited Aberglasney today they were chain sawing up a large tree in the carpark which had fallen during the storm last night. Thank goodness there were no cars or people around when it crashed down.

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    Your picture sizes seemed to be fine (except one that had the whole page width to itself). I haven’t dared use the new editor yet but I suppose that I will have to try sometime. Your garden is well ahead of ours. It has been so cold generally that Mrs T has hardly thought of gardening at all this year so far.

    • lletty Says:

      I wouldn’t change anything with your WordPress. The post always looks perfect with all the borders, different sizes and displays of your photos. Never fiddle if something is working! Beautiful day here today with sunshine but too cold to garden.

  3. Interesting pictures, as always, Marianne! I hope you are feeling better now. It’s almost impossible to escape catching some kind of bug at this time of year.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and yes I’m fine now. Just waiting for the snow to arrive! The forecast for the next few days shows really wintry weather here. As we don’t get many snowy days it turns the country into ‘panic ‘ mode but hopefully this time the gritters will be out and clear away the few inches of snow off the road so everyone can be safe. I’ll be taking lots of photos! Hope you stay clear of any winter bugs that may be going the rounds there.

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