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February 7 Dryslwyn Walk, Swansea Market, Kardomah, Menna Challenge February 8, 2020

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Philip had managed to arrange the recent spell of good weather to hold out for the Walking Well Walk around Dryslwyn that he’d planned. We all met up in Llandeilo carpark and shared cars to Dryslwyn, parked up and started along the country road before turning into a field where curiously the track at the edge of the river bank was covered with artificial grass – it did make walking easier but it was odd!

Dryslywn Church
Artificial grass track!

The trail continued along the river bank which had mounds of river washed, rounded stones piled up along the sides.

Although the day was dry and bright the ice in the puddles was evidence of some chilly nights.

The track led on passing some wonderful oak trees with enormous trunks before we reached a new path that led up through a stream…rather damp but enjoyable- who doesn’t like splashing through puddles?!

After quite a steep climb we arrived at a gate where again rather curiously in the field there were two flags flying. One the St David’s flag and the other the St Andrew’s cross! (Just for you Mr T!) Apparently it was all to do with clay pigeon shooting!

Continuing up the lane enjoying seeing all the snowdrops in the banks we reached the top of the hill and had a breather!

We passed through a farmyard which had animals on pillars to welcome guests!

Following the farm track down to a country lane we began our walk back to our cars. The verges were full of dancing snowdrops looking especially beautiful in the filtered sunlight. There were lovely views across the valley and onwards towards Paxton’s Tower.

After three and a half miles walk we were all ready for a bit of refreshment so we stopped off at the Cottage Inn for a quick drink and scone- a lovely ending to a new walk that I hope will become a favourite for all- it had everything I love…thank you Philip.

Earlier in the week we had visited Swansea to collect plumbing bits and pieces from Wickes! Very exciting!! Afterwards we called in at Swansea market followed by a coffee and toasted teacakes at an old haunt of mine in the 1960’S-the Kardomah Cafe! A total blast from the past as the decor is still the same and the service and food perfect.

Also last week our village, Llansadwrn, held a circular walk around the village lanes to support Menna, a young lass, who lives in the village as she was nearing the end of completing her Marathon run from the North to the South of New Zealand. She has now completed her fantastic run, achieved a new World Record and raised many funds for Mind….congratulations Menna!

Spring is definitely making an appearance in the garden even though we have had many chilly, frosty nights.

Best of all though are the sunrises that start the day giving one energy and enthusiasm to tackle everything!

Thank you for reading.


6 Responses to “February 7 Dryslwyn Walk, Swansea Market, Kardomah, Menna Challenge”

  1. Lynda North. Says:

    Thank you for another set of beautiful photos. It’s lovely to see the spring flowers appearing after a grey wet winter. xx

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading Lynda. Good to hear from you. The spring flowers were just poking out of the ground to find the sunshine and now they’ve had a real blast today and been flattened with the gales and drowned too…they’ll recover soon bit like me! x

  2. tootlepedal Says:

    Good to see the Saltire flying even if it was only as a target. I hope that yo had good boots on for that walk. It looked wet.

    • lletty Says:

      Thank you for reading. It was a wet walk but thoroughly enjoyable too. Pleased we had such a lovely morning as the weather has gone downhill….a long way…since Friday morning!

  3. Such an interesting walk, Marianne, and lovely to see the snowdrops. Altogether a beautiful selection of pictures of everything I love to see; birds, flowers and bright sunrises. Thanks for sharing these. I hope you are not too badly affected by the flooding that I’ve been reading about on the news.

    • lletty Says:

      Hello Sue, Thanks for reading. It was such a lovely walk and it’s great to discover new places to visit. We often walk around Dryslwyn up to the castle and back again but this was an undiscovered path and it all adds to the enjoyment. We have been fortunate around here missing the floods that have been so bad not far away. It’s very sad, seeing on TV, all the streets of houses flooded and people out of their homes and all we’ve had are main roads flooded and fields under water. There’s more rain forecasted for this evening so life won’t be getting better soon for those out of their homes. Hope you are OK and not too troubled by weather problems!

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