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January 2020 Happy New Year and Botanic Garden Walk January 10, 2020

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Happy New Year! It’s good to start a year with a walk around the Botanic Gardens. It’s good too that entrance for all in January is free! yay!

A really good turn out of walkers, 20+ ,came to enjoy the wonderful weather and walk that Philip had arranged for us all. It was a delight to set off around the lake and head off into the meadows away from our usual paths.

Everywhere was just looking very beautiful from the reflections in the water to the views across the fields.

A striking glass work of art was really showing itself off well with the warm sun shining through it. No idea who made it but I like it!

After walking uphill a little way we passed through the monkey puzzle tree glade. It’s quite a sight seeing so many of these trees altogether especially with the Great Glasshouse in the background.

After walking through the fields we headed back to the Fairy Wood where a great deal of work has taken place improving the paths- making them suitable for access by all. Either side of the path were places set aside for the fairies to work and play in peace- except when non fairies make too much noise playing the vertical logs!

The path led to the new dam that has been built to hold back the water in the newly constructed Regency lake. The two new bridges connecting the path to the dam and beyond aren’t accessible yet to visitors unless you are on a Hard Hat Tour…remember HandS …one must always wear a hard hard when crossing a bridge! It will be wonderful when the work is completed as it all looks amazing now.

We headed back up the path towards the Glasshouse enjoying the sunshine and the warmth- wondering if there were any fish in the lake or had they all been eaten by the crocodile that was lurking in the shallows.

It was Doggy Day at the Gardens so we were accompanied by a couple of well behaved dogs on our walk and we met some fine examples of dogs on our way around!

After a delicious coffee in the Glasshouse we left for home after I had a visit to the Garden shop and bought three plants half price…well you have to…don’t you! Thank you Philip for a great walk and a lovely way to start 2020.

Jim and I have enjoyed some good days out too over the holiday period. We visited North Gower for a change instead of the more popular South Gower and Mumbles etc.

We passed through Pen-clawdd, where, years ago, the cockle pickers used to be seen on the beach, Llanrhidian and on towards Weobley Castle. We should have chosen a brighter day to visit as the sea mist was very low but we enjoyed seeing the castle, climbing inside and feeling the mystery of the setting.

In the murky distance I could see my actual target of the day…Whiteford Lighthouse! We drove on to Llanmadoc and started our walk to see the cast iron lighthouse, passing the beautiful village church on the way. Sadly , the gloom descended even further and walking to the lighthouse over 10km and 3 hours was not going to happen! Jim’s knees said “NO”!

Looking passed the church into the Loughor estuary I could see the lighthouse and I’m sure it winked at me!

We also visited Rhossili Bay and loved our walk across the dunes to watch all the surfers enjoying(!) the freezing cold and the wind.

We passed some reed banks and I think this may be a reed bunting.

A visit to Aberglasney also filled our days and although winter there is still so much to enjoy in the gardens. Every Sunday in the Piggeries there is a meeting of a Bonsai Group where it’s really enjoyable to see the variety of different trees being miniaturized!

Back in our village I enjoyed a presentation by a local resident of her machine embroidery skills. It was amazing what could be accomplished on a machine used by a very talented lady! I’ll stick to a needle and thread and only when a button needs sewing back on! Just love all those coloured threads !

A happy face from Aberglasney to thank you for reading.

10 Responses to “January 2020 Happy New Year and Botanic Garden Walk”

  1. Eluned Says:

    Brilliant yet again,whilst I was sitting in the dentist chair.

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading. We missed you on our walk and wondered where you were. I was at the dentist earlier in the week …still on antibiotics!! Hope your dental treatment went well and everything got sorted. See you soon.

  2. Marie Says:

    Excellent Photographs again accompanied by interesting accounts,
    Thank you Marianne

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Marie…good to hear from you and looking forward to catching up on all your news! It was a lovely walk around your Botanics and the bright weather made it even better! See you soon.

  3. An excellent walk and superb pictures, as always, Marianne. All the places that you visited seem to have something delightful to offer. It’s certainly good to see the flowers. We have been very lucky with our weather so far this winter but we are paying the price this weekend with large amounts of rain, ice and snow in the forecast. Wishing you all the best for 2020.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Sue and hope 2020 turns out to be a happy and healthy year for you and family. Today the rain is absolutely pouring down but it is mild for this time of year. We try to make the most of getting out and about visiting places when the conditions allow and we are blessed with lots of lovely places to go to around here- it would be even better if we got more sunshine!

  4. tootlepedal Says:

    That looked like a very good walk in the Botanics. I am extremely envious of your daffodils. We have weeks to wait until we see ours.

  5. Typically busy and colourful Marianne – well done to achieve this in the current weather… and more wind and rain to come… Anyway good to see the early snowdrops up at ABG as well,
    best wishes

    • lletty Says:

      Thanks for reading Julian. One has to get out and about as it makes the winter go faster…hopefully! Daffs, snowdrops and hellebores all showing their faces at AG today and enjoyed a visit to see the bonsai trees in the Piggeries….all in sunshine then poured with rain when I wanted to do some gardening back at home! Typical!

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