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November 1st Llyn Llech Owain, Llanstephan, Dinefwr November 3, 2019

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Walking Well walkers are a very hardy bunch of folk as a good number turned up today for our walk around Llyn Llech Owain. After working out how to use the car park ticket machine we set off through the drizzle to loop the loop around the woodland paths. The puddles were various in size and all wet!

Lewis, Philip and Pam setting the pace

Photos of our walk are few as the camera lens became damp and photos misty!

Around the area there were parked diggers and the poster gave an explanation of why they were there and what they were doing.

Looks like a haunted house after Halloween
Lots of things to be aware of when walking!
The Tower loomed large through the mist…spooky again!

Spirits were lifted when we all arrived back at the cafe and enjoyed their delicious cakes and coffee. Thank you Philip foe a proper misty autumn walk.

Half term brought our grandson and daughter here on holiday…yay!

They drove down from England through torrential rain and flooded roads but their first morning here was sunny, bright and dry…good old Wales!

A day at Llanstephan beach was in order and I wanted to share with them St Anthony’s Well that I had visited previously with the walking group.

Jellyfish along the high tide mark.
Cockle shells trapped in the rocks- great crunching sound!

The car park was full when we had arrived as everyone wanted to be out in the sunshine after all the rain. Everyone seemed to have a dog. Dogs are only allowed on the beach after the summer.

We walked the full length of the beach and then up the little track to St Anthony’s Well . There is such a lovely feeling there…very calm …just what we all need.

A visit to Dinefwr Castle is always a must when we have visitors as it is only a few miles down the road.

When we arrived the main car park was full and we had to drive to Home Farm to park. This meant a lovely walk along the track back up towards Newton House passing all the trees which were losing their leaves but not showing a great deal of autumn colour.

Sneak preview of the castle

Walking through the woods the leaves had all fallen so the autumn colour was beneath our feet!

Climbing onto the battlements the views over the countryside showed the lasting remains of the floods that had covered the Towy valley the previous week.

After a good walk round we took another path back to the Newton House looking out for any interesting fungi, lichen, creepy crawlies and coloured leaves ( for art!)

All the above were found on this fence. Thanks to Mr T. for opening my eyes!

Arriving back at Newton House we were met by a lovely lady!

There were lots of spooky happenings going on!

I didn’t stop to talk to this gentleman!

Some morning sunrises have been really special over the last weeks and Rufus, our cat, and I have enjoyed our early morning walks around the garden bathed in golden sunlight.

Strange happenings under our yew tree!

The ginger plant flowered the day before the frost came and knocked it sideways!
Beautiful flower and ginger aroma…brilliant!

Thank you for reading.


7 Responses to “November 1st Llyn Llech Owain, Llanstephan, Dinefwr”

  1. tootlepedal Says:

    Another spectacular post. You pack a lot in. I am glad that you found so much of interest on your fence.

  2. Marie Says:

    Hi Marianne What an interesting lot of photographs. Thank you

  3. A wet but wonderful walk, Marianne, with some interesting finds along the way, especially the jellyfish and the fungi. Some gorgeous sunrise pictures there, too.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Sue. After having my eyes opened by reading Mr T and your posts I look out for anything interesting to photo. It’s very cold here tonight and the stars are shining brightly…wish I had a camera to photo the dark sky!

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