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December 27th Carmel Woods Walk, Pembrey Ski Slope, Botanic Gardens -Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! December 27, 2019

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Happy Christmas…it’s nearly all over for another year! Thank goodness, we had a Walking Well Walk around Carmel Woods today to walk off some of those excessive mince pies, stollen and nuts!

Not the best of days as it was very misty and damp but a fair few turned up for what turned out to be a very jolly walk if you like soggy weather!

The quarry face
A visitor to the Group wanted to test out his climbing skills!
A few barriers had to be navigated!

Finding out what a collection of moles are called brought this up…and I’m not going to make a mountain out of it!

Male moles are called “boars”, females are called “sows”. A group of moles is called a “labour”.

After returning to our cars at the end of our lovely walk we drove to Llandeilo and to the Cawdor Inn. We did clean our boots and tidy up as The Cawdor is not our usual place to visit. It was very busy. The coffee was good but no cakes! Thank you Philip!

Family visits over the holiday have meant some days out to enjoy our local sights. A visit to the Botanic Garden of Wales. There’ll be lots more visits here in January with Walking Well as entrance is free for all then.

A music group were playing in the Glasshouse- rather loudly! The flowers though were perfect!

A coffee in the cafe was the next port of call for our grandson where he enjoyed an icecream and a packet of crisps!! I enjoyed the wonderful craft work displayed on the walls.

Good to see lichen and ferns remembered !

A quick visit to the Butterfly House- Plas Pilipala was a must even though we were drenched after a heavy rainfall! The butterflies were fed up with the rain and cold as there were hardly any to be seen.

Our next outing to Pembrey Ski Centre 50 minutes drive away from home. Our grandson really enjoyed a ski lesson with an instructor whilst we had a coffee and cake in the cafe! We were well impressed with it all.

The sun shone and the slopes soon filled up with skiers- learners and advanced, toboggan riders and doughnut riders!!

A visit to the beach at Pembrey is a must. It was stunning! Empty except for flocks of birds skimming across the sea shore… a perfect day out!

Back home with all the rain we have had the garden is still waterlogged. Our pheasant pal has brought his missus to visit but she is very shy!

We have had some very frosty mornings with fine sunrises but it is very difficult to capture on camera the beauty of it all. The stillness, the colour and the birds starting to wake up and sing…it’s all just so special.

Thank you for reading! Happy New Year...Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!


7 Responses to “December 27th Carmel Woods Walk, Pembrey Ski Slope, Botanic Gardens -Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!”

  1. Wonderful photos Marianne, and a typically busy time for you all! Loved the pics of the NBGW and the embroidery too – they’re a very talented lot down there,
    Happy New Year and best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Julian. We are blessed around here with many talented people in all sorts of ways…it certainly makes life very interesting! Hope you and Fiona have a happy and healthy 2020. I’ll be seeing you at some of the venues where you are giving your snowdrops talks…so my new year will start off well!

  2. Marie Says:

    Some very interesting facts about the moles Marianne and very interesting photographs once again. Thank you xx

  3. tootlepedal Says:

    I will try to remember how to characterise a group of moles . Thank you for the information. You do pack a lot into a week, I must say and you took some very nice pictures to illustrate that. I would like to visit that beach.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. We are very lucky to be surrounded by hills and mountains and in between some gaps where the seaside pops through! All reached in less than an hour. The roads are all still relatively quiet so getting down to Pembrey is quite easy…my New Year’s promise is to try to make time to go there more often!

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