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February 8 Llansadwrn Walk Visit to Cardiff February 8, 2019

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Looking out the back door this morning the weather didn’t look too bright at all especially when it was a Walking Well Walk day! However, the walkers are a very hardy band and nine arrived at Llansadwrn Church clad in their waterproofs all set for a tramp around the village where I live.

It was quite exhilarating to be walking in the pouring rain with the wind blowing hard against us but we persevered and splashed through puddles, wiped our glasses and kept chatting!

Lots of gates and doors to admire along the road.

The roads were flooded in many places and the ditches had been cleared out to make the drainage better as the water tumbled out of the fields.

Philip did a grand job of clearing out a blocked drain ….or he may have just been playing!

Outside many of the farms there are the remains of the milk churn stands where the churns would have been placed full of fresh milk for collection by lorry.

Although these are quiet country lanes a great deal seems to happen on them! The postman passed us six times…I don’t think he was lost but just enjoyed having a chat with us every time he whizzed through. It is wonderful how fortunate we all are to have such an efficient postal service in the UK and especially our local friendly postmen.

Keeping eyes open for all things of interest along the banks, fields and farms- lichen, fungi, horses, sheep were all spotted and lots more too!

Unknown ‘pretty fungus like a Christmas rose!

The old chapel Libanus was on our route. It is ‘maintained’ by the Welsh Historic Buildings . Inside there are stencilled wall paintings that are being preserved and in the grounds there are magnificent monkey puzzle trees.

Further down the road where the river runs under the road and was in fast flow there is a short path leading to the river which was used many years ago by the chapel for baptisms…none today or one would be washed away and all your sins too…forever!

Nearly at the end of our circular walk we popped into the lovely Llansadwrn church. On the wall there is a potted history of Llansadwrn and I particularly like this line: ‘It must be said Llansadwrn has never been over- respectable.’

After the walk it was back home for everyone for coffee and cake after a really enjoyable walk …thank you Philip.

A week ago Llansadwrn was icy and snowy and views from our garden over the Carmarthen Fans from first light were beautiful.

In the week I enjoyed a quick visit to Aberglasney Gardens for a coffee and to see how the new bridge being built was coming along.

Felt really guilty eating a cake whilst being watched!

A visit to Cardiff in the week, by train. to see Tim Peake’s space capsule and parachute and the Leonardo exhibition was hugely enjoyable. The museum also has a wonderful collection of art not to be missed. The train station, Llangadog, is only 5 minutes drive away from Lletty Cottage http://www.llettycottage.co.uk and it takes two and a half hours to reach Cardiff. A great day out!

The birds in the garden have eaten a huge amount of sunflower hearts , peanuts and kibble this week just trying to keep warm. Pleased that we have a lovely and regular visit to the bird table by this little chappy, a Willow Tit ( I think!) . I saw a photo of these tits in the paper on the endangered species list so delighted that we have some around here!

Willow tit?


4 Responses to “February 8 Llansadwrn Walk Visit to Cardiff”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    You found a tremendous amount to see on your walk, well worth braving the weather.

    I think that the unknown lichen might be dog tooth peltigera.

    The museum’s art collection does look inviting.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading and for naming the lichen. I looked it up on but I find it very difficult to match my descriptions and photos with all the lichen photos on the web! The walk in the rain was really different and enjoyable but next time I’ll need little windscreen wipers for my glasses!

  2. All kinds of interesting things here, Marianne! I do admire your walking group, persevering through all that rain. It must be nice to belong to such a friendly group and have such picturesque places to walk through. And I love the little robin looking through the window.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello and thanks for reading. I’m very fortunate to belong to such a friendly walking group.It’s amazing the huge range of subjects we cover in our chats whilst enjoying all there is to see around us. Everyone is of a certain age and from all walks (!) of life so their interests and knowledge of so many things is very wide..hence I get a good education and a happy walk. The robins at Aberglasney Gardens are very tame and expect to be asked to join everyone at their tables when cake is around. Being kept outside in the cold with no crumbs meant a very unhappy robin!

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