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September 22 Carmel Woods Walk and Early Autumn September 22, 2019

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Early Autumn in the Towy valley is always beautiful but with the added bonus of sunshine last week everywhere has looked glorious. From the mists rising in the early morning sunshine to the birds singing all around it has been a perfect start to the new season.

View over the Fans from front garden

Friday dawned bright and sunny and was a good omen for our Walking Well Walk around Carmel Woods with Ros as our leader. A fair number of walkers set off across a main road, up through a farm track , through a kissing gate and across a field ….with cows!

The photo taken off the sign showing people from the Wildlife Trust sharpening scythes also shows Ros, our leader! Hope she hasn’t brought any scythes with her today!

Thank fully the cows stayed where they were and thought we were too uninteresting to take much notice.

We followed a path up a steep hill and crossed over the main road again and through a very fine woodland area, although it was rather damp!

Following the path we came to a meadow which still had a number of wild flowers but many had been eaten by the cows…I think!

Don’t look now Ann but I think you are being followed!
Lots of knap weed still around.

After the walk we returned to Llandeilo and the Hangout for a delicious cake and coffee. Thank you Ros for a lovely walk.

The farmer who looks after our field has definitely listened to old sayings and made hay whilst the sun shines as his tractor, cutter, baler have all been in action this week.

The field hedges are full of autumn fruits.

and some fruits getting ready for Christmas as the holly tree berries begin to ripen!

The gunnera on the island has recovered magnificently from the frost damage earlier in the year and is a favourite home of the moorhen family.

Not only has the sunshine made the flowers bloom longer and happier and given great enjoyment to us but the butterflies and insects have loved them as well!

It’s also spider season! We have some HUGE ones – this is a tiny one as the HUGE ones might frighten some readers!!

Together with the sunshine we also had some quite breezy moments which resulted in all the little pears cascading to the ground and all the virginia creeper creeping everywhere!

We have had many wonderful visitors staying in Lletty Cottage over the summer and they all like sitting in the cottage garden which is a suntrap!

They also enjoy looking out of the bedroom window over the garden and field especially when it’s been cut. There’s a seat at the top of the field with views over the Fans- stunning! I think the farmer was very clever to leave the bales so symmetrically for a photo opportunity and pointing up towards the seat! Thank you Colin!

Thank you for reading.


8 Responses to “September 22 Carmel Woods Walk and Early Autumn”

  1. Beautiful photos. It looks like you had a wonderful walk šŸ™‚

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    A lovely misty autumn shot to start a post full of interest.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. We had some beautiful autumn mornings last week definitely season of mists etc…but this week rain but it’s not season of cold…yet!

  3. Another lovely walk, Marianne! And the butterflies and flowers are just gorgeous! Is that teazle in the first set of pictures? It certainly shows up beautifully against the sunlight.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Sue Thanks for reading. Yes they are teasels. I love them. I grew them all from seed and now they are everywhere except where I want them! I love them as they are attractive to look at and the birds adore the seeds too. The goldfinches just flock to them and that saves me money on buying bird seed! Since I posted the post the weather has really turned and we’ve had torrential rain and wind. The roads are flooded and so too parts of the garden! Goodness knows if I’ll have any flowers to photo for next post and where all the butterflies shelter is a mystery!

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